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Which Kettlebell Exercise Burns The Most Calories

The key to maximizing your caloric expenditure during kettle bell exercises is to perform moves that target your upper and lower body simultaneously. According to “Fitness” magazine, you'll burn upward of 10 calories per minute doing high intensity kettle bell exercises.

Maria Johnson
• Monday, 26 October, 2020
• 7 min read
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Kettle bell swings are a dynamic move that target your shoulders, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. A squat jump into a shoulder press is an explosive move that will help you burn calories in a hurry.

Similarly to a kettle bell swing, your lower back, quadriceps, glutes and shoulders are all targeted doing this exercise. Performing lunges with a twist will engage your shoulders, biceps, obliques, hamstrings and glutes.

Bring the weight back to the center, push yourself upright, then repeat with the opposite leg and side of your body. The bridge pose combined with a kettle bell chest press isolates your glutes, hamstrings and pectoral muscles, helping you shred calories and elevate your metabolism.

Press your weight down through your heels and drive your hips up so that they're in line with your knees and shoulders. Aim to perform three sets of 15 repetitions to burn calories and fatigue your upper and lower body.

If you want to slash calories and get lean, this kettle bell circuit will help you get the results you’re looking for in only four moves. Whether you’re clocking time in the gym or doing an at-home workout, this full-body workout routine includes powerful moves like dead lifts, lunges, rows, and the alternating push press.

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KETTLEBELL WEIGHT: 12 to 16 kg (25 to 35 lbs) NUMBER OF ROUNDS: 10 REST BETWEEN ROUNDS: 90 seconds By the end of this complex, you’ll have completed 400 reps—netting massive calorie burn while moving in various planes of motion. Hinge hips and grip kettle bell to start, then do an explosive dead lift, jumping as high as you can at the top.

Tap your knee to the ground, return to standing, and halo the kettle bell counterclockwise. Repeat on the right side, rotating kettle bell clockwise, for 1 rep. Do 10 reps.

Alternating Reverse Lunge With Halo Ian MaddoxStand with feet shoulder-width apart, a kettle bell in right hand; hip hinge to start. Return kettle bell to the rack position for 1 rep. Do 10 reps, then switch sides.

It’s shaped perfectly for tons of different home exercises, and adds to your functional strength because its weight shifts during your workout. Best of all, you don’t have to put it down to change positions, keeping you focused and ready to lift.

Try these 5 exercises to work your core, chest, abs, and really burn off the calories. Then, thrust upward so the kettle bell reaches chest height, arms extended in front of you.

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This move requires more stability and core strength, so wait until you master the double handed swing. Stand up with only your legs, keeping your arm raised the entire time.

Hold the kettle bell in one hand by your shoulder, your elbow is bent at your side. Squat as far down as you can, while reaching your free hand out in front of you for balance.

Rise up, keeping the weight stationary the entire time. This move is designed to supercharge all parts of your core and torso.

Hold the kettle bell with one hand, and raise that arm straight up in the air. With her signature, straight-talking approach to wellness, Jennifer was the featured trainer on The CW’s Shedding for the Wedding, mentoring the contestants’ to lose hundreds of pounds before their big day, and she appears regularly on NBC’s Today Show, Extra, The Doctors and Good Morning America.

A task with a MET of 1 is roughly equal to a person’s energy expenditure from sitting still at room temperature not actively digesting food. MET values “do not estimate the energy cost of physical activity in individuals in ways that account for differences in body mass, adiposity, age, sex, efficiency of movement, geographic and environmental conditions in which the activities are performed.

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Thus, individual differences in energy expenditure for the same activity can be large and the true energy cost for an individual may or may not be close to the stated mean MET level as presented in the Compendium.” (as quoted from the main page of the Compendium of Physical Activities). Ainsworth BE, Haskell We, Hermann SD, Makes N, Bassett Jr DR, Tudor-Locke C, Greer Jr, Vein J, Whitt-Glover MC, Leon AS.

Healthy Lifestyles Research Center, College of Nursing & Health Innovation, Arizona State University. There is a summary of general physical activities defined by intensity from the CDC and the Harvard School of Public Health.

If you go to a gym to work out, odds are that you looked (perhaps disdainfully) at this oddly-shaped hunk of metal with the dopey name (you didn't care to learn), decided you couldn't be bothered to figure out how it's used and walked right on by. So before you bail on me and click off to another story, just consider this: the kettle bell is excellent at toning muscles all over, and it burns calories quickly and efficiently.

And since those results come quickly, lots of people swear that this odd, dopey object has changed their attitude about working out. If so, this is for you, because according to multiple reviewers — and researchers conducting a 2010 study — the kettle bell is worth picking up.

This efficiency — stemming from how the kettle bell is used — has a lot to do with the fact it works muscles and engages the heart simultaneously. “Swinging” the kettle bell, as seen in the adjacent photos, puts many muscle groups in motion, and uses “more of your stabilizer muscles than in traditional weight training, which translates into an increased calorie burn and a killer workout for your core,” writes Shape magazine.

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Which is also exactly what the more measured Prevention magazine says: “The kettle bell swing is the foundation for many other kettle bell exercises, and it simultaneously firms your butt and your abs,” adding that an adopter of equipment who became convinced of its benefits, “was able to cut her workout time by nearly two-thirds even as her body became leaner than ever.” Moreover, the kettle bell creates what trainers call a “functional workout,” because, as the magazine writes, “it works your muscles in the same way as when you do everyday activities, like picking up a toddler, carrying your laptop bag, hoisting a gallon of milk, or lugging a heavy grocery bag.”

In addition to working multiple muscles at once, what also makes the kettle bell better than conventional weights is the movement involved. And so while this “cheating” detracts from benefits being sought by the dumbbell lifter, it actually aids the kettle bell swinger.

And finally, since it's not gigantic and doesn't take up much room, kettle bells can be purchased at sporting good stores and used at home. Sure, bands and bars can provide the resistance needed to sculpt your muscles.

Research shows that working out with these weights torches up to 50 percent more calories than a traditional strength session, netting a burn similar to that of running. “ Mostkettlebell exercises use many muscle groups at once,” explains Michele Olson, PhD, an adjunct professor of sport science at Huntington College in Montgomery, AL, and creator of the Perfect Legs, Glutes & Abs DVD.

“That takes more energy, so you burn more calories.” Try Olson’s five-move workout to get in the swing fast. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the kettle bell in front of you with both hands, arms straight.

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Straighten your legs as you bend your left elbow up, bringing the kettle bell toward your shoulder. Bending your knees, hinge forward from the hips and grab the kettle bell with your right hand.

Bend right elbow up, bringing the kettle bell outside your right shoulder, then extend your legs as you straighten your right arm overhead. Place a kettle bell on the floor and stand facing it with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, arms at your sides.

Bending your knees, grab the handle with your left hand and swing the kettle bell back between your legs. Make it easier: Perform the swing with both hands holding the handle.

Lean back slightly and rotate your torso to the left, then immediately to the right. The benefits of kettle bell training are endless and are proving to far outshine the conventional dumbbells and fancy machines found inside gyms and health clubs.

The dynamic nature of the kettle bell will give you an all-in-one workout of a lifetime, combining both strength and cardio aspects. This shape allows the body to perform a multitude of ballistic and grind exercises in a natural, fluid motion.

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The offset weight of the ball forces more muscles to stabilize and allows for the body to take each exercise through a longer range of motion. ‘ Increased endurance‘ Rapid fat loss‘ Muscular strength without the added bulk‘ Increased core stability‘ Full-body workout‘ Stronger back‘ Rehabilitated shoulders‘ Flexibility‘ Mental toughness‘ Decreased musculoskeletal pain‘ Twice the results in half the time you would spend at the gym

A recent study performed in Scandinavia investigated the effects of using kettle bells to improve musculoskeletal and cardiovascular health. The study found that kettle bell training reduces pain in the neck, shoulders, and lower back.

The study also showed that kettle bell training improves strength of the lower back among adults with a high prevalence of reported musculoskeletal pain. No gym membership is required and you can get your entire workout done with just one bell.‘ It’s a full-body and very balanced workout.‘ It’s never boring and super fun.‘ It makes your rear very strong and firm.‘ It’s easily transportable and can be used almost everywhere.‘ It can be shared in a group setting, making it a social activity.‘ It can target every single muscle group in your entire body.‘ Did I say it’s quick and gets to the point?

Sign up for our free weekly newsletters and get nutritious recipes, healthy weight-loss tips, easy ways to stay in shape and all the health news you need, delivered straight to your inbox. Though kettle bells date back to Ancient Greece, they have only become a health club staple in the last two decades.

Research supports the effectiveness of kettle bell training, and numerous studies found that an intense kettle bell workout burns about 20 calories a minute and could improve aerobic capacity, explosive power, dynamic balance and core strength. A Won is typically a challenging regimen that hits all or most of the major muscle groups of the body.

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Taking it one step further are the Hero Words, which are named after fallen servicemen and servicewomen as a testament to their bravery, strength and sacrifices. As it swings back through, snap your hips forward to propel the kettle bell upward, arms straight, until it comes to head height or so.

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