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Each rowing variation gets progressively more challenging so start at the top and work your way down. The KB bent over row is a fundamental exercise that will add muscle and strength to the back.

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Lean forwards about 45 degrees so the kettle bell hangs around shin height. Your lower back position is important, it should be kept flat from shoulder to hips.

Pause for 2 seconds at the top of the exercise and squeeze your shoulder blades together then slowly lower the kettle bell back down. Start with the feet close together and place the non kettle bell hand across your belly.

Row the kettle bell up and towards the hip using one arm, pulling from the elbow and not the upper back. Pause at the top of the movement for 2 seconds before lowering the kettle bell slowly back down.

Symmetry throughout the exercise is important so make sure you pull and lower the kettle bells at the same time. Practice : as the double kettlebellrow is more of a strength based exercise repetitions can be reduced.

The kettle bell plank row on a bench will activate more of the lower back and core muscles. Beginners should be comfortable holding the top of a push up position for at least 30 seconds before attempting this kettlebellrow variation.

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The key to this rowing variation is holding your body in a straight line from heel to shoulders without letting your hips drop. With one hand on a bench or box brace your core and row the kettle bell back towards the hips.

Those new to this exercise must feel comfortable holding their body in a plank position on top of two kettle bells. Care should be taken when on top of the kettle bells that they do not topple over sideways and trap your fingers.

Take your time and work on good body alignment through this rowing exercise. The kettle bell high pulls exercise is a dynamic standing kettlebellrow variation.

Unlike the other 5 rowing variations this kettle bell exercise will challenge your cardio, hips, hamstrings, buttocks and back muscles. Keep your wrist tight at the top of the pulling movement and forearm inline with the kettle bell.

Be careful when you first start to practice this exercise that the kettle bell doesn’t hit you in the face. The kettle bell row is an important kettle bell exercise to develop the back and core muscles.

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Horizontal pulling exercises are important to balance out all the pushing movements often overused in workouts. Above I’ve listed 6 different rowing variations starting at the easiest and progressing to the most challenging.

The bent over kettlebellrow activates the muscles in the back of the body namely the trapezium, rhomboids and lats. If you suffer with lower back problems then you need to be very careful when performing the kettlebellrow because excellent core stabilization is required.

The kettle bell renegade row is an advanced exercise that will work deep into the back while at the same time conditioning the core muscles. There are many variations of the renegade row and using the correct progressions will ensure that you do not compromise the movement and achieve the best results possible.

Improves core stabilization for injury prevention Develops horizontal rowing strength in the back muscles Balances horizontal pushing and pulling movements Promotes core rotational strength from shoulder to hip for sports Strengthens lower back postural muscles Stabilizes the shoulder muscles for pressing strength The kettle bell renegade row is a full body exercise that develops both strength for moving heavy loads while at the same time conditioning the core muscles for safer movements.

It is vital that the hips are not allowed to drop towards the floor thus putting adding pressure on the lower back. From the static plank position row the kettle bell back and towards the hip, pulling from the elbow NOT the hand.

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Keep the rowing action slow and deliberate pausing at the top of the movement before lowering the kettle bell back down towards the floor slowly. The kettle bell renegade row is an advanced exercise with a lot of moving parts and things to think about.

The kettle bell renegade row starts by holding the plank in the top position on the hands. You need to develop your strength in this top position in order to better cope with the addition of a kettle bell.

The shoulder tap exercise (see image above) is the perfect way to develop the stabilization core strength necessary. Keep your core muscles braced and maintain a straight line from shoulders to heels.

Step 2 : Progress to lifting alternate hands up slowly and touching the opposite shoulder. Step 3 : Perform 60 seconds of shoulder taps keeping your body in a perfect straight line.

Once you are solid and stable in the top push up plank position, as detailed above, then you can progress to adding one kettle bell. For this renegade row variation place one hand on a box, bench or Paraclete and the other on top of the kettle bell handle.

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Brace your abs, squeeze your buttocks tight and row the kettle bell back towards your hip. Most importantly keep your core tight so your hips do not drop towards the floor and aggravate your lower back.

Warning : during this exercise it is easy for the kettle bell to fall sideways and crush your fingers, especially when you start to fatigue. As you place each kettle bell down move the foot on the same side forwards to maintain good balance.

Keep your core muscles tight and don’t let your hips drop towards the floor. Variations : kettle bell walking renegade rows can be performed forwards, backwards and sideways.

Poor body alignment can result in one of the kettle bells falling sideways and trapping your fingers. Keep your core muscles tight and body in a straight line in order to stay balanced over the top of the kettle bells.

Alternatively you can combine it with a full body push exercise like the kettle bell thruster: Beginners should start by mastering the stabilization strength that is needed to hold the body in a straight line.

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To achieve a safe and effective kettle bell renegade row work your way through all 5 exercise progressions. The kettlebellrow increases strength throughout the back, biceps, and shoulders.

This exercise also improves stability in the core and lower back. Stand in a staggered stance with your knees slightly bent, holding a kettle bell just above your front foot in your opposite arm.

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One advantage of using kettle bells over dumbbells is that the large handle on the top makes it easier to pick them up off the floor during the exercise. Standing with the kettle bell by your feet, take a big step back with your right leg and lean down to grab the weight with your right hand.

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