What Is A Kettlebell Slingshot

Maria Johnson
• Wednesday, 02 December, 2020
• 6 min read

Regardless of what you call the kettlebellslingshot it is an excellent exercise for many reasons and should be incorporated into your workout routine. You will notice how it puts the shoulder in front and behind the body in a healthy range.

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The added weight also helps straighten out tight bicep muscles and tendons and keep shoulders down and retracted. Adding kettle bell circles helps to improve the strength of the forearms and grip.

The heavier the kettle bell and the thicker the handle the more the slingshot will challenge your grip strength. Slingshots help switch on those all-important muscles and prepare you for the kettle bell weight in hand.

Keep the feet shoulder-width apart and hips still Ensure your chest is lifted and your shoulders stay square pointing forwards Arms should remain as straight as possible and shoulders down Rotate the Kettle bell around the body in a circular motion around the hips Pass the kettle bell from one hand to the other in front of the hips and directly behind the hips Practice keeping everything nice and tight (core, abs, glutes) and motionless other than your arms The main focus of the kettlebellslingshot is the shoulders, arms, forearms and core muscles.

The kettlebellslingshot will not add any great muscle size but will help to improve shoulder stabilization, grip strength, and warm up the body. If you have not performed Slingshots before you will notice the demands this places on your grip strength.

Kettle bell slingshots are the perfect exercise for introducing kettle bell training to beginners as well as being used by more advanced lifters for warm-ups, active recovery and rehab of poor shoulders. The kettlebellslingshot is great for warming up the shoulders, grip and core muscles as well as acclimatizing to a new kettle bell weight.

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Today I feel amazing, and I’m pumped for a week of health and fitness… Following my Swing Workouts, which I sent out last week, I have had a lot of people requesting more details on the kettlebellslingshot.

I use the Slingshot as a warm up exercise before I start my kettle bell classes or for active recovery. For most of my workouts I like to keep the momentum rocking’ so stopping and JUST resting is counterproductive.

Replacing rest periods with active recovery means you can get more done in less time. So next time you are performing your workout think about what you can add in to replace your rest in order to improve your general movement skills and not waste valuable resting time.

It is a fantastic exercise for developing strength and stability in the core, obliques, abdominal and arms all at once. The core is the center of power in all body movements.

If you are able to engage the core, it will assist the rest of the body to move more efficiently with more speed and power. Trying to perform movements without engaging the core is like using only 4 cylinders in a V8 sports car.

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Develops functional strength and conditioning in the core, obliques and abdominal. Improves posture by acting as a counterbalance to posterior chain training.

Improves your performance in traditional strength exercises like the squat, bench press, dead lift and the power clean. Develops explosive power that is beneficial to track and field athletes, football players and MMA athletes.

Use your core to slow the movement of the kettle bell and change directions. Breathe naturally in through the nose and out through the mouth throughout the whole movement.

Part Eight of our Kettle bell Home Workout Series continues with the Slingshot exercise. The kettlebellslingshot is a fast-paced movement that strengthens your core, arms and shoulders.

Stand up straight with your feet a shoulder width apart and a slight bend in your knees. When you’ve completed your preferred number of reps passing the kettle bell in an anti-clockwise motion, repeat the exercise for your preferred number of reps while passing the kettle bell in a clockwise motion.

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The kettlebellslingshot is a great warm-up / core ab exercise that can be used at the beginning of your kettle bell workout. This routine will help loosen the muscles around your shoulders, back, chest, core and arms (triceps and biceps).

You’ll learn to improve your coordination and stability since you need to counterbalance against the bell using just your arms, hips and ankles. You’ll also improve your grip strength, stamina and overall upper body and core conditioning.

Aside from warming up the upper body, this is a great routine for beginners who will learn how to handle a kettle bell. The kettlebellslingshot is also a favorite of professional sportsmen/women who rely on sudden bursts of power.

The movement involved within the routine uses the same muscle groups a professional tennis player would use whilst waiting to receive a serve. For a more intense workout you should start with your legs slightly bent, feet together and facing forwards.

Muscles: Rectus Abdominal, Obliques auxiliary muscles: Pectoralis Major, Lower Back, Hamstrings, Glutes required: Kettle bell fitness level:Easy exercise type: Cardio it is a great warm-up kettle bell exercise here, especially the core is required, because it keeps the body upright and keeps you from swinging additionally, the flexibility of the shoulders is improved Kettle bell swings were introduced to the US by Russian fitness expert Pavel Tsatsouline at the turn of the 21st Century.

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Since their introduction, Russian kettle bells have become a familiar sight in many gyms and a popular choice for home workouts. They also come in a wide range of weights, which means that you can use them at any stage of your fitness journey and can benefit whether you’re an experienced or novice user.

But the question on many people’s lips is, “what muscles do kettle bell swings work?”, and that’s what I want to answer in this post. The two-handed swing uses the hamstrings, glutes, quads, hips, core, back, trapezium, shoulders, and forearms.

The intensity means that you will feel the burn after a decent set, and with a good 30-minute workout you will be sweating profusely, your heart will be pumping faster, and oxygenated blood will be coursing through your veins. As long as you maintain good form, you don’t have to use a heavy bell, especially for cardio training.

He also advises having two additional, heavier, bells for progression and for use in some other types of kettle bell exercise. As the kettle bell descends from the swing, gravity ensures that the bell will feel a lot heavier, especially as you reach the end of your set.

As with any exercise, but perhaps more so with a full-body kettle swing workout, good form is vital to ensure the best results. When performing the swing, all your weight should be placed on the heel and middle of the foot and should never transfer to the toes.

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You should also keep your neck and head in alignment with your back so ensure that you are always looking ahead at the horizon while performing this movement. The height you raise the kettle bell will be determined by the amount of power you can muster from your hip thrust.

The number of reps and sets you need to perform depends on your fitness level, what you’re trying to achieve, and the weight you’re using. The length and frequency of your kettle bell workouts depends on the intensity and difficulty of the session.

Kettle bell swings are a full body workout, and whether you are training increasing strength or stamina, or even to lose weight, research suggests that shorter sessions are more effective. They utilize virtually every muscle in the body, and they are effective for weight loss as well as explosive strength training.

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