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10/17/2018 If you've been in one of Dr. Mark Cheng's workshops or classes, you've heard him refer to these 3 criteria every time he's asked about programming! One of the most common questions I get from fitness trainers, strength coaches, & rehabilitation/PT clinicians revolves around exercise selection.

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02/14/2018 In The Know It’s fine to say that “Tension is strength” until you realize that you're training was lopsided & didn’t give enough attention to deep relaxation, too. 06/09/2017 We've heard that you're missing Dr. Mark Cheng's Kola workshops at World Karate MAI, and we're bugging Doc to carve out at least 2 dates for this summer.

Rest assured that we'll be posting those dates here as event pages at Kettle bells Los Angeles as soon as we get confirmation from him. There's a misconception that there's some sort of magical minimum, that as soon as you surpass it, you'll shed body fat & turn into a swimwear model.

I've been under the gun lately with all the heftiness around getting moved to the Far Eastside that I dropped the ball with the event listing for this Sunday, but the Kettle bells Los Angeles shoulder workshop part 2 WILL be from 2-4pm at World Karate MAI. Doc will be holding his next Kola workshop at World Karate MAI on Sunday, March 19th from 2-4pm.

OGG farm tutti 100 swings per IL completion DI Pavel Tsatsouline! We'll be confirming the schedule with Dr. Mark Cheng & World Karate MAI shortly, but the remaining summer dates are tentatively 7/3, 7/17, 7/31, 8/7, 8/14, 8/21, & 8/28.

01/15/2016 Back from the Strongest SFG Level 1 in Korea & before heading out of town again, Dr. Mark Cheng is going to be teaching this Sunday morning at 360 Kickboxing Los Angeles !! 11/25/2015 Let's get dialed in for a “medicinal cocktail” of mobility, strength, and motor skill calibration on the Sunday after Thanksgiving at 8am.

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It's not often that Doc's around, especially with his travel schedule the way it's been lately, so let's make the most of this special training opportunity together at 360 Kickboxing Los Angeles ! Around Thanksgiving, the food guilt & subsequent fitness resolution posts fly thicker than gravy & heavier than a jumbo turkey.

Going buck wild sporadically in the gym or with your home workout doesn't qualify unless it improves your pain-free ranges and/or quality of movement. Hitting the weight pile too hard is worse than meaningless if it tweaks your back, neck, or shoulder, forcing you to suffer with an avoidable injury.

This coming Sunday (Aug 23) will be the last of Dr. Mark Cheng's Kola teaching appearances for the Summer. He won't be teaching again until mid-September at the earliest and those dates are highly tentative pending some scheduling discussions with Innit.

If you've been wanting to come out to train with Doc, block your schedule off, program the address for 360 Kickboxing, KAV MAGA Los Angeles into your GPS, and set your reminders now! 08/16/2015 When thinking about why certain exercises are taught the way with specific parameters by different instructors/coaches/experts, look closely at the movement abilities of the individual teaching them.

Once you understand that crucial bit of context, you can better see why certain angles & ranges of motion may be favored while others are avoided. The usual Prehab-Rehab movement prep with some Strongest Level 2 lift work sounds like a definite possibility...

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08/09/2015 Doc Cheng will indeed be teaching as scheduled tomorrow morning at 8am at 360 Kickboxing, KAV MAGA Los Angeles ! Just a quick reminder that there will be no Sunday Gathering at 360 Kickboxing, KAV MAGA Los Angeles this weekend as Dr. Mark Cheng will be attending Instructors' Camp at the Monsanto Academy of Martial Arts.

Rated 10/10 the perfect starting weight for KB training I have some smaller female clients who were interested in KB training.

The DVD has very good explanations and demonstrations, and a wide range of workouts. Love that I can just grab a kettle bell and do a few minutes here and there if I don't have time for a full workout.

It had scratches and slight rust where the metal was exposed. As expected, the areas that needed the Drexel were around the center seam where the molding was during manufacturing.

The real reason I gave 7 and not higher is because of the color of the metal under the paint. I held it side-by-side with some Lifeline USA kettle bells (a good buy, though also needing some finishing).

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Posters elsewhere have commented about Dragon door moving their manufacturing to China, and the concern that there could be lead in the kettle bell. I bought the 14lb KB for my wife as a birthday gift.

Al. And the “Goddess” DVD that I bought her to accompany the KB. Men, don't make the mistake of taking this DVD lightly.

The instruction is clear and the workouts will kick your butt if you don't wimp out on 'em. I've purchased several resources from Dragon Door and have been totally satisfied with all of them.

Now that I'm not working (age 66) and have the time to do it and the energy, I'm loving the way I feel and am I starting to look a lot better, too.

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