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Paul Gonzalez
• Wednesday, 16 December, 2020
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With the second lockdown being just around the corner, interest in home workouts and where to buy weights online is already surging. Normally, we would advise waiting for the best Black Friday deals to arrive but given the circumstances, the sooner you buy home weights the better.

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Fit Kit has a range of free weight and home gym accessories in stock, including the best barbells from Jordan Fitness and Diva completion dumbbells. Mira fit is one of the best home gym equipment providers in UK and most usually has plenty of stock too, but due to the sky-high demand for such stuff nowadays, they are just as out of stock of home weights and best weight benches as everyone else.

Granted, the online retail giant is not too famous for stocking quality gym equipment, but you can still find good deals on the best pull up bars or best ab rollers if you look hard enough. Argos' website is particularly painful to browse, items will appear as 'in stock when in fact most usually there is only one left in a remote store in Northern Scotland.

Nevertheless, Argos sells decent quality cheap multi gyms and who knows, you might get lucky. They don't just sell Mondale tracksuits, contrary to popular belief, and have a surprising amount of home gym equipment, such as the best resistance bands, left to buy, with free delivery on orders over £50.

We recommend always checking delivery times and Tics before you make a purchase at any of the above shops. Avoid disappointment and read the small print before you hit the “Buy now” button.

Seeing them in stock again is like Christmas came early for anyone interested in home resistance training. This 20-kilo Jordan kettle bell will provide enough resistance for your functional training sessions.

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This kettle bell has a smooth chrome handle which is great to grip (might be slippery when wet/sweaty though), a gravity cast iron core and balanced bottom so it can be set down easily. This kettle bell set is on the light side so ideal for beginners, muscle toning and one-handed exercises.

Included in the price is the storage stand so you can put your kettle bells on display in the living room for when your friends can finally visit you again, subtly hinting that you have been working out hard in the last three months. The Lead brand has been trusted by official weightlifting associations all over the world for a number of years by now for its quality and reliability.

The Métis hex dumbbells are available to buy or pre-order in a range of actually useful sizes. Rhino sport Sling Trainer Set | Buy it for £48.23 at Amazon UK Here is suspension trainer set from Rhino sport for a mere £48; although we haven't tried it yet, it is reviewed well at Amazon so there is hope it won't snap after one use.

Already it had been dealing with low inventory levels across its home gym lineup because the virus had temporarily shuttered factories in China. Since then, the 55-person company has largely been reorganized to turn away from professional gym gear and focus only on home exercise products.

Most of the kettle bells that you could have ordered before March 13 were; it's probably not surprising that, in 2020, there are few American foundries eagerly pumping out large bulbs of iron. But Rogue, in a moment of massive demand and with a supply chain in chaos, has turned to Rhode Island's Cumberland Foundry, a company with roughly 40 employees.

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Those Instagram pictures it posted were from Cumberland, a tacit acknowledgment that, at least temporarily, the system has shifted: Rogue needs professionally crafted kettle bells wherever it can get them, even if it has to pay higher, American-sized wholesale prices than what they and other companies (including Rep Fitness) are getting overseas. Cumberland isn’t automated, and its president, Tom Lucchetti, estimates that it takes a full day to produce 40 to 50 kettle bells (with Rogue handling last steps, like painting the bells).

I just saw the news report that the Patriots sent a plane to get a million paper masks from China. Back then, the owner of a Rhode Island gym was ordering products from exercise gear conglomerates, which have their kettle bells made overseas.

Golden's’ dabbled with limited runs of dumbbells once upon a time, but stayed out of the kettle bell business out of respect to their foundry friends up north. Golden's’ dumbbell experiment didn’t last, and Boyd is hesitant to take on fitness equipment-related projects without a commitment from the companies involved that they wouldn’t bolt back to China when the pandemic subsides.

“A lot of large American buyers say they care about everything, but at the end of the day, all they want to know is piece price.” Boyd hopes the sold-out kettle bell saga will open consumer’s eyes about the dismal state of manufacturing, amongst many other industries, in the U.S. and around the world.

“With these massive disruptions, I hope more people are thinking about, well, do we really want to have a logistical supply chain that stretches over half the globe ?” he says. UPDATE: This piece originally misstated the number of kettle bells that Cumberland Foundry can produce in a single day.

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These adjustable dumbbells go up to 20 kg, with 12 different weight plates to adjust to your workout, four spin collars and two chrome bars. Uk With 16 different weight combinations, these adjustable dumbbells are easy to use, simple when it comes to adjusting weight and are perfect if you're short on space.

“ The Bow flex kettle bell is a really underrated training tool with plenty of versatility,” says MH US fitness director Ebenezer Samuel. “You're not limited to swings with it, either; you can easily and comfortably do goblet squats, halos, or even towel hammer curls with this.

I love it as a quick way to get a single-kettlebell leg workout whenever I'm crunched for time.” Available across three different weights, this is weight training at its simplest: squat, push, pull and swing to your heart's content during your home workouts with this strong and durable 'bell from Mira fit.

7JLL® R200 Home Rowing Machine, 2020 Model Rowing Machine Fitness Cardio Workout with Adjustable Resistance, Advanced Driving Belt System, 12-Month Warranty, Black and Silver Color Uk This lightweight resistance band set comes with anchor, handles and ankle straps.

Offering much more than just food, this cookbook includes both speedy recipes and effective HIIT workouts. Including a range of reduced-carb meals, post-workout food, snacks and sweet treats, this plan will fuel your motivation.

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Calisthenics, CrossFit, Strength Training, home and commercial use. Featuring a tapered design and adjustable side straps for a close fit, this adjustable weighted vest will have you working hard during any workout and is suitable for a variety of fitness levels.

Built for smooth performance and stability, you can replicate the feel and intensity of any gym workout while exercising at home. You'll be hard-pressed to find somewhere still stocking kettle bells, let alone a range that'll include the weight you're after.

Cue Växjö's incredible adjustable kettle bell. Starting at 5.5 kg and going up to 19 kg, it's perfect for those short on space but keen to get a kettle bell workout in.

CrossFit box closed or local 10K cancelled? Pick up this speed rope from Gene rise to make cardio gains and burn fat with minimal space and minimal cash.

This massage gun is considerably cheaper than its two senior models, and is a lot quieter than any other we've tried. Off a single charge, you'll get 120 minutes of use, with benefits including natural stress relief, accelerated recovery and muscle repair and a boost in blood and lymphatic flow, meaning no more Does.

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Uk If you've ever fantasized about having a rowing machine at home, now's your chance! With magnetic resistance, this 10-speed rowing machine comes with the potential to KO your fat stores and ramp-up your fitness.

Take this slam ball and, well, slam it to your heart's content during your next workout, helping you make cardio and strength gains without the need for a twice-weekly 5k. Light enough for high reps, heavy enough for muscle-building and durable enough to last out self-isolation.

Handily, these will work on any surface, come with a lifetime warranty and are incredibly lightweight. Rugged, durable and uses heavy-duty steel for stability and support, this weight bench is perfect for sit-ups, press-ups and pressing movements.

Wall balls are a fantastic way of improving your pushing strength, explosive power and cardio capacity, blasting belly fat like nothing else. Invest in a treadmill while motivation is still high and you'll have a cardio machine that'll pay dividends for years (and years) to come, helping you keep fit during winter and, handily, helping you blast stubborn fat through sprint complexes.

Speeds go up to 18kmh, 15 incline levels and a huge 36 pre-set workouts. Also, work on body weight exercises such as the L-sit and handstand to hone six-pack abs more effectively than any gym-floor machine ever could.

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Struggling to maintain your pull-up progressions during home workouts? Handily, you can also use it on the floor for press-up and tricep dip progressions.

Make home-made gains straight from the slammer with Charles Bronson's no-nonsense fitness guide. It's perfect for those looking for home workout ideas and INSP.

Ignite your inner Rocky with Force 1's complete boxing set, currently with next day delivery here. If, with all this extra time, you're looking to start your fitness journey or just want to take things more seriously, monitoring your steps, workouts and heart rate on a smartwatch is a great place to start.

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