What Is The Hardstyle Kettlebell Challenge

Elaine Sutton
• Monday, 02 November, 2020
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Windows Phone Dan has an uncanny ability to draw parallels between seemingly unrelated topics and put difficult concepts into words we can all understand.

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In addition to the best writing I’ve ever seen on the swing, the goblet squat and the get-up, Dan John treats his readers to multiple discussions of larger concepts, time-tested wisdom, and realistic coaching tips. Dan John has the gift of taking extremely complex concepts and making them simple.

While many will discount these humble tools, they are missing the powerful benefits that deeply exploring them will being the athlete. Ultra-practical, the HK book includes all the necessities, how to use them, plus how to create programs for nearly any fitness level or athletic need.

“This book is an example of why Dan John has become one of the great trainers of our time. HardstyleKettlebell Training will earn you a lasting strength, resilient joints and a hard physique.

Dan John is taking the HK, which in itself is a simple introduction into learning the kettle bell and has dissected the 3 exercises that can be applied to a high-powered athlete, senior adult, young person just starting out, or to the everyday exercise freak that walks into your gym. It's easy to follow, and Dan John tells great stories to make his points.

Programming using just the HK knowledge in combination with the many other exercises and drills that Dan teaches in this book is enough to give a new Kettle bell instructor an arsenal of tools to get their clients to their goals. The HardstyleKettlebellChallenge is not only great for Kettle bell instructors, it’s a comprehensive guide for coaching other sports, working with regular clients and doing your own training.

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The fact that this comes from such a renowned strength coach gives it a weight that is impossible to ignore. I began my kettle bell journey at the very beginning, when the ROC included windmills and the Get-up was “keep your shoulder packed and elbow locked and just get up”.

We rushed through the Get-up, and the end goal was windmills, snatches and bent presses. From the beginning of the HK, he spoke of his belief that this was all that was truly needed to train anyone from an elite athlete to your grandmother.

The depth of knowledge and information shows his love and commitment to this system of training. And the best part is that Dan brings in his wealth of experience and knowledge that only adds to it in the best possible way.

Coming from a Pilates, yoga, dance and martial arts background, I love how he brings in many of the core exercises that have been popular for years in “ladies” fitness studios, like all the glute and butt exercises, including using bands and hip bridges. It covers much of the HK training, you can consider it the next best thing to working with a certified ROC/HK instructor.

I believe the more information a person has the better they are to take their health, fitness and training into their own hands. He includes other tools like suspension training and barbells for variety and modifications.

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The secret to elite performance knows how to apply the right amount of relaxation and tension at the right time. Teaching how to meld tension and relaxation is the cornerstone of the HK method.

So, the magical HK Three (Swing, Goblet Squat and Get-up) gives you the complete formula for mastering the fundamentals so you too can perform at your highest potential. How Dan John added 70ft to his javelin throw after implementing one new kettle bell drill from the HK protocols.

The 3 inter-related types of “stone” training: Anaconda strength (internal pressure, body squeezing), armor building (withstand contact) and Arrow (deliver from coiled power). Loaded carries: why they excel for anaconda strength and arrow training.

Why the HK drills work as the perfect solution for fat loss, the elderly, or for elite athletes and contact occupations when on the road. How the HK delivers what you need in stretching, flexibility, rotary stability and basic movements.

The 3 basics of proper training The ideal number of reps for each exercise to maintain quality. Why the HK Three movements alone can challenge strength, power, endurance, mobility and flexibility.

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Today it is taught most popularly through the ROC (Russian Kettle bell Certification) school and in Strongest. Because a loose joint absorbs the force meant to go elsewhere; it “leaks” power and is easily injured.

When Pavel Tsatsouline served in the Soviet Special Forces, his unit was among those who had adopted a Karate-based style of hand-to-hand combat. The hard style of kettle bell training was born to support this hard style of fighting.

Determined to take the skill of strength as far as possible, Pavel researched every possible venue that could be of help, ranging from reading obscure neuroscience papers and old Soviet bio-mechanics texts, to picking the brains of gymnastics, power-lifting, and arm-wrestling elite. Power-lifting coach Louie Simmons has said it best: “Pavel has reverse engineered what the strongest athletes do naturally.” This is Hard style.

Such techniques include: compound movements, appropriate timing of body tension, power breathing, not training to failure or exhaustion, strength as practice, doing fewer things better, etc. If you have been around the block, the hard style techniques will noticeably and immediately improve your strength in pull-ups, pistol squats, kettle bell military presses, one-arm push-ups, handstand push-ups, and a variety of killer abdominal drills.

If you are new to strength, you will learn how to do these lifts right or, if you have a long way to go, get a clear set of individualized instructions for mastering them.

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