What Is The Best Kettlebell Certification

Paul Gonzalez
• Wednesday, 02 December, 2020
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Attend or host a live kettlebellcertification or purchase a virtual certification to learn how to move safely and effectively. Earn Continuing Education Credits or build your own personal knowledge of proper kettle bell movement so you can teach others.

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Attend or host a live kettlebellcertification or purchase a virtual certification to learn how to move safely and effectively. Earn Continuing Education Credits or build your own personal knowledge of proper kettle bell movement so you can teach others.

A flow is an exploratory way of moving through as many, planes, patterns and combinations as your abilities (knowledge of movement and physical) will allow. It is perfect for building athleticism, awareness and conditioning and act as a great supplement to strength work.

Personal trainers, fitness pros and sports coaches who incorporate kettle bells into their traditional training programs have experienced a sudden growth in their client base. Previous clients that had been disengaged have called to start training again.

With this single piece of equipment, you can create incredible overall strength, explosive power, and muscular endurance when used to its fullest potential. Your clients are going to love training with you because you’ll be teaching them fun and effective exercises, and Nest is honored to offer you the most affordable and comprehensive certification program for this niche.

No matter how you define fitness, kettle bells should have a place in your training and conditioning. Whether you decide to use your kettle bell to supplement your client’s training routine, or as a stand-alone tool (and business model), you will benefit greatly by registering and completing this course.

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This program is intended to give you the knowledge and skills to successfully implement and instruct kettle bell training with your clients and athletes. In addition, you will be able to articulate the major joints and muscles involved and why the proper technique is so essential in kettle bell training.

Learning Format: Self-paced, 8 hours of comprehensive and easy-to-follow online training videos, informative lectures, color graphs, easy-to-understand charts, and a detailed, printable workbook. After successful completion, you will earn the professional title of “Certified Kettle bell Coach” on your certificate.

Traditional kettle bell training should only be practiced on clients with sound movement abilities. A responsible training course should help the trainer develop an expert skill-set in coaching kettle bell movements.

If a training program does not spend adequate time on helping the fitness professional develop these skills, you may be placing your clients at risk or, at the very least, a lowered capacity to obtain the benefits that kettle bells can offer. The biggest exercise hits on YouTube rarely tout safety as the primary objective.

If the education program you are considering spends most of its marketing highlighting sexy YouTube exercises but doesn’t emphasize sound training principles, keep searching! And when incorporating complex movements with resistance and speed, it does not matter how great the exercise is on paper if it is performed by a body that moves dysfunctionally.

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Some courses offer a detailed combination of kettle bell training with movement screens and corrective exercise strategies. At the very least, look for courses that address basic movement screens to ensure your clients are ready for kettle bell training.

Any course can show off challenging exercises and highlight videos of an elite athlete demonstrating perfect form. A course that places more of its focus on how to increase challenges is likely out of touch with both the average client and the trainer who has little experience with kettle bells.

Exercise breakdowns and regressions are arguable the most important aspect of a foundational kettle bell training course. The true genius comes with being able to teach your clients how to execute dynamic and challenging exercises with perfect form.

Your unique background and experience should determine how much studying and practice you should devote to kettle bell education. In addition to completing a comprehensive, practical training course, you may find it beneficial to team up with experienced trainers who can provide constructive coaching.

Additionally, investing in reputable videos and books from the experts can help you better understand how to take a responsible and effective approach with all of your clients. The degree of skill required is simply an element to respect when seeking a kettle bell training course.

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Many people have trained successfully with kettle bells at the highest levels without causing injury by simply respecting the skill required and the progressions necessary to perform safely and effectively. Strongest’s Founder and Chairman, Pavel Tsatsouline, has been developing and refining our kettle bell curriculum and training methodology for well over a decade.

Our SFG Certifications are led by our Master Strongest Certified Instructors. Each candidate must meet a high standard in strength, movement skill, and coaching.

Our persistent dedication to every detail, combined with our unmatched pedigree and commitment to the highest standards has solidified Strongest’s reputation as the best and most respected kettle bell instructor certification in the world. This allows each candidate the chance to refine their own technique, as well as their ability to teach those movements to others.

The SFG Instructor candidate learns the principles of strength and the precise ways in which kettle bells should be used for developing, maximizing, and maintaining strength. Our SFG I Certifications are taught by the most qualified, experienced kettle bell Instructors on the planet.

All those who teach at our SFG Level I Certifications are hand-picked by Pavel or our Director of Education Brett Jones. The Strongest kettle bell system can be used for world-class athletes, elite military operators, soccer moms, and grandparents.

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The SFG I Kettle bell Instructor Certification is the most respected and sought after kettle bell instructor certification on the planet (for all the reasons already mentioned). As more and more people pick up kettle bells for the first time, they continue to find the safest, most effective instruction in our community of Strongest Instructors.

Most people who attend do so to teach others and improve their business as personal trainers and/or group class instructors.

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