What Kettlebell Weight Should You Start With

Danielle Fletcher
• Tuesday, 13 October, 2020
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Ready to get started with kettle bell training, but don’t know where to begin? This article will provide you with all the information you need to pick the correct kettlebellweight and perform exercises with proper form.

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And to make things easier for you, we have included a simple 15-minute kettle bell workout video to get you in the best shape of your life. I need you to throw away your current perception of weight training, and look at the kettle bell as something new and different.

While you may not think you need to, having at least one session with a trained kettle bell professional will make an enormous difference in your results. You ’ll be using multiple muscle groups at the same time through ballistic, full-body movements.

A kettle bell professional can show you the basics; like, the Clean, Swing, Goblet Squat, Windmill, and Turkish Get Up. When performed properly, kettle bell movements will improve your body control, shorten your workout time, and give you functional results (and physique).

The core movements in kettle bell training have exploded into hundreds of new exercises and techniques. Assuming you ’ve been to at least one session with a kettle bell professional and are ready to get started, here is what I recommend based on gender.

A new female kettle bell trainee might pick up the weight, and automatically try to perform a 1- arm upright row (without one thought of lifting technique, mind you), and immediately exclaim, “I can’t lift that!” When done properly, kettle bell movements will improve your body control, shorten your workout time, and give you functional results (and physique) unlike anything you ’ve been able to achieve in the past.

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A big mistake is selecting a weight that is too light (again, assuming that you have trained with a kettle bell professional). If you do this, you will never perfect your form, you will never progress to heavier weights, and you will not achieve the real benefits that kettle bells have to offer.

Unlike women, most men will look at the 16-kg kettle bell starting weight and say, “That’s way too light! Areas of your core (back, abdominal, and upper legs) will be on fire during your first session.

To maintain proper form, you need a weight that is in proportion to your skill level, which may be low initially. Men who have never used a kettle bell are especially susceptible to muscling through a movement, rather than performing it with proper form.

You will hear this term used more in CrossFit boxes and by most traditional kettle bell instructors. Innit Kettle bells are made with a high-quality, chip-resistant coating that’s strong enough to endure your most punishing workouts.

1) A chip-resistant coating, smooth enough for stamina-building work sets without irritating your hands, yet with just enough texture to take gym chalk. Some other aspects of kettle bell design to consider are: grip diameter, grip width, ball diameter, and the distance from the top of the ball to the bottom of the handle.

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This workout will make you so beefy, Hollywood would be crazy not to cast you in the next Marvel movie! Whether you ’re a trainer or fitness enthusiast the kettlebellshould have a place in your training for the results it can deliver in less time.

Whether you decide to use your kettle bell to supplement your training or as a stand-alone tool you will gather the exact system on how to do so. The benefits of the kettle bell are immense and with this single tool one can create incredible strength, power output, and stamina if used to its potential.

At the Innit Academy we believe the kettle bell can create powerful athletes regardless of your chosen sport and with this system you will have everything they need to do just that. At the Innit Academy we believe the kettle bell can create powerful athletes regardless of your chosen sport and with this system you will have everything they need to do just that.

To skip the tips and jump straight to the guide, click here. Lose weight / fat loss Gain overall strength Become flexible Increase cardiovascular endurance Etc.

Based on those answers you can compile the exercises you ’ll mainly want to be doing. Performing a racked squat with a kettle bell is completely different from a ballistic swing, or overhead reverse lunge.

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If you can handle a 24 kg swing, that doesn’t mean it’s the right weight to use for high volume or endurance. If you ’re mainly going to be doing slow lifts and carries like, dead lifts, farmer walks, racked walks, goblet squats, racked squats, and even some double arm chest presses etc.

If you want to work on endurance or cardio, you ’ll be doing a higher volume, if you want to work on strength, hypertrophy, then you ’ll be doing lower volume. I’ll post a link below where you can see 90+ kettle bell exercises in action.

If so, it will be easier to understand some concepts in kettle bell training, hence, you ’ll be safer, so you can increase the weight you choose. Following is a guide on what kettlebellweight to choose, however, you should consider all the points above first and make your own informed decision.

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All kettle bell exercises are based on full body movements so unlike dumbbell training there are no isolation based exercises like bicep curls or tricep extensions. Kettle bell exercises use 100’s of muscles at a time meaning you are able to lift more weight but also condition the body quicker.

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The Kettle bell Swing is based on our strongest movement pattern: the Dead lift (see image below). Whenever you pick something up from the floor you are using the dead lift movement pattern.

Well, if youstartkettlebell training by mastering the strongest movement pattern, the dead lift, then it makes no sense to start with a light kettle bell. A light kettle bell will not challenge your full body especially not your powerful hips and legs.

Kettle bells are traditionally available in the following sizes and classified in goods, a Russian weight measurement: The perfect kettlebellweight for women to start with a 8 kg (15lbs) or for those with weight training experience a 12 kg (25lbs).

Remember youshouldstart with those big strong exercises using the dead lift movement patterns for the best results. Trust me, I’ve never trained a lady who has started on anything lower than a 8 kg (15lbs) kettle bell.

Women will drag suitcases, carry shopping bags or hold children under one arm, you are stronger than you think, so start with at least a 8 kg (15lbs). It is possible by changing exercises and increasing the difficulty of movements to only ever need one kettle bell if you make the correct purchase to begin with.

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Kettle bells are used more often in full-body, coordinated movements for higher reps in a combined strength and conditioning workout, while dumbbells are used more for slow, controlled movements that rely more on raw strength. Kettle bells were originally denominated in Food, a Russian unit of measure used to weigh crops, and it’s easy to imagine how people started lifting a 1-pood (~35lb) bell for strength training that they already had lying around.

It’s the minimum weight for you to get any momentum with the swing, feel the weight, learn proper form to avoid injury, and develop good coordination and balance in the movement. You ’ll be using about the same weight for kettle bell snatches, a similar movement with a larger range of motion.

As far as how big of a set to get, you can start with only two weights of kettle bells and get along fine. The way kettle bells are typically used for high-rep movements that are more about developing explosive full-body power than they are about the strength of any given muscle, it is not necessary to go up in small weight increments like you would with dumbbells.

Strong males who have a lot of experience in weight lifting will quickly enjoy doing swings and snatches with 50lb and higher. By the time you progress to this step you ’ll have a good idea of what weights you want to get and don’t need anyone to tell you.

A single 35lb can be a different size and shape of handle than the 25lb, and so on up, not a big deal. They have customers who rely on them for consistently made kettle bells that don’t change much over the years and can fill out existing sets.

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On the other hand, if you find a deal at good stores like Rogue Fitness, FringeS port or elsewhere, the value/risk might make it worth getting theirs and taking your chances with getting a matching pair later. Saving space and money is a good idea in theory.

In practice, it isn’t always great, like the way a nice set of solid dumbbells always feels better to handle than adjustable ones. , each model with weird weight ranges that limit you on the top or bottom end.

There are some other adjustable kettle bells on the market meant for lighter lifting that go up to 40 lbs or so, like the Bow flex Selected 8-40lb and the Titan Fitness 10-40lb. If I get enough questions about any adjustable kettle bells (leave a comment below) I’ll probably split this off and write a larger guide on adjustable kettle bells to cover the topic better with all the pros/cons of different designs.

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