When Did Kettlebells Became Popular

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While it looks like a cannonball with a looping handle protruding at the top, it can easily be mistaken for an iron cast tea kettle on steroids. It also happens to be growing in popularity, allowing athletes and those just trying to stay in shape to perform a wide range of specialized strength-building exercises with kettle bells.

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Kettle bell exercises were later popularized in the late 1800s by a Russian physician named Vladislav Kerensky, considered by many to be the country's founding father of Olympic weight training. After spending roughly a decade traveling around the world researching exercise techniques, he opened one of Russia's first weight training facilities where kettle bells and barbells were introduced as a core part of a comprehensive fitness routine.

By the early 1900s, Olympic weightlifters in Russia were using kettle bells to shore up weaker areas, while soldiers used them to improve their conditioning in preparation in combat. But it wasn't until 1981 that the government finally threw its weight behind the trend and mandated kettle bell training for all citizens as a way to boost overall health and productivity.

A-list celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Biel, Sylvester Stallone, and Vanessa Huygens have been known to utilize kettle bell workouts to strengthen and tone. What distinguishes a kettle bell workout from training with barbells is an emphasis on a wider range of movement that involves several muscle groups.

Whereas barbells are generally used to directly target isolated muscle groups, such as the biceps, the kettle bell’s weight is away from the hand, allowing for swinging moves and other full body exercises. Russian Swing: Standing with knees slightly bent and feet apart, hold the kettle bell just below the groin with both hands and with both arms straight.

Also, since they're compact, portable and with many shops selling them for prices comparable to the cost of barbells, it might be worth it to just buy a set. They are also portable, so they can be easily transported, and they can be incorporated into the many various aspects of fitness and athletic training.

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In fact, the word ‘kettle bell’ was added to the Russian dictionary in the early 1700s. Originally, kettle bells were used to handle counterweights so dry goods could be weighed at the markets.

The Russian measurement for kilograms and pounds is known as ‘Food’ (yes, it sounds just like it is spelled). Even today, kettle bells are still measured in goods in Russia, and many of the other countries of the former Soviet Union.

Tribes in Scotland threw weighted objects that had handles in the Highland Games. In fact, this type of training is thought to predate kettle bells by several thousand years.

In addition, there is some speculation that weights similar to kettle bells were even used by the Greeks and Romans. This type of weight was also used extensively by popular strongmen such as SIG Klein, Arthur Saxon, The Mighty Apollo and Clevis Massimo.

Kettle bells were also a staple in many gyms and training centers around the United States, and were known as ‘Ring Weights’. Dr. Vladislav Kerensky, known as the founder of the modern gym, started an amateur weightlifting group in St. Petersburg in 1885.

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In fact, the physician wrote ‘The Developmental of Physical Strength With Kettle bells ’. Nicknamed ‘The Russian Lion’, George Hackenscmidt credited Dr. Kerensky with teaching him everything he learned about fitness and strength training.

Over 20 years later, kettle bell became a part of the United All State Sport Association of the USSR. Even in the United States, the FBI Counter Assault Team and the United States Secret Service also require recruits to train with kettle bells while using high repetition movements.

This type of training has been deemed one of the most effective ways to lose weight, get stronger and develop that lean and toned look that people want. I can’t stress enough how important it is to use proper form while lifting to prevent injury and to also get the maximum benefit from the distinct types of kettle bell variations and exercises.

Kettle bell lifting has also made its way into western countries like the United States. What was once known as nothing more than an object to help weigh food at old Soviet Union markets has become the preferred choice for getting and staying fit.

The above video is the result, behold the history of the kettle bell part II by Steve Cotter and Taco Fleur. The fact of the matter is, they resembled an exercise tool with a handle, but they did not evolve into the kettle bell.

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1704 the word ‘Girl’ literally meaning Handle Bell (kettle bell) is first published in the Russian Dictionary. () 1867 Eugen Sand ow is born in Königsberg Prussia, known as “father of modern bodybuilding” and a famous Victorian strongman.

Early 20th Century Kettle bells were introduced to wider audience outside Russia by strong men, wrestlers and circus performers. 1913 Ludwig Chaplinskiy writes in Russian magazine Hercules “Not a single sport develops our muscular strength and bodies as well as kettle bell athletics” 1940s Kettle bell Sport is developed in rural areas and Soviet military groups in the former USSR.

The winner, Black Sea Fleet sailor Alexei Protopopov managed to snatch a 32-kilo girl 1,002 times with short breaks. 1950s the “best girl man” was Ivan Nemeses; the peasant from Altai clinched the USSR championship title eleven times.

1962 Kettle bell Sport rules and weight classes are established and athletes compete in the Triathlon. 1985 the Committee of Kettle bell Sport was established, along with official rules and the First National Championship of the USSR is held in Limpets, Russia.

1998 Pavel Tsatouline former Soviet Special Forces physical training instructor becomes a kettle bell instructor in the United States and writes an article discussing Kettle bells in a popular American magazine for strength athletes. 2001 Pavel Tsatouline starts ROC which stands for Russian Kettle bell Challenge.

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2001 Pavel Tsatouline releases the book and DVD “The Russian Kettle bell Challenge”. 2009 Pavel Tsatouline publishes the book and DVD “Return of the Kettle bell”.

2011 Drank Markovic is the first Australian Woman to compete in a kettle bell Marathon Championship representing Australia. 2012 Pavel Tsatouline leaves ROC and forms the company Strongest.

2014 the UK World Championship of Gregory Sport is held in Hamburg (Germany). Firstly using kettle bells has proven to provide a fast, fun and effective workout, they work.

Looking back to the late 90s, a physical health trainer named Pavel initially focused and repeatedly attempted to promote kettle bell training to a more female focused fitness circle. Used not only for increasing strength, but also as an effective training method to prevent injury during chaotic combat.

The highest level athletes are always looking for methods to increase performance, started to incorporate kettle bell training. I had been exposed to kettle bell training very early on during the Late 90s ‘Underground’ years due to working as a bouncer at clubs and being exposed to Kettle bells from my fellow Eastern European bouncer colleagues.

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As with elite athletes, in Hollywood training and fat loss secrets are closely guarded, the difference is, celebrities have paparazzi always spying on them. The paparazzi started catching photos of major actors and actresses training with kettle bells.

I had been exposed to kettle bell training very early on during the Late 90s ‘Underground’ years due to working as a bouncer at clubs and being exposed to Kettle bells from my fellow Eastern European bouncer colleagues. The opportunity came when CBS The Early Show wanted to do a segment on Kettle bell training, and they contacted me.

On January 3, 2009, at 8:30 a.m, the Secret of Kettle bell Workouts were revealed for the first time on National television. My appearance on CBS The Early Show launched the idea of Kettle bell training into the main-stream.

Over 14 years in, everyday I experience contact from new people wanting to start kettle bell training. The kettle bell has established its status as an essential tool over the years and exercisers love the small piece of equipment for its versatility.

Although it looks more like a cannonball, the kettle bell is one piece of strength training equipment every exerciser should get to know. A popular strength training tool in Russia since the 1800s, kettle bells have only more recently become a staple in American gyms. Kettle bells can be a safe tool for strength training, but only if you're using the appropriate amount of weight and proper form.

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“For example, if you can do a bicep curl with a 10-pound dumbbell, chances are you'll be able to swing that upwards with core and glute control,” she explains. These include stiff and bent-knee dead lifts, squats, overhead presses and push ups.

Ballistic moves require more of a thrust at the hip and 'catch' at the top of the movement where the kettle bell should almost feel weightless. When you're ready to find out what the hype is all about, check out some basic kettle bell workouts on YouTube.

She explains that these amounts of weight can be tested by doing a standing shoulder press. If all feels well and proper form is maintained, you can transition into more complex moves with that weight.

Pull the kettle bell up to hip level with your elbow, then return to the starting position. With a wide stance and feet slightly turned out, push your hips back and hinge forward until the torso is nearly parallel with the floor.

Then, reverse the movement, pushing the hips back and returning the kettle bell to the floor to complete one rep. Whether training at home or at the gym, kettle bells can add variety and challenge to your workouts.

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