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This one workout tool will help you transform your entire body and allow you to achieve all of your health and fitness goals. Kettle bells, which are essentially weighted balls with handles, provide the perfect workout by increasing strength, endurance, agility and balance while also challenging both the muscular and cardiovascular system with dynamic, total body movements.

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Training with kettle bells will allow you to develop total body strength, generate fast weight loss to remove unwanted fat, restore youthful flexibility to reduce injury and improve mobility all while redesigning the shape of your entire body. Thousands of people have experienced the cardio and muscular endurance benefits of kettle bell training.

ExtremeKettlebell.com was formed in 2005 to help people in everyday life get stronger and faster with the most basic equipment on this planet. No need for fancy expensive equipment to lose weight or pricey memberships.

Unlike the big box fitness equipment stores, all equipment offered on this website are fully tested with the help of our partners and affiliates to ensure it meets their needs. Our goal is to give you the best product available at the very best price.

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Our happily helpful exercise equipment experts are on hand if you need them, whichever way you contact us. The Innit Steel Mace is one of the most effective ways to train and condition your whole body while mimicking real-world movement.

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Steel maces were originally developed by the Persian Warrior Elite for real world combat and wrestling. Thanks to the disproportionate weight displacement, you’ll be optimizing your stabilizer muscles, joints and primary power centers.

The Innit Steel Mace is one of the most effective ways to train and condition your whole body while mimicking real world movement. With an extremely disproportionate weight displacement many normal movements prove quite challenging and beneficial to the myriad of stabilizer muscles surrounding our joints and primary power centers.

The mace is one of the most effective ways to build core and rotational strength, and is a steel testament to one's desire to take fitness back to its primal roots. WHATSIZESTEELMACEIS Rightful YOU?7 lb10 lb15 lb20 lb25 lb The steel mace is a very challenging and exciting piece of equipment to master.

The great thing about the mace is that if you want to increase the resistance you can simply slide your hand closer to the end of the handle. Because of this imbalance in weight, the steel mace allows for some very challenging counterbalancing movements that can work muscles in a completely unique way.

The 360 Uppercut Press Alternating Switch Lunge Lateral Lunge Ballistic Curls See the complete list steel Mace moves at the Innit Academy GO See the complete list of Steel Mace moves at the Innit Academy GO While many steel mace movements focus on the upper body muscles like the arms, chest, and back, incorporating squat and lunge variations into a routine can produce an extremely challenging full body workout.

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The Ultimate Steel Mace Workout hosted by Aubrey Marcus is a complete full body mace workout, ideal to add to any athletic, strength, or weight loss regimen. Selection of mace weight along with the unique separation of the workout offers accessibility for complete novices; however taken as a whole, the workout is nothing short of a gauntlet cast at the feet of any elite fitness barbarian.

Rated 5 out of 5 by vs11 from Satisfied CustomerQuality manufacturing, large handle, and great balance. Date published: 2020-12-07 Rated 5 out of 5 by stuntman johnny from Solid piece of equipment very well-made and heavy duty.

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Today, Chris will discuss the proverbial “elephant in the room,” his mistakes as a trainer, how the ROC changed his program design for the better, the “Rule of 165,” and a very interesting take on eating for fat loss without expensive supplements and with a limited budget. I know that clients somewhat enjoy having to put down the kettle bell to superset their swings/snatches with some complimentary body weight exercise.

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Craig and I have known each other for close to 8 years now, and I was one of his first test subjects on the very first Turbulence Training program. I’ve seen Craig train clients in the gym and use his methods to get great results.

There’s no doubt that Pavel & John Duane were the pioneers of the kettle bell movement in North America and that guys like you and Brett Jones were responsible for spreading the word and teaching. This program was a way for us to help get kettle bell training out to the masses and the people that followed the TT methods religiously.

I have to tell you though, after the launch and hearing all the rumblings about it, I really started to question my validity as a trainer and whether it was the right thing to do. Then, as hokey as it sounds, I asked myself why I was a trainer and why I was doing what I was doing and realized that the nature of it all came from a good place.

I didn’t put the program out to piss off my colleagues and peers, I did it to help people. From that point, the only way to prove to people and to myself that what I was doing was legit and that I was the “REAL DEAL” was to get out there be part of the army spreading the word about kettle bell training.

So, I did something that I knew in my heart that I should’ve done years ago when I read about Pavel in Rolling Stone Magazine in 2001 and registered for my ROC. I’ve never looked back since and plan on doing my CK-FMS next year and then my ROC II.

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I’m able to apply my passion to my business because it is part of my life and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world. When I would look into the client journals and the success stories that I was receiving, I noticed that most people were really only training 3 to 4 days per week.

Over that weekend, meeting and learning from all the great instructors that the ROC has to offer, I realized that the Simpler is Better approach is the way to go with my training. So, this NEW & IMPROVED version of the TT Kettle bell Revolution reflects all the knowledge and simplicity that I have learned over the past 2 years.

GN: So my customers and subscribers will want to know how is “TT Ketttlebell Revolution 2.0” different from “Kettle bell Burn 2.0”? I come from a school of thought where, if you can ’t handle your own body weight, you have no business introducing another element of resistance into your training.

So the majority of the initial stages of the program is a lot of body weight strength training with some foundational kettle bell movements. Evidence is the fact that we just introduced the body weight pull-up/flexed arm hang test into the standards of attaining an ROC designation.

So some higher rep programming is an additional way to use the overload principle to challenge the exerciser. Another area that I believe higher rep training to be beneficial is in the upper back/postural musculature.

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I have rep ranges in the 15-20 range for exercises like staggered stance rows because I believe that everyone needs some endurance in those smaller and essential postural muscles to combat all the forward leaning/anterior dominance that we get in today’s “desk-jockey” Western Society. Switching gears here, as most people, including you Chris, know, I’m a BIG believer in nutrition for fat loss.

What are your 3 biggest nutritional strategies for fat loss while kettle bell training? If you don’t believe me, just take a look at all the senior citizens who can stay lean by just walking and eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables.

I’m not a big calorie counting type of guy because, well, I just don’t have the time and most importantly, I’m a parent who leads by example. Instead, if I can show my kids that I’m eating my fruits and vegetables on a regular basis and that we can ’t buy you each an iPad because we choose to spend our money on premium beef from a cow that was allowed to graze on a pasture, then I think I’m being a good parent.

I’m finding more and more with the people that I work with that what they perceive to be hunger is, in fact, THIRST. I think we live in a population that is severely dehydrated and your body needs water to not only function properly but eliminate itself of toxicities (like body fat).

I got that from a book called “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water” by Dr. Fairyhood Batmanghelidj. This probably goes against everything that you’ve ever read in any fitness and weight loss book, but I have yet to see any empirical evidence that if you eat 5-6 small meals per day you’ll lose more weight than if you just ate when you were hungry.

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Eating every 2 hours means that you are constantly feeding yourself and causing an insulin response. It’s just a matter of recognizing when you truly are hungry or when an external stimulus causes you to think about food.

Unlike the much of the mainstream fitness world, I’m a BIG believer in shorter workouts. CL: I think the metabolic effect is undeniable with shorter more intense workouts.

Truthfully, with a properly structured kettle bell workout, I’d be shocked to see someone go longer than 40 minutes straight without sacrificing quality of movement and form in their exercises. The only way for me to get a GOOD QUALITY workout within a set time was to train with kettle bells and body weight.

It involves some of the best off-the-cuff kettle bell and body weight exercises (like handstand push-ups and windmills) and sandwiched in the middle is a brutal Kettlebell-Bodyweight-Hill Training Day that is one of the simplest and brutality (is that a word?) The KB-Barbell Hybrid Program was specifically designed for those skeptics who know that kettle bell training is where it’s at, but they just haven’t been able to give the gym up yet.

So you’ll get those 3 workouts, plus the new TT KB Revolution and the Women’s Program and the Getting Started MP3 for $57. When you’re ready to combine body weight training and kettle bells, I recommend you get started right away with Chris’s generous special offer.

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