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Carole Stephens
• Friday, 06 November, 2020
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Kettle bell Ladder Workouts are an excellent choice for building strength, reducing fat or adding muscle mass. Depending on your goals you can use ascending, descending or mixed ladder workouts in order to gain results quickly and efficiently.

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Kettle bell ladder workouts are highly effective because you can soon build up a substantial amount of reps without realizing it. Kettle bell workout ladders are also psychologically more achievable, the thought of 15 reps of a tough exercise can be daunting but quick sets of 1-5 reps seems a lot more achievable.

Personally, I like the way kettle bell workout ladders force you to reset yourself after each set. For example when performing an exercise for 10 reps you get into a rhythm and often use the stretch reflex in the muscles to help with each repetition.

Kettle bell workout ladders can be performed in a number of different ways, ascending from 1 to 5, descending from 5 to 1, or mixing the two together 1 to 5 and then back down to 1. I tend to use ascending ladders for difficult strength building exercises.

Reducing the reps each round can also help with the natural fatigue that you experience with each set. I tend to mix workout ladders with clients that are a little more experienced with longer sets.

One of the great benefits of kettle bell ladder workouts is that you can start off on a ladder workout and if you find you only manage to climb halfway then you can stop and improve another day. If your goals are building strength then using a kettle bell ladder workout is an excellent choice.

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If you want to build more muscle and mass then you can increase your reps above 5 to add more volume. Be aware that the higher the amount of reps in your ladder the longer the rest periods required to recover.

You can choose any number of strength based exercises for use in your kettle bell ladder. More dynamic and higher rep based exercises like the kettle bell swing would not be a good choice for this type of ladder workout.

Kettle bell ladder workouts are also an excellent choice if your goals are fat loss. Fat loss is best encouraged by maximizing the amount of muscles used during a workout to increase your metabolic rate.

The repetitions are higher for fat loss workouts and the weight reduced. I like to use big full body exercises for fat loss workouts that include a push, pull and either a squat or dead lift movement pattern.

One Handed Swing x 10 – 1 Overhead Press x 1 – 10 Regular Row x 1 – 10 Repeats on the other side for a total of 10 sets. At the end of this kettle bell ladder workout you will have completed 10 sets on each side.

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You can use many of the same exercises that you used for the strength ladders but reduce the kettle bell weight so you could safely perform 12 – 15 reps before failure in one set. Kettle bell ladder workouts are an excellent way to gain strength, reduce fat or add muscle.

Depending on your particular goals you can use kettle bell ladder workouts to motivate you or simply as a method to gauge how many repetitions to perform that day. I’ve also included an idea of how ladder workouts would fit into a weekly schedule.

There are virtually endless combinations you can create to keep your workouts new and exciting. Bill has a great Instagram (@kettlebellwarrior) where he publishes workouts and tips as well.

To receive a new Kettle bell Complex in your email inbox each week, click the button below to sign up! How To: Single Arm Row: start off in a launch stance making sure that you keep a straight line from the back ankle to your ear.

Reach down with your arm that is opposite of the leg that is forward and row the bell back towards the hip. Lunge to Squat clean: start in the launch position with the bell in-line the leg that is extended back.

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As you step up with the back leg clean the bell to the shoulder simultaneously as that back footsteps forward make sure to have both feet parallel and hip width apart so that you can sit comfortably into the squat. Once the bell is caught in the squat position stand up and step back to a lunge.

Sots press: start off in a standing position with the bell and one hand. In that deep squat press the bell overhead to full extension.

The workouts are designed for experienced kettle bells users to increase strength, endurance and help you challenge yourself each week. We recommend you read more about receiving a quick, free, dynamic kettle bell workout every week you can click below.

Let me explain how this works so you reap the benefits of this effective training protocol. First, realize that one of the most effective ways to dial up your strength training, overall program intensity, and total body conditioning is by incorporating ladders into your program.

And, there’s also a “weight ladder” workout that I’m testing out right now and will provide more feedback on that in the future. You pick up a kettle bell you can comfortably press in the 5 to 8 rep range.

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You pick it up, clean and press it once, switch hands, and do the other arm. Work up your strength each week until you can go 5 ladders in this manner with quality performance.

For more detailed information on pressing ladders, see Enter the Kettle bell, by Pavel Tsatsouline. Depends on your goals and your current training schedule, but a good schedule for strength training purposes would be to do this workout three times per week.

But, they are a great to build strength, power, and progress with your training. If you’ve got the cleans and presses down and want to take your strength and performance to new levels, add ladders to your program.

It’s all about the workout Variety, Progression, and Performance (VPP). Kettle bell rep ladders are a great way to address the VPP.

My favorite weight loss and conditioning workouts use kettle bells. This is because there isn’t a more convenient, efficient, and safe way to burn so many calories during and after your workout.

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All you need is a single kettle bell, 15-20 minutes, and a little room to get in a better workout than you can at the gym. In this article I’ll teach you one of the best workouts for losing weight fast.

They’re called kettlebellladders and are a cool twist on traditional strength training. KettlebellLadders For Weight Loss Ladders have been used by strength coaches for years to increase a workouts intensity and get athletes into shape fast.

One of the most common ways to perform ladders is to subtract a rep from every set you do until you reach zero. Below are my 3 favorite kettle bell ladder workouts which illustrate how to perform them properly.

Give then a try and you’ll quickly see how effective they are for burning off excess body fat and getting you into shape fast! The way they’re done is by pairing together 2 exercises like squats and kettle bell swings and performing one after the other without resting.

After performing this ladder you can rest for 2-3 minutes and repeat the process again. When choosing a weight to use, select one that you can easily perform for 2-3 sets of 10 reps.

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This will ensure your workout is intense but not so hard that it can’t be completed or done safely. You’ll countdown by doing 1 less rep at every subsequent set until you reach 0.

My favorite way to perform this ladder is with kettle bell swings. This way you can put 100% effort into every set and rep. They’re so demanding that you shouldn’t be able to do much else anyway.

Once you’re really fit try doing a couple of sets of Farmers Walks after doing a ladder workout for added intensity. If you’re doing more than 1 ladder, simply rest until you’ve caught your breath and then start over.

You’ll want to perform exercises that train as many large muscle groups (i.e. back, chest, legs, shoulders) per rep. Some of the best are kettle bell snatches, swings, squats, and push presses.

Conclusion You now know one of the best types of workouts for quickly burning hundreds of calories and getting into great shape. If you’d like a complete workout program that uses ladders and other high intensity techniques to help you lose 15 or more pounds of fat in 28 days I recommend you try our Fat Hackers plan.

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For less than the cost of one workout with a trainer you’ll get a 4-week program that gives you every set, rep, and exercise you need to achieve the body you desire. Fat Hackers also contains a complete fat loss diet that doesn’t involve counting calories, starving yourself, or completely eliminating your favorite foods.

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