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The kettle bell renegade row is an advanced exercise that will work deep into the back while at the same time conditioning the core muscles. There are many variations of the renegade row and using the correct progressions will ensure that you do not compromise the movement and achieve the best results possible.

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Improves core stabilization for injury prevention Develops horizontal rowing strength in the back muscles Balances horizontal pushing and pulling movements Promotes core rotational strength from shoulder to hip for sports Strengthens lower back postural muscles Stabilizes the shoulder muscles for pressing strength The kettle bell renegade row is a full body exercise that develops both strength for moving heavy loads while at the same time conditioning the core muscles for safer movements.

It is vital that the hips are not allowed to drop towards the floor thus putting adding pressure on the lower back. From the static plank position row the kettle bell back and towards the hip, pulling from the elbow NOT the hand.

Keep the rowing action slow and deliberate pausing at the top of the movement before lowering the kettle bell back down towards the floor slowly. The kettle bell renegade row is an advanced exercise with a lot of moving parts and things to think about.

The kettle bell renegade row starts by holding the plank in the top position on the hands. You need to develop your strength in this top position in order to better cope with the addition of a kettle bell.

The shoulder tap exercise (see image above) is the perfect way to develop the stabilization core strength necessary. Keep your core muscles braced and maintain a straight line from shoulders to heels.

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Step 2 : Progress to lifting alternate hands up slowly and touching the opposite shoulder. Step 3 : Perform 60 seconds of shoulder taps keeping your body in a perfect straight line.

Once you are solid and stable in the top push up plank position, as detailed above, then you can progress to adding one kettle bell. For this renegade row variation place one hand on a box, bench or Paraclete and the other on top of the kettle bell handle.

Brace your abs, squeeze your buttocks tight and row the kettle bell back towards your hip. Most importantly keep your core tight so your hips do not drop towards the floor and aggravate your lower back.

Warning : during this exercise it is easy for the kettle bell to fall sideways and crush your fingers, especially when you start to fatigue. As you place each kettle bell down move the foot on the same side forwards to maintain good balance.

Keep your core muscles tight and don’t let your hips drop towards the floor. Variations : kettle bell walking renegade rows can be performed forwards, backwards and sideways.

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Poor body alignment can result in one of the kettle bells falling sideways and trapping your fingers. Keep your core muscles tight and body in a straight line in order to stay balanced over the top of the kettle bells.

Alternatively you can combine it with a full body push exercise like the kettle bell thruster: Beginners should start by mastering the stabilization strength that is needed to hold the body in a straight line.

To achieve a safe and effective kettle bell renegade row work your way through all 5 exercise progressions. The kettle bell renegade row is a challenging exercise that can be used to effectively develop the muscles of the back.

The trapezium and rhomboid muscles work to rotate and addict the shoulder blades, which occurs each time you row the kettle bell. The tears major and minor aid in shoulder movement and stability during the renegade row.

The biceps brachial on the front of the upper arm are the primary movers of elbow flexion and are used during the row, but minimally. Though not worked directly during kettle bell renegade rows, the core muscles are heavily relied upon.

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Thanks to their incredible combo of simplicity and versatility, kettle bells are a hugely popular home fitness item these days. But if you’ve gone shopping for them online recently, you may have noticed that the wonderfully handled weights are a little, UMM, scarce.

To address this issue, we connected with fitness pros across the country in search of DIY solutions, homemade hacks that can mimic kettle bells in a pinch. “There are quite a few large load laundry detergents with nice thick handles,” says Lynn Montoya, ACE, a hard style kettle bell -certified instructor.

“My clients have been keeping moving using water jugs,” says Bay Area trainer Jonathan Jordan, NASM-CPT, a Kettle bell Athletics L1 coach. And for heavy we fill up with loose change.” Jordan has created a 12-move milk jug workout, with videos showing all the moves.

“A weighted backpack is a great swap,” says Ryan Palermo, manager, head coach and trainer at New Jersey’s CrossFit Turbocharged. Cushion with a towel or t-shirts so your household items don’t move around.” Palermo has demonstrated a backpack kettle bell workout on Instagram.

“Outdoor home and gardening items tend to be closer to a kettle bell,” says trainer Robert Lemur, who runs Simple Fitness Hub. “Planter pots made from cement, ceramic, or stucco are great, especially when doing squats or Russian twists.

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“I would caution inexperienced kettle bell users to refrain from starting now in their homes,” says personal trainer Jim Faith, founder of TopFitPros. “However, a sturdy gym bag loaded with canned goods, books or magazines offers a great piece of homemade exercise equipment.

Note: Dick’s stores are temporarily closed and this product is not available online, but the chain is offering curbside contactless pickup at select locations. “ Kettle bell Kings will have stock available for pre-order after April 20th and will be shipping first week of May,” says co-founder Jay Perkins.

“I myself have lent equipment to current members and have charged a premium for non-members.” While this particular resource could be tapped out at this point, it’s worth a shot. The internet's favorite pan features a modular design that includes a detachable wooden spatula, domed lid and a nesting steamer tray.

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The handles of the kettle bells are used to support your upper body. Pull back with your shoulder on the side you are working on and flex your elbow to pull the kettle bell to your side.

Renegade row is a free weights exercise that primarily targets the middle back and to a lesser degree also targets the shoulders, triceps, lats, abs and chest ... more Renegade row is a free weights exercise that primarily targets the middle back and to a lesser degree also targets the shoulders, triceps, lats, abs and chest.

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The only renegade row equipment that you really need is the following: dumbbells and kettle bells. There are however many renegade row variations that you can try out that may require different types of renegade row equipment or may even require no equipment at all.

Tips If you need more support while performing the exercise, move your feet further apart. Row weight in a smooth controlled motion.

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