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• Saturday, 02 January, 2021
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Kettle bells allow you to combine cardiovascular training with weight training into ballistic movements that strengthen your body. Our kettle bells range in size from 4 kg (9 lbs) all the way up to 48 kg (106 lbs), giving everyone the opportunity to cater to their specific physical needs, and even challenge themselves to a heavier weight when ready.

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From kettle bell swings, to goblet squats, to snatches, the kettle bell is a versatile piece of equipment that can help build strength and endurance. Superior Manufacturing Methods: Single-cast gravity casting is a cutting-edge technique that results in kettle bells much higher in quality than their sand cast cousins.

The casting process ensures that each kettle bell is extremely well-made, with perfectly flat bases that allow for push-ups and no wobbling, smooth handles, and an overall excellent finish. Best Coating: Our matte black textured finish is the best coating for kettle bells because it won't cause your grip to slip, yet it won't tear up your hands.

Color Coded Handles: Our handles follow the international kettle bell standards, which allow for an instructor to easily spot which kettle bells their clients/athletes are using. Kilogram and Pound Markings: Each kettle bell is labeled with both units of measurement.

Already it had been dealing with low inventory levels across its home gym lineup because the virus had temporarily shuttered factories in China. Since then, the 55-person company has largely been reorganized to turn away from professional gym gear and focus only on home exercise products.

Most of the kettle bells that you could have ordered before March 13 were; it's probably not surprising that, in 2020, there are few American foundries eagerly pumping out large bulbs of iron. But Rogue, in a moment of massive demand and with a supply chain in chaos, has turned to Rhode Island's Cumberland Foundry, a company with roughly 40 employees.

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Those Instagram pictures it posted were from Cumberland, a tacit acknowledgment that, at least temporarily, the system has shifted: Rogue needs professionally crafted kettle bells wherever it can get them, even if it has to pay higher, American-sized wholesale prices than what they and other companies (including Fitness) are getting overseas. Cumberland isn’t automated, and its president, Tom Lucchetti, estimates that it takes a full day to produce 40 to 50 kettle bells (with Rogue handling last steps, like painting the bells).

I just saw the news report that the Patriots sent a plane to get a million paper masks from China. Back then, the owner of a Rhode Island gym was ordering products from exercise gear conglomerates, which have their kettlebellsmade overseas.

Golden's’ dabbled with limited runs of dumbbells once upon a time, but stayed out of the kettle bell business out of respect to their foundry friends up north. Golden's’ dumbbell experiment didn’t last, and Boyd is hesitant to take on fitness equipment-related projects without a commitment from the companies involved that they wouldn’t bolt back to China when the pandemic subsides.

“A lot of large American buyers say they care about everything, but at the end of the day, all they want to know is piece price.” Boyd hopes the sold-out kettle bell saga will open consumer’s eyes about the dismal state of manufacturing, amongst many other industries, in the U.S. and around the world.

“With these massive disruptions, I hope more people are thinking about, well, do we really want to have a logistical supply chain that stretches over half the globe ?” he says. UPDATE: This piece originally misstated the number of kettle bells that Cumberland Foundry can produce in a single day.

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From Zoom raves to Instagram orgies, coronavirus isolation has meant a boom time for sex via screen. The raw materials, refinement, preparation and assembly sometimes involves multiple countries in some way or another.

I am limiting this list to products that appear to meet the strict FTC standard. No apparel, water bottles, or anything else that’s loosely fitness related.

Rogue is the leading icon in the functional training / CrossFit equipment industry. They have built a reputation based on outstanding customer service, leading-edge high-quality products, sponsoring the CrossFit Games and being active in the fitness community.

They created the Rage Fitness brand many years ago to sell functional training and strength equipment. Their USA made category notably has a squat rack, some medicine balls, and climbing and battle ropes.

Founded in 1998 to provide articles and seminars for athletes, and later expanding into selling equipment. A portion of elites’s equipment is made in the USA, marked on the product pages.

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Accessories Flooring Strength Equipment Weight Plates Power racks, lifting platforms, benches, machines, and accessories.

Check the product pages for the prominent USA made note. Today, all of our products are manufactured in our Knoxville, Tennessee facility, which we expanded into in 2012.

Dumbbell & Plate Storage Racks Barbells Speed & Agility Products Black Widow Training Gear started in 2009 by a welder who was known for custom making all kinds of specialty bars and other equipment for people.

They now offer a standard selection of equipment based on their custom designs. All of our training gear is made out of heavy-duty steel and built in the USA.

Wright Equipment is an Alabama company that became widely known for their bumper plates in the early 2000s. A very small company (they don’t even have a logo) that makes everything in their shop in Canton, OH.

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Texas Strength Systems is a manufacturer and large gym in San Antonio where they host powerlifting meets. They partnered with Mark Ripped to make a Starting Strength line of equipment.

Any weights that they sell such as bars, dumbbells and plates are from other suppliers and not necessarily USA made. Fitness has been in business in Denver, Colorado (10 miles from Rage Fitness) since 2012, and they have earned the respect of the CrossFit crowd with their high quality equipment.

They have always had favorable reviews on online forums and are good with answering questions. Inter’s Delta Stainless Steel Dumbbells are made in the USA.

As the name suggests, rubber flooring is most of what they sell, although they have sister sites all operating under Inc Stores. Many of their rubber mats and rolls are made in the USA, noted in the product details.

Spud, Inc is known for their specialty straps used for various applications in weight training and powerlifting that they have been making since 2006. Schick started in 1991 making lifting belts and expanded to gloves, straps and wraps.

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Founded in 2015 by powerlifters, Kabuki Strength offers barbells, some mobility tools, and virtual coaching. Titan Fitness makes a large and low-cost selection of strength and conditioning equipment.

All of their fractional weight plates are pressed and coated in PA. Sizes from 1/4 lb on up. They also have a unique design of fractional plates that fit over the inside of most fixed dumbbell handles.

They make a few models of endless rope trainers that are all made in the USA. We are proud to say that all of our products are made in the United States of America, according to the highest quality standards.

Their Phoenix squat rack, flat bench, and barbells are all USA made. PW23 is an Austin TX based fitness equipment builder and garage gym outfitter.

Everything is handmade by local craftsmen and comes to you fully assembled, ready for work! http://pw23fitness.com/about/ During the 2020 corona lockdowns this 19th century company filled the supply void by starting their own line of kettle bells and dumbbells.

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Leather weightlifting belts, including some made in partnership with Starting Strength and Barbell Logic. From the artists' rendition, to the engineering to the foundry pouring the iron, every aspect of Cowbells was made by American hands.

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