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Elaine Sutton
• Monday, 04 January, 2021
• 8 min read

Pro Kettle bell training is the fun, “smarter, not harder” workout for the win. You'll get incredibly STRONG without the dangers of lifting max weight, and a fantastic CARDIO workout without ever running a step.

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We'll teach you everything you need to know to use kettle bells safely and get superfast changes in your body from our classes, open gym or personal training. Open floor space, lifting platforms, stretching area, wood way curve treadmill, concept 2 row machines, squat rack, gymnastic rings, pull up bar, versa climber, assault air bike, and literally tons of kettle bells.

But the decision we made to do just that means at last count we had over 12,000 kettle bell classes under our belt. We're pros, and we get our members safely performing the most technical kettle bell exercises (which some trainers take weeks to teach) in only two hours.

If you answered yes one or more of these questions, how would you feel about: Learning from experts at one of the best kettle bell clubs in the entire world. Running faster, climbing higher and riding farther within weeks of starting.

CRAVING your workouts and leaving the gym feeling relaxed and recharged. Come on in and check it out in person or sign up online now and get started this week.

A pro kettle bell workout doesn’t require you to use heavy weight. The result is long, lean muscle which yields amazing strength and muscular endurance.

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Interval training and lifting kettle bells in a high-intensity (but low-impact) manner like we do at Sky elevates your metabolism and provides a post-workout after burn. This means on top of the massive calories you burn during a kettle bell workout (one ACE study reported over 800 calories/per hr) you’ll continue to burn at a higher rate than you normally would up to 14 hours after you’ve finished.

Lifting kettle bells pro-style does a remarkable job of increasing bone, tendon and ligament strength. Ligaments and tendons take twice as long to adapt to the stress of weight lifting, so our pro-style light-weight/high-volume approach is the safest approach to increasing weight lifted; especially for people over 30 who begin to lose strength in these areas unless they proactively train them.

The strength and cardiovascular training that occurs during an intense kettle bell workout helps regulate blood pressure and lowers your resting heart rate. A lesser known but super-beneficial aspect of pro kettle bell lifting is its effect on the central nervous system.

You’re working out your nervous system by constantly and quickly alternating between tensing and relaxing your muscles. The main functions of the central nervous system are sensory, communicative, integrative and motor functions, so don’t be surprised if after using kettle bells you find yourself more coordinated, and thinking more quickly and clearly.

25 lb OLYMPIC WEIGHT PLATE SET If you'd like to share it with us so you can take advantage of Facebook Login, you can update your Facebook permissions to give us access to your email.

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While you are most likely paying for a monthly gym membership or CrossFit box, there are so many positive things that are being missed out on if you are not training from your own home or garage. We recommend getting a high quality set of bumpers that can take a beating and last for a very long time to pair with the bar.

Here are some essential key features you look for in a squat rack: rock solid, mobile, and a small footprint. Most importantly, measure your ceiling height to ensure that you are getting a squat rack with a pull up bar that provide more uses and benefits.

Gymnastics / Body weight Movement: We have three pieces of equipment that can develop total body strength, stability and endurance. If you do not have a pull-up bar, rings are great for building pulling and core strength that will make pull-ups easy to do.

You can so single or both arm swings and snatches, Turkish get-ups, tons of different stabilization drills, as well as countless types of odd object workouts (burden runs, farmers carries etc). Starting with single under and progressing to doubles and then triples should keep you busy for at least a few months if not years.

Multi Sided Ply’s are by far the best option for a garage gym setup and usually come 30in x 24in x 20in in dimension, which allows for easy scaling and use by athletes of all size Intended to increase strength agility endurance and balance these colorful Vinyl Kettle bells will give you a total body workout.

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We stand out from the crowd because of our quality and craftsmanship that we put into every single piece of refurbished, reconditioned and remanufactured gym equipment. We offer used gym equipment for sale at wholesale prices, and we ship worldwide.

Shame there’s not any bigger ones though as I’d be tempted to buy some for using at home, but they are too light. Posted 8 years ago’ve duct aped 2 × 7.5s together before.

Figured it’d be good to pick up techniques with rather than risking injury swinging 25 kg of lead round my head! Posted 8 years ago As Dave said u do really want bigger weight, but 2 7.5 kg kettle bells would be a good purchase, as the video shows there is lots you can do with em.

Posted 8 years ago find different sizes for different things. Posted 8 years ago think that one of the reasons they’re good is that because they’re unbalanced it’s difficult to do isolation exercises with them.

Posted 8 years agoKettlebell circuits are the best thing I have done exercise-wise in a long time. At home I use The Ultimate Kettle bell Workbook from Dave Randolph.

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Again, it has different routines for varying levels and what you are trying to achieve along with well explained and photographed exercises. Looked at job, sports direct, Tesco extra, and they only list up to 9 kg.

Posted 8 years gowns going to pop out at lunch and buy some. Look up Viking Warrior conditioning for “An application of the theory behind VO2 max training” You can find a free download if you look, and once you get past the “Viking Warrior” crap, it has some good stuff.

Check out Dragondoor.com for loads of stuff about kettle bells and Pavel Tsatsouline. Posted 8 years adjust been to Aldi near me in Bristol.

We’ve operated gyms throughout the UK and Europe, winning awards along the way, and working for some prestigious clients and blue chip companies. We know how important it is to get the right gym equipment, the right mix of Treadmills, the best Cross Trainers and best Exercise Bikes, as well as the best free weights and Adjustable dumbbells for sale.

We can give our customers the sound advice on the best fitness equipment for them, to meet their budget and circumstances. Whether that’s fitness equipment for their gym at work, or just a 2nd hand refurbished treadmill or rowing machine for the garage.

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When we first set the company up we made a promise that we would only sell the best gym equipment, and we would not compromise. We sell Life Fitness, Techno gym, Record, Star Track, Concept 2, Matrix, Reebok and other top branded Treadmills, Exercise Bikes, Strength machines and other commercial gym equipment.

All 2nd hand gym equipment that we sell goes through a comprehensive refurbishment program, and finally inspected by our Quality Control Manager, who’s job it is to make sure your gym equipment arrives in a nearly new condition. Life fitness, Record, Techno gym, Concept 2, Teeter Inversion Tables, Cyber, Star Track, Tomahawk, Reebok, Jordan and Escape.

All our pre-owned commercial treadmills are fully refurbished and come with a full 1-month parts and labor warranty for peace of mind.

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