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This is common question for folks new to kettle bell, especially if you have been getting your workouts from CrossFit. ' More specifically it is a unit equal to 40 fun (, Russian Pound).

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Common Kettle bell Weights and their Kilogram & Good Conversions The term has had some resurgence as kettle bells have become more popular because it is still used in reference to sporting weights in Russia.

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Also, we recommend you subscribe to our posts so you can be notified when we publish more in this series. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary Food is from the old Russian pud and is derived from Old Norse fund (pound) & the first known use of the word was in 1554.

The Food is an old-fashioned term, but in specific situations such as sports weights, and, more importantly, kettle bells, it’s used to this day. If you’re unfamiliar with the term but have come across it in a CrossFit setting, don’t worry, a Food is simply a unit of measurement.

As you can see, 1 Food is not an exact match to 16KG, but it’s extremely close and you can use it to work out the closest weight. The Food is a term most commonly used by Russians, CrossFit enthusiasts, and traditionalists, while most other kettle bell users tend to stick with Lbs or Kg.

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Our kettle bells for CrossFit are made in the USA from 100% cast iron and finished with ultra-tough Create. Although the Food is no longer used in Russia, the origin of the kettle bell has resulted in the old Food measurement being used as a kettle bell weight measurement, even today.

Today only a handful of kettle bells are measured in goods as the primary weight. As you will imagine even 0.5 Food weighs quite a lot and are not usually the choice of a beginner.

It is believed that the kettle bell was first invented in 1910 and the weight would have therefore been measured in goods. Despite the term Food dying out, it’s still used as a traditional kettle bell weight measurement.

Congratulations to both Joy and Shane Heavy on receiving their CrossFit Kettle bell Certifications this past weekend. They were originally used as handled counterweights (bearing the Imperial Seal) to weigh out dry goods on market scales.

The Russians measured items in “goods.” A Food (16.38 kg, or 36.11 pounds) can be traced back to the 12th century. In the 1970s kettle bell lifting became part of the United All State Sport Association of the USSR, and in 1985 national rules, regulations & weight categories were finalized.

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The United States Secret Service & the FBI Counter Assault Team also require their operators to train high repetition, ballistic kettle bell moves. This type of training was called Shi-SuoGuong (The Art of Stone Padlock) and predates kettle bells by thousands of years.

Strongmen such as Arthur Saxon, SIG Klein, Clevis Massimo and The Mighty Apollo. Traditional cast iron kettle bells get larger as they get heavier, and each size rests in a slightly different place in the rack position.

Due to the fact that Pro Grade kettle bells are made from steel, and not cast iron, they are more durable. Pro Grade handles are slightly slimmer than with traditional cast iron kettle bells.

The handles are specifically designed to prevent lateral slipping and minimize fatigue with high repetition sets. Pro Grade Competition Kettle bells look “fat” compared to cast iron bells.

In fact, these bell-shaped objects were commonplace in gyms and training locations as far back as the ancient Greeks. More recently, for the past 100 years, kettle bells have been used throughout Eastern Europe to functionally train for strength.

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The kettle bell is an excellent tool for fat loss, building strength, endurance, and improving health. There are literally hundreds of different exercise variations to develop strength, endurance, speed, size and overall conditioning.

Common movements include swings, snatches, squats, lunges, cleans, dead lifts, presses and many other functional lifts. To learn more about kettle bells and their various exercises please stop into your nearest Fitness Town location and speak to our experts.

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They were first used as a unit of measurement on market and farming scales and later in the Russian military for strength and conditioning work. This means kettle bell movements often require more coordination as well as recruitment of your stabilizer and primary muscles simultaneously.

“Not a single sport develops our muscular strength and bodies as well as kettle bell athletics,” reported Russian magazine Hercules in 1913. Here is a short list of hardware the Russian kettle bell replaces: barbells, dumbbells, belts for weighted pull ups and dips, thick bars, lever bars, medicine balls, grip devices, and cardio equipment.

Vinogradov & Luciano (1986) found a very high correlation between the results posted in a kettle bell lifting competition and a great range of dissimilar tests: strength, measured with the three power lifts and grip strength; strength endurance, measured with pull ups and parallel bar dips; general endurance, determined by a 1000-meter run; work capacity and balance, measured with special tests. Voropayev (1983) tested two groups of subjects in pull ups, a standing broad jump, a 100 m sprint, and a 1k run.

In spite of the lack of practice on the tested exercises, the kettle bell group scored better in every one of them! According to Voropayev (1997) who studied top Russian Greeks, 21.2% increased their body weight since taking up kettle belling and 21.2% (the exact same percentage, not a typo), mostly heavyweights, decreased it.

Kettle bells forge doers’ physiques along the lines of antique statues: broad shoulders with just a hint of pecs, back muscles standing out in bold relief, wiry arms, rugged forearms, a cut-up midsection, and strong legs without a hint of squatter’s chafing. Liberating and aggressive as medieval swordplay, kettle bell training is highly addictive.

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Soviet weightlifting legends such as Vlasic, Zhabotinskiy, and Alexas started their Olympic careers with old-fashioned kettle bells. Yuri Vlasic once interrupted an interview he was giving to a Western journalist and proceeded to press a pair of kettle bells.

“… It is hard to find an exercise better suited for developing strength and flexibility simultaneously.” The Russian Special Forces personnel owe much of their wiry strength, explosive agility, and never-quitting stamina to kettle bells.

, the official Soviet armed forces strength training manual pronounced kettle bell drills to be “one of the most effective means of strength development” representing “a new era in the development of human strength-potential”. The elite of the US military and law enforcement instantly recognized the power of the Russian kettle bell, ruggedly simple and deadly effective as an AK-47.

Once the Russian kettle bell became a hit among those whose life depends on their strength and conditioning, it took off among hard people from all walks of life: martial artists, athletes, regular hard comrades. Dr. Krayevskiy, the father of the kettle bell sport, took up training at the age of forty-one and twenty years later he was said to look fresher and healthier than at forty.

A remarkably low number, especially if you consider that these are elite athletes who push their bodies over the edge. Many hard men with high mileage have overcome debilitating injuries with kettle bell training (get your doctor’s approval).

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From Pavel’s books and videos: Enter The Kettle bell or From Russia with Tough Love for comrades ladies. Kettle bell technique can be learned in one or two sessions and one can start intense training during the second and even first week (Durkin, 2001).

Most men will eventually progress to a 53-pounder, the standard issue size in the Russian military. “Kettle bells are like weightlifting times ten,” stated Olympic Silver Medalist in Greco-Roman Wrestling Dennis Koslowski, D.C., ROC.

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