What Is The Benefit Of Kettlebell Training

Carole Stephens
• Tuesday, 17 November, 2020
• 38 min read

It’s clear that kettle bells have become a staple training tool for the entire fitness industry. However, there are still some people, potentially yourself included, who are skeptical about whether they should incorporate kettle bells into their training plan.

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Based on research, personal experience and opinions from the fitness community, here are 18 benefits of kettle bells and kettlebelltraining. All-In-One Total Body Conditioning Tool Kettle bells can be used for strength, endurance, flexibility and balance training …the four main aspects of fitness.

In a fast-paced complex world, the ability to do total body conditioning with one tool is a nice change of pace. In fact, we’d go out on a limb and say kettle bells are one of the best tools in existence for truly effective, result-achieving, safe, full-body conditioning.

Ballistic training works on explosive power through maximizing acceleration and minimizing deceleration. They require core contraction and coordinated breathing as the movements are intense.

Second, kettle bell movements are multi planar, so you will be working your core from all directions. When moving the kettle bell around on one side, you will be working your core stability and strength big time.

Athletes need core power to explode through opponents, quickly change/move in multiple directions without risking injury (twisting, turning, accelerating/decelerating), and handle loads and pressure from one side while remaining upright (think a running back taking a hit on one side during a play). Kettlebelltraining offers a dynamic way to accomplish these important physical capabilities.

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Remember, your core generates and controls force, so having a powerful trunk is essential to kicking ass at life. Enhances Body Awareness & Coordination Kettle bell movements are very dynamic.

This focus and mind to muscle connection will develop, leading you to improved proprioception (coordination; the sense of movement of the body and its parts). This is very different from conventional training with barbells or machines because the movements are linear and less dynamic.

It’s very important to develop your sense of movement (aka proprioception or kinesthetic). This ability will carry over into improvements in your fitness and life, and it’s certainly a very important aspect of athleticism.

Improves Balance & Stabilizer Muscles When training with machines, you are producing force and moving in a predetermined path. Having strong stabilizer muscles in all ranges of movement, coupled with increased core power as we discussed in one of the benefits of kettle bells above, means your balance will be exceptional.

Serious Fat-Burning Workouts Kettle bells offer crazy calorie-burning potential, which means FAT LOSS. ACE did a study that showed swinging a kettle bell burns as many as 20 calories per minute.

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For those who don't know, this means you will be burning calories at a higher rate long after your workout has finished. If you are looking to burn calories in a short space of time, a lightweight kettle bell HIIT or metabolic workout (low weight, high rep, high intensity based workouts) will do the job incredibly well.

In fact, many think it is more effective than steady-state cardio for burning fat, boosting metabolism, muscular endurance, and improving cardiovascular health. The key is to maintain a high heart rate for the entire workout.

As mentioned in the benefit above, kettle bell cardio training induces Epic, which means you will be burning fat long after your workout is completed. So, if your goal is to have long-distance endurance, for say a marathon, don’t stop doing your typical cardio.

Moreover, kettle bell cardio workouts are not as boring (sorry runners) as running on a treadmill is, so that’s another plus. The benefits of kettle bell swings are that they train the hips to produce force in both strength and speed.

The reason hip strength is so important is because it ensures stability and helps prevent injuries. Also, the hips play a very important role in many athletic movements, such as jumping, sprinting and coming out of a sports stance explosively.

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Knowing how to maximize hip force is essential in power and speed sports. When it comes to sports and the real world, this is crucial as it will decrease the chance of injury in your joints, ligaments, and muscles.

You’ll notice that people who take kettlebelltraining seriously, they train with high intensity and are ripped. They have lean muscle mass, not big bulky bodybuilding type bodies.

Kettle bells can build dense muscle, which is achieved by higher repetitions and shorter yet intense workouts. Note: if you are new to fitness, you will surely be able to put on some serious muscle mass with kettle bells if you know what you are doing.

And if you have been bodybuilding for years, your muscles will become leaner and tighter, which in our opinion looks much better. Exercises like the Kettle bell Swings are ballistic movements done from a hinge position, which will make your glutes, hamstrings, lower back, middle back, and traps exceptionally powerful.

This translates to jumping higher, running faster, and kicking harder. By regularly doing kettle bell workouts, you will rapidly develop the major muscles of your hips, core, shoulders, and neck too...and these are all vital aspects of having good posture and a strong backside.

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Well, many people in the mainstream fitness world don’t think grip strength is that important. Grip strength is one of the most important things in fitness and life.

If you do kettle bell workouts consistently, you will develop supremely powerful grip strength. Kettle bells have an offset center of gravity, usually about 6 to 8 inches away from your grip on the handle, so it is harder to control.

You may notice that you lack mobility in the overhead position or that your right side is stronger than your left. When you notice this, you can easily target specific areas and perform movements that will help you even things out.

It is said that kettle bells get you comfortable in uncomfortable positions, and this is very true for those who have been training with barbells and machines for a long time. Working on your weaknesses and imbalances is very important for becoming resilient to injuries.

Low Risk, High Reward (Safer and More Effective) Kettlebelltraining is generally safer than traditional lifts like heavy barbell squats, dead lifts and bench press. In the end, both heavyweight lifts and intense kettle bell workouts are effective.

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However, the risk to reward ratio is far better with kettle bells than heavy barbell lifts. Moreover, dynamic kettle bell routines will improve joint flexibility and mobility, as we have already mentioned above.

As you develop more elasticity in the tendons and ligaments of your joints, you will become more resilient to injury. What’s more, lightweight kettle bell exercises can help to reduce inflammation and swelling.

So, if long term joint health is important to you, which it should be for all of us, you should definitely take on kettlebelltraining. Simplifies Your Training You don’t need tons of equipment or to overcomplicate your workouts for them to be effective.

If you want to have a little more versatility in terms of your training tools, we’d add steel maces, resistance bands, and potentially a suspension trainer into the mix. Compact and Portable You really only need one or two kettle bells to get a killer full body workout in.

If you are looking for home gym equipment that will truly train you for strength, endurance, balance and flexibility (the 4 key components of fitness) then kettle bells are the most cost-effective, space-saving option. Instead of getting a squat rack, barbell, weighted plates, dumbbells, a bench, etc., all you really need is a set of kettle bells.

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You could leave them in your living room or garage without cluttering it, which is definitely not possible with a conventional gym set up. Comparing to simply moving through the motions with machines and typical conventional training, kettle bell exercises require you to be more mindful.

The best way to keep your body guessing is by throwing new methods of training at it, and when it comes to kettle bells, the options are extensive. They can be implemented into your current training program as a supplemental tool for achieving specific goals and changes in physique and performance, AND, kettle bells can be used as the main training tool, basing an entire fitness program around them.

Individuals with back injuries who don’t want to put a lot of stress on their spine (i.e. barbell squats/dead) but still want to train for strength and muscle growth. The kettle bell swing is a tremendously effective exercise for building serious hip power.

This movement will burn fat, build lower body strength and powerful glutes, and improve your mobility. It’s a total body juggernaut of a movement and it is very simple to learn and do with proper form.

The Turkish Get Up is a slow, deliberate exercise that’s extremely effective for building impressive trunk and hip strength, mobility, and strong resilient shoulders. The Kettle bell Clean & Press is one of the best full body, compound movements without a doubt.

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This movement is very physically demanding and technical but it’s worth learning as it is outstanding for total body strength and conditioning. If you want to build explosive strength, especially in the hips, and strong, powerful shoulders, this is the movement.

The ability to move from exercise to the next and not need to change the kettle bell weight results in much quicker workouts, often in 20 minutes or less. Training the full body is excellent for fat loss because the more muscles you activate the more calories you burn and the quicker your metabolic rate.

Kettle bell training takes away the need to perform weights on one day and cardio on another, you can do everything in just one workout. Kettle bell training helps to counteract all our sitting by working into the postural muscles at the back of the body, strengthening and straightening up the spine.

Holding a kettle bell with both hands at chest height not only overloads the muscles but also creates a counterbalance to stop beginners from toppling over backwards. Most will find the goblet squat also challenges their cardio so it’s an excellent exercise for the heart and lungs without the need to move your feet.

For those a little more advanced the kettle bell Turkish get up is the ultimate full body mobility, stability and strengthening exercise. The kettle bell is taken from a lying down position all the way to standing and back down to the floor again progressing through a series of challenging movements.

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The core muscles are used heavily during this exercise and many find that they get stuck which identifies potential mobility and stability issues. Further, conditioning through areas that cause problems will have huge carry-over into daily life and help improve potential movement issues.

Beginners should first practice the half get up which involves taking the kettle bell from the lying down position to sitting and then back down again. Those more advanced can progress to the reverse Turkish get up that starts and finishes from the standing position.

As the kettle bell is swung between the legs you activate all the muscles at the back of the body from heel to neck resulting in an improvement in your posture. The kettle bell swing is also excellent for developing explosive power through the hips which is paramount for most sports and martial arts.

Once the hip hinge feels comfortable then the two handed swing is the best place to begin. Those more advanced can later progress to the one handed swing which adds further rotation to the core muscles and challenges shoulder stability.

The kettle bell clean and press is a great way to build full body strength and muscle from head to toe. When performed correctly and with a challenging kettle bell weight the clean and press is very cardiovascular too.

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The first half of the exercise involves cleaning the kettle bell up onto the chest using the legs, hips and buttocks. The second half involves using the shoulders and arms to press the kettle bell overhead and then lower again with control.

Beginners should start with the basic clean exercise which again uses the hip hinge movement used with the kettle bell swing. Similar to the kettle bell swing the snatch develops explosive hips as well as full body strength from head to toe.

Longer snatch sessions are equally demanding on the cardiovascular system and a good full body workout can be achieved without the need to even move your feet. One favorite kettle bell snatch workout is to perform as many as possible in 10 minutes trying to achieve a minimum of 200 total repetitions.

The kettle bell is a portable piece of equipment that you can use at home, in very little space, for conditioning your total body. In addition, to everyday men and women, many athletes from a variety of sports now use kettle bells in their programs.

The benefits of kettlebelltraining are undeniable which is precisely why many of the top strength coaches in the world such as Coach John Davies, Christian Thibaudeau, Steve Maxwell, and Wake forest strength coach Ethan Reeve have incorporated kettle bells into their athletes training regimens. There is no better way to burn fat than with a few high rep sets of kettle bell swings, snatches and clean and jerks.

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As effective as sprinting is, ballistic kettle bell exercises such as high rep snatches (20 reps or more per set) make sprinting look like a walk in the park. High rep snatches work more muscle groups than sprinting and will build strength in the lower back, shoulders, and hip flexors.

Don't believe me, then forget about kettle bells and check out Richard Simmons' “Sweating To The Oldies.” One way to take the benefits of ballistic kettle bell exercises up a big notch is to combine them with aerobic activities such as jogging or moderate jump roping.

I like to call this combination How (High Octane Cardio). Have your athletes work up to ten rounds with a heavy kettle bell and their conditioning will go through the roof.

However, programs in which you train to failure and then take a week off to hang out on the coach are not effective for athletes. Doing a few light workouts per week will speed up recovery by getting some blood into the worked muscles.

These exercises will increase hand eye coordination, grip strength and the ability to absorb shock. An additional benefit of the juggling type kettle bell drills that Jeff does, is that they work the brain.

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In addition to all of those benefits, the H2H exercises are flat out fun and you will not even feel like you are working out. Coach John Davies incorporates killer core kettle bells drills such as the Turkish Get-up, The Windmill, The Push Press and the Renegade Row into his athlete's training regimens.

Wake forest Strength Coach Ethan Reeve likes to have his athletes warm up with the kettle bell clean and the kettle bell snatch before doing barbell cleans and snatches. It is much easier to teach the rapid hip fire movements with kettle bells and have them carry over to barbells.

BJJ champion and strength coach Steve Maxwell, likes to combine kettlebelltraining with body weight drills and club bells. Finally, ROC Dylan Thomas likes to do some workouts in the gym and takes his kettle bells along for the ride.

After knocking off a few sets of bench presses, chin-ups and dead lifts, Dylan will bang out some kettle bell snatches and other drills. The possibilities are endless for combing kettle bells into your athletes training regimen.

With some careful planning and some creativity, you could design a killer training regimen that revolves almost entirely around kettlebelltraining. The one month of kettle bell only training will be a nice change of pace and allow your athletes to focus on one thing really well.

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Your athletes will not lose strength in other exercises and will most likely come back stronger each time. During those periods, athletes generally train with lighter weights and do more maintenance workouts.

Avoid injury and keep your form in check with in-depth instructional videos. How-to Images View our enormous library of workout photos and see exactly how each exercise should be done before you give it a shot.

How-to Images View our enormous library of workout photos and see exactly how each exercise should be done before you give it a shot. Instead of taking Tuesday and Thursday off to hang out on the coach and waste time watching TV, have your athletes do some active recovery workouts.

My friend and Senior ROC Steve Cotter can knock off a rep on 1-legged squats with two 70-pound bells and has functional tree trunk legs as a reward. If you still do not think that kettlebelltraining can benefit your athletes, feel free to not jump on board.

Kettle bell exercises can build strength, encourage core stability, improve your run form, and challenge your range of motion all with a full body workout. Common body weight exercises like lunges, dead lifts, bent rows, and shoulder presses can all use a kettle bell to add weight to the movement, getting progressively heavier as you develop strength.

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For example, the kettle bell swing finishes each repetition with the weight extended in front of you. Your hips are pushed forward and your glutes are squeezed for that second before the weight falls back for the next set up.

Kettle bell exercises offer awesome opportunities to work on core engagement and stability. In fact, running is a unilateral movement, meaning one side at a time.

To develop the core stability all runners need, kettle bell exercises like the swing, lunge, single arm shoulder press, or goblet squat are all excellent options. Each exercise mentioned demands that you keep your core engaged and stable through the movement to maintain your balance and upright position.

Whether working at a desk, carrying around a backpack, or training in the gym, your posture matters. Instead, take the time to focus on standing tall with your weight evenly distributed on both feet.

Imagine yourself holding a kettle bell in both hands at chest height, right in front of your body. By doing so, you’re encouraging a solid arm swing that moves straight forward and back.

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To counteract this, using kettle bells in exercises to engage the glutes and extend the hip flexors can significantly improve your running form. That hip forward position is the same one that should be seen at the end of every single running stride, right before your leg snaps back to take the next step.

Dynamic movements like the kettle bell swing can do wonders to challenge our range of motion under load. Rather than passively stretching the lats and shoulders, use the weight of the kettle bell at the top of the swing to create a little more range with each repetition.

If your shoulders or pecs are tight and don’t allow your arms to travel up as far as you’d expect, then you know you’ve got some work to do on your upper body mobility. As mentioned in the previous section, your hips also get a great dose of extension in many of our favorite kettle bell movements like the lunge, swing, and dead lift.

Every time you lunge forward, your rear leg gets to hit end range of motion. Each time you hinge forward in a kettle bell swing, your hamstrings get a stretch through their full range of motion as well.

Being able to use a single piece of equipment for a workout that will challenge your whole body is pretty handy. You can use the same kettle bell for a circuit of the swing, a lunge, a squat, and maybe even a push press.

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Many of the most popular kettle bell exercises are also compound movements, meaning they work multiple muscles at once. For example, a kettle bell dead lift recruits your hamstrings, glutes, and lats throughout the movement.

From injury prevention to full race distance plans, check out the running training program, our subscription service to a full library of tools and plans to help you become the runner you want to be. And for good reason; they provide the biggest bang-for-your-buck when it comes to building strength, muscle, and sculpting an impressive physique.

The development of kettle bells can be traced back to Russian farmers in the 1700s, as an implement originally used to weigh crops. With a kettle bell swing, every muscle in your body is involved in every rep, with a specific emphasis on the entire posterior chain.

A proper swing involves bending at the hips, not the knees, and using a strong contraction and thrust of the glutes to propel the kettle bell up. Then, your lats and abdominal stake over to control the kettle bell as it transitions from the upswing to the downswing, and you start the process all over.

The kettle bell swing is in an elite class of exercises, along with the likes of the dead lift, and full cleans/snatches, that work your entire body in one movement. This carries over directly to our lives because of our bodies rarely, if ever, use muscles in isolation, instead of working in conjunction with each other to more efficiently perform tasks, prevent injuries, and build strength.

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Increasing work capacity allows you build more muscle, get strong, and burn more calories. As our previous post pointed out, your body requires more calories the greater your activity is.

Because of the ballistic nature of kettlebelltraining, you can improve cardiovascular ability while also strengthening your hips, legs, lower back, and core in a very short amount of time. Classic kettle bell exercises like the swing, snatch, and clean all must be performed in a fast, explosive manner.

Kettlebelltraining teaches to you extend and fire through your hips, thus strengthening your glutes, and taking the stress off your lower back. One, the handle of the kettle bell is larger than the typical barbell or dumbbell, so any exercise you perform with it is going to stress your grip more.

They also require very little storage, which makes them excellent options for at-home workouts, or for small studios. Because the weight of a kettle bell is not centered like that of a dumbbell or barbell, kettlebelltraining can help build stability with instability.

This means that your smaller stabilizer muscles are activated more than with traditional exercises, thus making them stronger. Kettlebelltraining doesn’t just expose these imbalances but works to correct them through improving coordination, joint strength, and the use of low impact.

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We’ve found with our clients that the biggest cause of low back pain is weak glute muscles. Kettlebelltraining teaches you to extend and fire through your hips, thus strengthening your glutes, and taking the stress off your lower back.

In keeping the theme of our back and posterior chain, kettlebelltraining has the ability to improve posture, as well as spinal stability, which will help prevent injuries. When these muscles are weak, our posture is normally poor, with our shoulders rolled forward, back rounded over, etc.

Poor posture increases our risk for nagging aches and pains, as well as injuries. A stronger posterior chain helps you keep your shoulders pulled back, with a neutral spine.

This helps build core strength and will transfer over to other exercises, as well as everyday activities. Most people who love resistance training tend to hate traditional cardio.

The thought of jogging on a treadmill, or swaying back and forth on an elliptical for an hour is pure hell on earth. As you expend energy through activity, you need to fuel your body with the proper amount of macros and calories.

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Kettlebelltraining is a great conditioning tool for fat loss for the reasons I just mentioned. Epic is the body’s response to the intensity of activity and its desire to return to a normal state.

The higher the intensity, the great the Epic, because the more oxygen the body needs to return to normal. At the top of the minute, perform 20 seconds of kettle bell swings, followed immediately by 6 reps of a body weight exercise of your choice (push-ups, pull-ups, jump squats, etc).

When combined with a proper IIF YM diet, kettlebelltraining is a fun, quick, and unique way to burn fat, increase strength, and improve your overall fitness. Yes, I’m still sore from a 20-minute kettle bell workout I did Sunday.

You see, I’ve taken on some new responsibilities (more on that later), and in the midst of my running around trying to “adjust” my own schedule, I totally forgot my husband was racing this weekend. That being said, I recruited my very good friend and super knowledgeable trainer Taylor to write for me today, that way I can tend to a main PRIORITY today (helping the Kiwi get race ready).

Lindsay is running around like a mad woman, and asked if I wouldn’t mind sharing my passion for kettle bells with you. I am a NASA certified personal trainer, I own an 8-location boot camp and gym in Charleston, SC, and I am kettle bell certified through Kettle bell Athletics.

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I know that I am in Lindsay’s house, where balls (amazing healthy bites) are all the rage but please for the sake of the sport, call them kettle bells. A study from ACE revealed that swinging a kettle bell around can blast up to 20 calories per minute.

I’m not getting any younger, and things seem to stiffen up on a daily basis. Kettle bells can help keep the body loose and moving in all plans of motion to help decrease risk of injuries and aches/pains.

The ballistic nature of kettlebelltraining incorporates all forms of fitness. Yes, functional is a word that gets thrown around a lot in the fitness world.

Basically, they help you handle every day life movements with ease. To keep stable, your core and glutes have to work harder.

A stronger core can help reduce back pain, help to make you a faster runner, help to eliminate risk of injuries and increase your overall calorie burn (because more muscles are activated during the workout). You have to keep focused on your body and think about the muscles and moves you’re working on to ensure you don’t end up with a stupid gym injury.

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Trust me, you’ll learn how to move your body in ways you didn’t know possible and those moves will carry over into other forms of your fitness life. When you acquire the skills to do kettle bell specific skills like the get-up, swings, and windmills, you feel like a fitness rock star.

Strength training is extremely beneficial for body composition, joint and bone health, metabolism, strength… you get it. For most weighted moves you need two… a pair of dumbbells or multiple plates to go on a bar.

Throwing things is always a good time (especially on stressful days) and you’ll be amazed at how sore you wake up the next morning. And finally… it’s an awesome way to change up a static workout program.

If you’ve hit a plateau, or you just feel like the spark is out between you and your regular workout program, then grabbing for a kettle bell can help. You should never fall victim to a stagnant workout, and I recommend changing things up regularly.

And if you’re ready to give them a go, or if you already love kettle bells and need a workout or two make sure to check out LiftingRevolution. If you walk into any commercial gym nowadays, we’d be very surprised indeed if you didn’t find at least one set of kettle bells.

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Years ago, kettle bells were rarely seen in gyms, whereas nowadays they are just as common as dumbbells. First and foremost, if you’re looking for a way to burn fat and lose weight, kettle bell swings are fantastic.

Is the fact that kettle bell swings are a great way to break up the monotony of regular training. Changing our training keeps things exciting, it shocks the muscles, and it’s a great way to break a plateau.

Kettle bell swings are fantastic in that they are a great way to switch up your training and try something new. You initiate the majority of the movement by utilizing a powerful hip thrust that uses many of your lower body muscles.

You are also working your fast-twitch muscle fibers which means that you are generating more explosive speed and power. When you perform the exercise, because of the mechanics of the movement you are constantly engaging your core in order to keep yourself stable and grounded as you swing the kettle bell between your legs.

Not only are kettle bell swings a great resistance-based exercise, but they’re also fantastic for anybody looking to enjoy enhanced rates of aerobic capacity as well. If you use a lighter kettle bell and perform more reps, by the end of the working set your lungs will feel as if they’re on fire, you’ll be gasping for air, drenched in sweat, and you’ll have yourself one heck of an aerobic workout in the bag.

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We’ve already mentioned how kettle bell swings function as a full-body workout, but we didn’t quite emphasize just how beneficial they are. The exercise is a compound movement that will target several major muscle groups at the same time.

You work your core, legs, back, shoulders, and arms when performing kettle bell swings, as well as giving yourself a fantastic cardiovascular workout at the same time. Another of the more prominent kettle bell swing benefits that we’re going to look at today, is the fact that the exercise itself is so easy to master.

Kettle bell swings may be extremely physically demanding, but actually performing the exercise with perfect form is quite simple and straightforward. These fibers are extremely important because they are responsible for generating explosive speed and power.

This is why sprinters who need short bursts of speed, often perform so many kettle bell swings as part of their training. The power they generate in your legs will enable you to jump higher and improve your standing vertical leap.

When you think of kettle bell swings, you likely think of the two-handed variation of the exercise, in which you have both hands grasping the handle. The heart is one of the most important organs in your body, and keeping it fit and healthy is absolutely essential for a whole host of different reasons.

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If you’re looking for an exercise that will enable you to better utilize glucose and keep your blood sugar levels stable, look no further than the kettle bell swing. It is a condition characterized by the body’s inability to adequately utilize sugar for energy.

The sugar is subsequently unable to be adequately processed properly and be used as energy in the cells. When lifting weights and performing resistance-based exercises of any kind, there is always a risk to your health and well-being.

Because you’re moving the weight between your legs as you are hunched forwards slightly, you’re using your core stabilizer muscles and your feet to keep yourself balanced firmly on the ground. When swinging, you’re constantly working on finding your balance and keeping yourself firmly in place.

If you’re looking for a way to switch up your training and keep it exciting and productive, why not do some kettle bell swings the next time you’re in the gym? But, in the last decade or so, they’ve seen a resurgence in popularity, not least because they are a part of so many CrossFit workouts.

Of all the exercises you can do with a kettle bell, the swing is arguably the most popular and may even be the most valuable. Many fitness enthusiasts believe that squats and dead lifts are the kings of exercise.

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But Tim Ferris says “the two armed kettle bell swing is the king and is all you need for dramatic body recomposition results”. This post will reveal the main kettle bell swing benefits and how to do them correctly.

It takes time to master the kettle bell swing, but once you’ve got it nailed, this exercise has a wide range of benefits. These muscles are crucial for better posture, as well as improved sports performance.

Increased cardiovascular fitness Kettle bell swing training is excellent for your heart and lungs, as well as your muscles. Because they are a full-body movement, kettle bell swings will drive your heart and breathing rate sky-high, which makes them a beneficial and challenging cardiovascular exercise.

Better posture Kettle bell swings are one of the best exercises for undoing the effects of prolonged sitting. Swings work your posterior chain, which are the muscles responsible for holding you upright against the pull of gravity.

Because kettle bell swings involve so many muscles and joints working together and at the same time, there’s a lot that can go wrong with this exercise. But, if you master a proper kettle bell swing, you can enjoy all the benefits this exercise has to offer while avoiding all the risks.

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Standing with your feet about shoulder-width apart, pull your shoulders down and back, and brace your abs. Focus on your hip drive to pop the kettle bell upwards, not your arms.

Russian kettle bell swings generally allow you to lift more weight, and they are easier to learn. However, it’s all too easy to inadvertently shorten your rep range by not swinging the weight high enough, i.e., below shoulder-height.

They involve a more extensive range of motion, which could make them more demanding. Swinging the weight up until the arms are vertical ensures that each rep is the same, making them easier to judge and quantify.

However, raising the weight so high will increase stress on the lower back, which could lead to injury. The increased range of movement also means you won’t be able to lift as much weight.

But, unless you are training for CrossFit competitions, the Russian swing is potentially the safer one, which may mean it’s the best choice for most exercisers. As recommended by the American Council on Exercise, ACE for short, this kettle bell workout is best done three times a week on non-consecutive days, e.g., Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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Whether you want to burn fat, get fit, or boost your dead lift performance, kettle bell swings will help. Remember, to get the most from this exercise; you need to do them correctly and give yourself time to recover between workouts.

A kettle bell is a ball of cast iron with a handle that is used in exercises involving various movements that make one lose their center of gravity. They are a type of specific dumbbells with which you can perform various movements such as squats, swing and snatches, among others.

They measure their weight in goods, this means that 1 pod equals 16 Kg. Although there are countless workouts with kettle bells, know these exercises that mobilize the resistant fat to have a flat abdomen.

With the initial impulse of all the muscles of the body we went to a work of legs and balance at the level of the enormous lower and upper train. One achieves with 20 minutes a similar effect, as after one hour of endurance training.

This is mainly due to the fact that muscle groups are not claimed in isolation. In addition, the kettle bell requires a high degree of coordination because the exercises are complex and involve many individual movements.

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The exercises with Russian weight force us to put in movement the whole body, enhancing the global strength of the person without leaving any muscle unattended. In the long run, this way of exercising ends up modeling the figure and giving much more energy and vigor to the muscles than traditional machines, without weaknesses in areas that have not been worked on, with a greater contribution of mobility.

With the routine of kettle bells the athlete becomes a perfect and total machine, coordinated and fully concentrated, preparing his mind at the same time as his body to withstand the effort. The result is an athlete physique, solid and forceful, with a correct posture, without bad habits, and healthy joints.

Thus, they suppose a perfect combination between muscular growth and cardiovascular exercise. In addition, the training with kettle bells is fun and the athlete’s own concentration gives him optimal performance.

These exercises are ideal for training from home, giving everyone the chance to work their body satisfactorily. There are exercise rooms for training with kettle bells at any time of the day, throughout the year, so that you can make sport at home a routine towards perfection.

The training protects the joints, because it is designed holistically and is not specialized in individual muscle groups. So you effectively drink your own strength endurance and quickly realizes in everyday life that you are fitter.

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Training sessions are often tailored to specific areas of the body, but with a few simple modifications, you can make many units even more effective. In the exercise, the back muscles are permanently tense, otherwise you would tip forward.

Just as quickly, however, one notices how the back is strengthened, if one has trained a few times with the kettle bell. The dynamic movements provide for complex muscle strain, which leads to enormous soreness, especially in the first time.

The most active muscle in this exercise is the latissimus Doris and it is a movement very similar to the classic dumbbell rowing for that group. We will introduce the variant of placing a hand in a position similar to that of the video.

Traditionally isolate one or two muscle groups and not raise the heart rate to an exercises significant level. Kettle bell are intended to be performed in succession with very little rest, forcing the heart to work much harder and burn more calories.

There are dozens of great exercises that can be done while using a pair of weights, and they can be put together in different orders to create thousands of unique workouts. No matter if you are male or female, experienced or a novice, anyone can perform the exercises.

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For the first few weeks, each workout should be relatively short and include enough rest between sets to allow adequate recovery. The workouts with kettle bells and kettle bell will help you improve your aerobic and anaerobic capacity, which are essential to the proper functioning of the heart, as well as help you develop speed, strength and muscle mass.

To correct this, it is necessary to practice the swings until you feel how all the muscles of the whole body are involved. By using multiple muscle groups when doing Russian weight, you are likely to tire much faster and lose your form.

The ideal is to perform a controlled movement to strengthen the muscles and use another lifting technique that is totally different from the one you usually use when doing dumbbells. The uses of running tennis could hamper your ability to move your feet in a natural and free way, so it is advisable to make kettle bells with thin-soled tennis, or be barefoot, as this way your feet can be flex and absorb the shock, while it benefits you to be connected to the earth.

We live in a world of infinite knowledge, yet we rarely stop to think about the dangers of such innovation. Well, maybe not that many, but in this day and age of strength and conditioning the kettle bell is turning into a standard training tool among coaches and trainees.

If you’re new to the kettle bell and want to jump in with both feet, three full body workouts hitting each movement pattern per week is plenty. The conventional gyms and department stores of the world would have you believe that a 10lb kettle bell is all a man needs and a 5lb is plenty for a woman.

Challenging yourself is important, but if you’re breaking form for the purposes of lifting a certain weight, then the potential harm outweighs any good could be doing. If I had a nickel for each time I’ve seen someone attempting a technical move like the snatch at a conventional gym with zero knowledge of the movement outside of watching a video I’d be a rich man.

Finding a reputable coach in your area or absorbing instructional videos will do your body good. Juggling, intense movements, and programs with a ton of volume can look enticing, but if you’re not ready for it take a step back.

Check out the Durability channel on Innit Academy On Demand to work through tight areas and open up new movements. Double kettle bell work, heavy one arm swings, bent presses, goblet squats, and incredible flows will do far more than get your heart pumping.

A powerful routine that will build incredible strength AND conditioning is utilizing the kettle bell (or a few) for a strength-geared circuit. For example, you can perform a press, goblet squat, renegade row, and one arm swing.

This gives you PLENTY of room for growth since you can’t change the weights easily. Between get-ups, arm bars, windmills and sots presses kettle bell deliver amazing strength, but also incredible mobility from your hips to your shoulders and everything in between.

You can incorporate challenging movements as a warm up or what I do is pick the toughest ones based on my body’s abilities and spend a whole session playing with them. For example, I’ll incorporate a longer mobility warm up and then hit multiple sets (never to failure) of sots presses and deep goblet squats using lighter weights.

Because of the position of the kettle bell even simply pressing it will pull your arm back a bit further stretching your lats and opening up your shoulders a hair more. Your glutes and hamstrings are your power source for building hip speed and explosive strength.

This can be alternated with heavy and lighter weights and aiming for 50-200 reps (not necessarily at once). Sets can be broken down and performed ladder-style, on the minute, or pair them with a calisthenics move like push ups for a more robust session.

A strong grip is more useful than the mainstream fitness world gives it credit. The off-center placement of the bell gives the kettle bell an advantage over other tools as it forces you to keep a flexed forearm while in the rack and overhead position.

Combine that with kettle bell flows, juggling, and ballistic movements to strengthen your grip from every angle. Eventually, you can try tougher routines and juggling complexes to unleash the power of the bell.

Most strength training is done with trunk flexion and extension with the occasional rotational movement medicine ball throw. Squats and dead lifts are awesome, but when you combine powerful movements with the likes of rotational swings, lateral punches, and 360 snatches you’ll build strength from a multitude of angles.

Strength in motion (what we’ve dubbed the outside the box thinking and kettle bell flowing) is almost meditative. There are no sets and reps. You just move, and this allows you to explore different ranges of motion, planes, and movement patterns.

If you’re a coach or group class leader kettle bells are fantastic to lead clients through a plethora of movements that will deliver strength and conditioning in record time. If you’re a solo practitioner nothing beats the simplicity of one or two bells and some fresh air.

Racks, and dumbbells, cable machines, and ab stations and the list goes on. Some simple complexes and movements can help you continue on your strength quest without skipping a beat and minus the tons of equipment and weight needed.

An easy way is to limit your tools to a kettle bell and club or mace, a suspension trainer and your body to build a high-functioning physique without all the fluff. This will help you take your kettle bell abilities to the next level and help you unlock your imagination for some fantastic, out of the box strength and conditioning sessions.

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