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Made for: total body exercise Moves with: durable solid iron construction Must-have features: no-roll base, easy-grip handle, non-slip vinyl coating The kettle bell swing is worth the time invested which many seasoned lifters can attest.

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While this number might seem excessively high think about your feet and hands and back muscles around the spine which are involved in the swing. A basic anatomy class will give you an idea on how many little muscles are located in these areas which are activated during the swing.

The biceps memoirs is located in the thigh and is part of the hamstrings muscle group. The biceps memoirs helps you to perform knee flexion and hip extension.

It helps with three main functions which are supporting the weight of the arm, retracting the shoulder blade and rotating it. The deltoid, also referred to as “Delta” are the muscles situated at the top of your arm where it attaches to the trunk.

Its original name was coined through the similarity in form and shape to the Greek letter delta. The main function of the external obliques is to pull the chest downwards to compress the abdominal cavity.

The back and forth between these two antagonistic muscles creates the resistance and room fir air to fill the lunges and be exhaled. The transverses abdominal is a deep muscle which many fitness instructors belief to be a significant component of the core.

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For powerlifters, it is essential to build tension and stability in the midsection of the body for very heavy lifts. The rotator cuff is also a simplified version of calling a specific group of muscles by one name rather than their individual ones just like with the glutes.

The latissimus Doris is a large flat muscle on the back which is partly covered by the trapezium. Latissimi Doris comes from the Latin word latissimus which means broadest which reflects its appearance on the back.

All of these muscles are extensors of the knee joint playing a major role in walking, running, jumping and squatting. The standard swing will put more emphasis on the glutes and the obliques if performed correctly.

When executed correctly you will have a big force pulling on you in both directions on the upward and downward movement of the swing. To stabilize this your internal obliques and transverses abdominal will have to work harder and you will get more core activation at the expense of the glutes and quads.

This is mainly due to the fact that your stance has to be a lot wider to get two kettle bells between your legs and control them. If you wanted a gym was all the machines in it that address the same groups you will spend thousands of Euros or Dollars.

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If you don’t already know, kettle bell exercises are one of the most underrated forms of muscle building methods out there. The fact that they are known as one of the most versatile gym equipment should be a clue to there effectiveness in building muscle and getting stronger.

Because of the kettle bell ’s shape, you can push, pull, and swing it like nothing else, and unlock a new branch of exercises that are pretty much impossible without it. Follow these six kettle bell exercises to add more muscle, melt more fat, boost your endurance, and move better.

You’ll improve your body quickly and build the foundation for every other kettle bell exercise. Stand feet shoulder-width apart with the kettle bell between your legs and the handle inline with the bony part of your ankles.

Squeeze the handle hard, pull your shoulders backward, and crush your armpits. The kettle bell swing is a fantastic exercise to strengthen your body and burn a ton of fat.

Then, hike the kettle bell back between your legs like a center in football and explosively drive your hips forward. At the bottom of the swing, your torso is too upright and your knees are too far forward: It looks like a squat.

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With a correct swing, the kettle bell should reach around the height of your belly button or chest, no higher. Use it as a power exercise early in your workout or at the end as a brutal finisher.

The push press is a phenomenal, explosive move that sculpts big shoulders, huge traps, and ripped triceps. It also builds tremendous core stability and forces you to generate power from your lower body, transfer it up the kinetic chain, and out through your arms, which is integral in every sport.

Lower yourself into a very partial squat and explode upward with your legs while driving your arms overhead. At the top, make sure your biceps are next to your ears and your wrists are flat, not bent backward.

It’s also a safe and efficient way to bring the kettle bell to the rack position for your overhead exercises. Then, hike the kettle bell back between your legs like a center in football and explosively drive your hips forward.

Memorize the feeling, and then swing it between your legs and return to the rack position. Use it as a power exercise early in your workout or at the end as a brutal finisher.

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Because it travels more distance, the snatch builds more power than the swing or clean. Then, hike the kettle bell back between your legs like a center in football and explosively drive your hips forward.

Use it as a power exercise early in your workout or at the end as a brutal finisher. This is a phenomenal dynamic exercise that blasts your obliques, strengthens your shoulders, and activates your hips too.

Use it early in your workout to light up your core, warm up your joints, and increase your flexibility. Kettle bells have become a popular fitness tool over the last decade, and for good reason.

I’ve learned through trial and error that kettle bells are not all created equally. It’s important to consider several factors when choosing a kettle bell, which is why I put together this guide to answer common questions.

Competition kettle bells are typically differentiated by color coding. Both types of kettle bells will work for general home fitness purposes.

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The main advantage of classic cast-iron kettle bells is a lower overall cost. The main advantage of competition steel kettle bells is the consistent size.

These kettle bells aren’t designed to be used in competitions, so they don’t have to meet stringent weight tolerance requirements. They can therefore be offered at a lower cost than true competition kettle bells while retaining the benefit of consistent sizing.

They tend to be cheap and well reviewed on sites like Amazon, but don’t be led astray. There are a few companies making kettle bells with faces on them, like monkeys, zombies, skulls, etc.

However, competition steel kettle bells shouldn’t be ruled out altogether. Rapid progress can be made with competition kettle bells, which may justify the higher cost.

Kettle bells generally range in weight from 8 kg (18 lb) to 48 kg (106 lb). It’s important to choose the right weight to start with in order to learn proper technique. However, such broad advice isn’t helpful without a baseline description of what ‘average’ is.

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If you’re a healthy and active person under 40 years of age with no history of injuries or back pain, the standard advice will probably apply. If you spend a lot of time sitting, are above 40, or have a history of injuries or back pain you may benefit from starting with a lower weight.

As you advance in your training there will always be more challenging ways to use your first kettle bell. The kettle bell surface and handle should be smooth and free of artifacts left over from the casting process.

Imperfections on the handle can pinch or cut skin during movements, and a wobbly bottom hinders the kettle bell from providing a stable base for exercises that require the bell to act as a platform. For cast-iron kettle bells, the coating on the handle must provide enough traction to keep hold of with minimal need for chalk while still allowing the handle to rotate smoothly in the palm with minimal friction.

Handle diameters for competition steel kettle bells will be a uniform size regardless of manufacturer, which is good and bad. In that review, I make a point of discussing handle dimensions for each brand.

You can always reconsider a quality adjustable kettle bell later if you decide it will help you achieve your ongoing fitness goals. I’ve had the opportunity to work extensively with kettle bells from many major manufacturers.

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For simplicity’s sake I’m going to focus on a handful of companies making some of the best kettle bells available. These recommendations come from my personal experience in seeking the best kettle bells for home use.

Third, and most importantly, the Matrix Elite Precision line is designed to rest on the same place on your forearm regardless of size. Kettle bells USA also makes a Classic E-coat that is similar in style and coating to Dragon Door kettle bells, but with a higher quality finish and much lower price.

The main benefit of a powder coat over an e-coat is a reduced need for chalk. I train with kettle bells primarily at work and at home, and I can’t use heavy chalk at either location.

The powder coat finish on the Kettle bell Kings Powder Coat kettle bells provides just enough texture to maintain a good grip with sweaty palms without needing chalk. The feel of the kettle bell was a prime consideration for the design and the care that was taken with it definitely shows.

The finish is very clean and slightly rough, with one of the most durable powder coatings I’ve seen. The combination of the finish and coat result in a handle that will hold a lot of chalk, but you’re probably not going to need it unless you sweat buckets.

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The intent is to increase comfort while holding the kettle bell overhead and in the rack position. I’ve found the curve of the handle to have a noticeable difference on my training.

The curved handle fits nicely in my palm and I can definitely tell my grip strength lasts longer when I use this kettle bell. The Paradigm Pro Elite kettle bells are designed from the ground up to be high precision fitness tools.

These kettle bells are cast as a single piece of steel with no seams, burrs, or welds and no filler material. This is just an all around well-made kettle bell that is very comfortable to use for long periods.

The handle window is wide enough to fit two hands in, which is great for two-hand swings. There are no surface imperfections visible to the eye and the handle are very smooth to the touch.

This type of coating allows for high-rep snatch and swing sessions without the need for chalk. These kettle bells are weighted in five pound increments rather than kilograms, removing the need to do kilogram-to-pound conversion math in my head.

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There are several factors to consider when choosing a kettle bell, and this guide should answer most common questions. I sincerely hope you’ve found this kettle bell buyers guide to be useful.

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