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The Cast Iron Kettle bells we have selected are all good quality and have ample space between the top of the bell and handle for comfort in use. (Beware of kettle bells with large, loopy handles as they are less controllable when cleaning and snatching).

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There is no such thing as a 'Starter Kettle bell for Men or for Women as people's size, strength and fitness levels vary. The handle of a competition kettle bell is much flatter with a lot less curve to it and it will generally run parallel to the floor if you placed the weight on a flat surface.

The reason for this uniform shape and size is to create a more consistent experience when training with these kettle bells. Like most things, there is a difference in quality depending on the brand you opt for so be sure to look for premium quality materials and kettle bells that have been cast as one solid piece of steel with no welding or welded rods used and ones that do not use fillers to increase the weight as this can negate the benefits that you will expect to find with competition models.

Having scoured the UK for the best competition kettle bells we have managed to compile the prime options in to a top 6 list. As a result of them using a single cast solid steel design you get a perfectly balanced feel that is uniform through the entire range.

Whether it is swings, snatches, cleans or lifts these kettle bells will not disappoint, and they are also ideal for a range of floor based exercises such as push-ups. Back to menu The Escape Competition Pro Kettle bell 2.0 is another top quality option from a company that has over two decades of experience in supplying commercial quality equipment to gyms and now offers their goods to home based consumers too.

Escape Fitness have taken the decision to create a hollow core which positions the majority of weight nearer to the handle rather than equally spread throughout the entire kettle bell. The reasoning behind this is that it will make the kettle bell easier to handle when performing swings and also that it will place less stress on the wrists.

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The weight distribution does take a little getting used to if you are used to a completely balanced kettle bell but it did feel a little easier on the wrists and it was easy enough to perform all the usual swings and snatches. The solid steel construction is finished with a lightly textured material to provide a surface that is perfectly suited to being used with chalk for the ultimate in long-lasting performance.

Similar to the Escape 2.0 model, the Diva is upward loaded putting more emphasis on the weight toward the handle and it has no fillers whatsoever. This makes the Diva a great option for explosive movements and in particular rotator moves thanks to the low amount of torque generated thanks to the weight balance within the kettle bell.

You will find 35 mm handles and a wide enough base to perform all manner of push up and row exercises. You will find the expected 35 mm handles, an industry standard color coded design on the main body and all of that contained within a solid steel construction that both looks and feels great.

Like the Escape model these kettle bells are made with a hollow core with more weight dispersed upwardly rather than towards the bottom. The Jordan kettle bells were a joy to use, and we found them very good in terms of grip, the range of exercises we could perform with them and for placing less stress on the wrists.

This package includes a 20 kg, 24 kg and 28 kg kettle bell and all for a very reasonable price that compares favorably to buying these weights individually. The MYO kettle bells can also be purchased individually and are made from solid steel with a hollow core.

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There is a high gloss finish on the outer which may not be to everyone's taste but in terms of functionality they do the job well and are affordably priced. Back to menu USF are a reputable UK manufacturer of high quality free weights and their competition kettle bells are no exception.

Conforming to all international standards in terms of color coding and dimensions, these kettle bells look incredible as well as offering excellent usability. The main part of the kettle bell is finished with a coating of color whilst the 33 mm diameter handles are left with the raw stainless steel and this makes them look and feel top class.

When your love for a sport is all consuming and you live it and breathe it every day with a passion, it can be easy to forget that not everyone understands what it is about, or even knows about it. So you can imagine that I can still be taken by surprise when someone tells me they haven’t got a clue about kettle bell sport.

These peculiar looking weights are not the novelty they were ten years ago and now have a place in many training facilities. Many athletes remain oblivious that they have been used for over sixty years as integral tool of a fully-fledged sport.

This advancement came mainly from the military, who had seen how this form of training benefited the troops. All lifts are carried out for a maximum of ten minutes in which the athletes aim to complete as many quality reps as possible without placing the kettle bell (s) on the ground.

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Whenever using one kettle bell, be it in the snatch (for both gender categories), or in the women’s jerk and long-cycle, the athletes are allowed to change hands only once during the set. The choice of kettle bell weights decreases dramatically at international level.

The weights used can vary depending on the federation under which the meet is being held and also with the lifters age. At the moment, women’s competition at international level only involves snatch.

Without efficient technique it is not possible to achieve the high numbers of repetitions required to be successful in the sport. All the lifts are performed aiming to use only the exact amount of energy needed and using momentum to the lifter’s advantage during the concentric phase.

To achieve such efficient technique, the jerk, snatch, and long cycle need to be patiently and consistently drilled. This also explains the relatively small amount of hypertrophy seen in kettle bell sport athlete when compared to powerlifters or Olympic weightlifters, despite the vast amount of weight lifted in each session.

The sport requires specific flexibility, muscular strength endurance, power endurance, and a well-developed aerobic capacity, so all of these components should be present in the athletes GPP program in some way. To anyone interested in competing, I recommend seeking out a reputable coach so you can learn the technical details of the lifts and how to best program training cycles.

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The Original Kettle bell uses superior design combined with a thin film Create finish eliminating pressure points and allow you to push your workout intensity and remain comfortable. In other words, your palms and grip will be perfectly comfortable while you push to achieve your personal best.

Stop compromising between comfort and substandard finish and get the best of both worlds with the Original Kettle bell. Our kettle bells offer a wide stable platform you can trust and have confidence won't rock or fall over as you hit the floor work unlike many of the cheap imported kettle bells on the market.

Made using the German casting machines our molds create a high quality smooth metal surface finish which reduces the risk of blisters, even during extended workouts. Cerakote® thin film ceramic finish is tough in every way that matters while the thin film coating offers the perfect smooth texture of the metal beneath.

Cerakote® consistently outperforms any other thin film coating and has proven to exceed 2,000 hours in ASTMB117 corrosion testing. The Original Kettle bell is ergonomically designed to fit your hand while you push through your reps.

Unlike other kettle bells, our handles use uniform geometry regardless of weight so your technique can remain consistent. Rough castings and textured powder coat is designed for cheap and fast production rather than improving your workout experience.

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Original Kettle bell ’s Create finish lasts as much as 24 times longer than conventional finishes and offers UV, chemical, impact, and abrasion resistance that ensures our kettle bell will outlast any finish on the market. Original Create finish hasn’t even begun to break down over years of regular use.

Can your friends say that about their chipped powder coat kettle bells that look like they have seen better days? You can have confidence that our kettle bells will not rock as you hit the floor work.

Don’t take the risk on mass-produced kettle bells with uneven or small bases. Every Original kettle bell that gets shipped goes through a two-stage quality control process.

Create is a global leader in the manufacturing of thin-film protective ceramic coatings. Specialized finishes for Automotive, Firearms and Aerospace Industries.

Create is a global leader in the manufacturing of thin-film protective ceramic coatings. Specialized finishes for Automotive, Firearms and Aerospace Industries.

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Original Kettle bell dimensions are consistent regardless of the weight of the unit. Original Kettle bell dimensions are consistent regardless of the weight of the unit.

Strategically Digital Marketing Ltd Trading as Original Kettle bell. Unfortunately, many of our pre-pandemic picks below are sold out, but kettle bell stocks haven’t been utterly devastated like those of dumbbells.

To help you avoid clicking on your preferred bell only to find it’s unavailable, we’ll collect your best options in stock at the top of the page. The Demos kettle bells are among the better cheaper options you can find, which partly explains why they come in and out of stock so quickly.

If you’re an experienced bell user then head to a manufacturer like Wilkerson, but if you just need a little weight to beef up your home workouts, these will get the job done. One of our perennial picks, this is coming in and out of stock, but allows you to put your money down and reserve one.

If that’s the weight range you’re after, however, your quids in because Mira fit makes high-quality gym equipment. The handle is stainless steel so there will be no seam and the bell itself is encased in a textured rubber.

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Simply press a button to choose one of six weights, pull it off its charging cradle and it’s good to go. An accompanying app supplies workout ideas, and motion sensors in the device will track your reps.

Check Argos to see if it’s stock near you or buy from Apple and wait for delivery between 25th July and 1st August. Training with kettle bells can be an excellent way to boost both your strength and cardio fitness (just check out this kettle bell workout guide) and, like dumbbells, they’re small enough and affordable enough for you get for home use.

Lloyd recommends running your hands around the entire handle, especially underneath, before buying. If you’re already in possession of a kettle bell with a raised seam, sand it down so it’s smooth.

“These are a bit more price, but if you want consistency, good progression and form then get kettle bells from Wilkerson Fitness. Lloyd’s favorite kettle bells don’t come cheap, but these colored cast-iron bells are top-notch.

Just like dumbbells, barbells, steel maces, and other weightlifting equipment, there’s no one-size-fits-all with Kettle bells. Different kettle bell sizes will be best for certain genders, ages, exercises, and overall fitness goals.

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What is the best Kettle bell size for building muscle, gaining strength, burning fat? It's all organized by sections, so if you want to scroll down to your specific question, it will be easy to find.

Before the end of the 19th century, Russian girl had found its way into the sphere of competitive weightlifting sports in Russia and some parts of Europe while the term, Kettle bell,” was widely adopted at the dawn of the 20th century in the Western world. Unlike the simple structures of Dumbbells and Barbells, Kettle bells have complex, equally-important parts, each of which contributes to its uniqueness.

The anatomy of a Kettle bell, as seen from the above picture, includes the Handle, Corner, Horn, Window, Bell, and Base. The Bell is the center of mass of a Kettle bell while the Window is the space that separates the Handle from the Bell, affording the user convenient and flexible movements that are lacking in Dumbbells and Barbells.

If you are new to weight training, it's best to start at a beginner level so you can learn proper mechanics. Your age, fitness, and experience determine the type of Kettle bell training you can take-on.

Kettlebell grinds are not only the best for beginners, but they are also very great for experts as its technique is perfect for building muscle and strength. The obtuse shape of the Handle also helps in ensuring a perfect grip and some products now come with a chip-resistant coating that enhances grip and lets users see the weight written on the Kettle bell through contrast.

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Note: Although those increments may seem big, a jump from training with 15lbs to 20lbs is normal for kettle bell lifting. For one, it gives users greater flexibility to choose between the wide range of weights and ease scaling-up a bit if they please.

When we talk about men here, we mean active males starting from the age of 18 years. The most important thing is an improvement, the ability to fulfill your potentials as your training progresses.

It is our professional recommendation that you start with a weight that is proportional to your skill level and fitness. This helps you to maintain a good form while you scale up with smiles and less stress.

Starting with anything in this range will help you to conveniently learn how to use proper techniques whether you’re training on your own or with a trainer. Like we mentioned with men, the talk of women here refers to females starting from age 18 years.

While we advise everyone to carry just enough weight, some women have been found to underestimate their strengths, opting for Kettle bell sizes that are too small. A general rule of thumb is for you to carry a Kettle bell weight with which you’re able to do 5 repetitions (reps) of any workout you’re starting with.

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Also, if you’ve reached a stage whereby you can conveniently do 20 reps of that workout, then it’s the right time for you to pick up something heavier. The American Academy of Pediatric shad since the year 1990 asserted the potential benefits of monitored weightlifting for children and adolescents on health and athleticism.

A kid’s Kettle bell size for a workout will depend on fitness and age. In the end, it will be the level of fitness that will determine the number of Kettle bell workout reps each child will perform.

Kettle bell lifting for kids should be limited to simple exercises. They can help you build your strength and balance, as well as improve your cardiovascular fitness.

And it will be wiser for you to focus on cardio-based kettle bell exercises such as swings, squats, cleans, and presses because you're no longer trying to build excessive muscles, but just enough to keep your bones together and covered. No doubt, Kettle bells are one of the best home gym equipment for all age groups.

If you had done some moderate ballistic workouts before, 35LBS is a good start for men and 26LBS is okay for women. When you aim to do lots of slow lifts with the kettle bell and you have never done anything like that before, starting with 22LBS is good for you as a woman while 30LBS for you as a man.

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Some people start doing kettle bell workouts because they want to build their size and strength. To build your size and strength using kettle bells, you need to focus on exercises that can give you the most beneficial results.

Additionally, you can include another free-weight equipment in your Kettle bell exercise to get the most out of your workout. Excellent free-weight equipment you can combine with Kettle bells for incredible muscle build-up is the Steel Mace.

You can learn more about how to get the best out of these two weightlifting equipment from our Steel Mace and Kettle bell Arm Blast Workout. The kettle bell swing is a ballistic exercise that you can use to train your posterior chain muscles and it’s most useful in building your hip power and speed.

To perform the kettle bell swing, you need to move the bell in a pendulum motion from between the knees to anywhere at your eye-level or above it. It isn't as simple as it sounds because improper kettle bell swings just worsen your postural imbalance and cause more damage than good.

However, another thing that can cause more damage than good is using the wrong kettle bell size for your swings? For average active men doing Basic Goblet Squats, the best Kettle bell size is 40LBS.

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The Goblet Squat is a typical beginner’s exercise to help new Kettle bell lifters get positional awareness, accumulate basic squat strength and technique, and get a better balance. You can learn more about perfecting your squat by reading our How to Fix Hip Pain article.

The Kettle bell Turkish Get-ups are very useful for developing your solid movement foundation as they tend to focus on your small stabilizing muscles. Not only does it reveal your problems, but it also helps you develop a functional core, serves as a safeguard against back pain and improves your posture.

Beginners, intermediate and advanced flows exist for individuals fitting each level. It is best to use the Kettle bell size that you are most comfortable with for two to three exercises you want to put into a flow.

Complexes can be done in a sequence or one exercise after the other (i.e. 5 x squats then 5 x presses then 5 x sumo dead lifts, without resting or putting the kettle bell down). Unlike other Kettle bells, their handles and other parts are always of the same shape and dimension regardless of their weights because of the need to maintain consistency in competitions and fairness among competitors.

What size Kettle bell should I use to tone-up, burn fat, and keep fit? A kettle bell workout is a great way to tone your body, burn fat, earn some killer abs and keep fit.

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For average active women, the best Kettle bell sizes for tone-up, burning fat and keeping fit is 18LBS for beginners, with a gradual build-up to 26LBS as you get used to the bells. For average active men, the best Kettle bell sizes for tone-up, burning fat and keeping fit is 26LBS for beginners, with a gradual build-up to 44LBS.

If your goal is to burn fat, you want a weight that you can use with little rest and for HIIT workouts. This means you should go lighter than what you would use for traditional sets and reps workouts with longer rest.

If we had to choose the three overall best Kettle bell sizes, we'd go 26, 35, and 44LBS or 20, 30, and 40lbs, depending on the supplier you buy from. It enhances core strength and stability through its multi planar and unilateral movements.

It’s the most convenient way to reduce body weight, burning up to 400 calories in 20 minutes. Embedded in this ancient weight-measuring tool is everything you need for your total body-conditioning goals and you can know more about what you'll start to gain from it by reading our 18 Benefits of Kettle bells article.

Watch this video on the best starting weight for kettle bell training All kettle bell exercises are based on full body movements so unlike dumbbell training there are no isolation based exercises like bicep curls or tricep extensions.

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Kettle bell exercises use 100’s of muscles at a time meaning you are able to lift more weight but also condition the body quicker. The Kettle bell Swing is based on our strongest movement pattern: the Dead lift (see image below).

Whenever you pick something up from the floor you are using the dead lift movement pattern. A light kettle bell will not challenge your full body especially not your powerful hips and legs.

Kettle bells are traditionally available in the following sizes and classified in goods, a Russian weight measurement: Remember you should start with those big strong exercises using the dead lift movement patterns for the best results.

Trust me, I’ve never trained a lady who has started on anything lower than a 8 kg (15lbs) kettle bell. Women will drag suitcases, carry shopping bags or hold children under one arm, you are stronger than you think, so start with at least a 8 kg (15lbs).

I have trained men using kettle bells above 24 kg (53lbs) but for the majority of your basics this is as heavy as you will need to go. It is possible by changing exercises and increasing the difficulty of movements to only ever need one kettle bell if you make the correct purchase to begin with.

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Most women will start their kettle bell journey with a 8 kg (17lbs) and progress to a 12 kg (25lbs) relatively quickly. Most male beginners will start with either a 12 kg (25lbs) or a 16 kg (35lbs) depending on their weight training background.

The origins of color coding are in competitive kettle bell lifting in which there are international standards for specific weights. Color coding kettle bells is also an easy way to designate particular weights in your gym.

Below, we will go over the international color code if you need ideas and want to follow the standard. Competition style bells are usually all one color (pictured below), indicating the weight.

For example, a 10 Kg bell is pink with black bands on the handle, and an 18 Kg bell is yellow with black bands on the handle. We recommend you read more about receiving a quick, free, dynamic kettle bells workout every week you can click below.

Also, we recommend you subscribe to our posts, so we can notify you when we publish more in this series. This article will provide you with all the information you need to pick the correct kettle bell weight and perform exercises with proper form.

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And to make things easier for you, we have included a simple 15-minute kettle bell workout video to get you in the best shape of your life. There are a few problems with picking a kettle bell weight depending on your training experience.

I need you to throw away your current perception of weight training, and look at the kettle bell as something new and different. While you may not think you need to, having at least one session with a trained kettle bell professional will make an enormous difference in your results.

You’ll be using multiple muscle groups at the same time through ballistic, full-body movements. A kettle bell professional can show you the basics; like, the Clean, Swing, Goblet Squat, Windmill, and Turkish Get Up.

When performed properly, kettle bell movements will improve your body control, shorten your workout time, and give you functional results (and physique). The core movements in kettle bell training have exploded into hundreds of new exercises and techniques.

When done properly, kettle bell movements will improve your body control, shorten your workout time, and give you functional results (and physique) unlike anything you’ve been able to achieve in the past. A big mistake is selecting a weight that is too light (again, assuming that you have trained with a kettle bell professional).

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Areas of your core (back, abdominal, and upper legs) will be on fire during your first session. To maintain proper form, you need a weight that is in proportion to your skill level, which may be low initially.

Men who have never used a kettle bell are especially susceptible to muscling through a movement, rather than performing it with proper form. You will hear this term used more in CrossFit boxes and by most traditional kettle bell instructors.

Innit Kettle bells are made with a high-quality, chip-resistant coating that’s strong enough to endure your most punishing workouts. 1) A chip-resistant coating, smooth enough for stamina-building work sets without irritating your hands, yet with just enough texture to take gym chalk.

Whether you’re a trainer or fitness enthusiast the kettle bell should have a place in your training for the results it can deliver in less time. Whether you decide to use your kettle bell to supplement your training or as a stand-alone tool you will gather the exact system on how to do so.

The benefits of the kettle bell are immense and with this single tool one can create incredible strength, power output, and stamina if used to its potential. At the Innit Academy we believe the kettle bell can create powerful athletes regardless of your chosen sport and with this system you will have everything they need to do just that.

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At the Innit Academy we believe the kettle bell can create powerful athletes regardless of your chosen sport and with this system you will have everything they need to do just that.

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