What Is A Kettlebell Push

Maria Garcia
• Wednesday, 25 November, 2020
• 5 min read

The KettlebellPush -Up is a variant of a traditional push -up where you hold onto a kettle bell instead of keeping your hands on the floor. This form of push -up requires additional abdominal, shoulder and chest strength.

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The kettlebellpush -up requires an extreme amount of core, arm and shoulder stability. When performing push -ups utilizing a pair of kettle bells your range of motion is greatly increased, improving chest activation as well as the core activation involved.

While maintaining a straight back lower yourself down into the bottom of a push -up. Place your feet on a high bench and perform push -ups off of your kettle bell handles, resulting in a large increase in range of motion.

Invest in a high quality kettle bell or two that’ll stand the test of time here. Elbows flared out to the sides decreases chest engagement while simultaneously increases your risk of shoulder injuries.

To work the chest in its entirety we must perform the full range of motion! If you want to maintain a balanced and injury free body then using kettlebellpush pull workouts is the solution.

Below I have listed 3 KettlebellPush Pull Workouts starting with the easiest and progressing to the most challenging: Our first kettlebellpush pull workout starts out with two very important exercises, the row and the push up.

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The format for this workout is very simple, perform one exercise after the other and then take a rest before repeating. Beginners should start out with a lighter kettle bell and perform more repetitions whereas those more advanced can increase the weight and reduce the reps.

Lean forward approximately 45 degrees and keep your weight back on your heels to load the hamstrings. The regular push up is a very underestimated exercise for building the chest, shoulders and core muscles.

Ultimately the push up is a moving plank exercise so the core needs to be braced throughout and a straight line created from the shoulders to the heels. If you struggle to keep your body in a straight line without your hips dropping towards the floor then you should practice the plank / shoulder taps exercises instead.

The second exercise, the push press, is used to develop brute strength and adds some serious muscle to the shoulders and upper body. This kettle bell pull push workout is performed as a superset meaning that you complete both exercises one after the other before taking a short rest and then repeating.

A weak core or an inability to stabilize in the top push up position will only lead to lower back issues. A safer way to perform this exercise is to use just one kettle bell and have the other hand on a box, bench or, my favorite, a Paraclete.

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The kettlebellpush press is the ultimate strength and muscle builder for the upper body. During the push press the knees are bent very slightly before they are locked out and the buttocks squeezed tightly.

The initial pop or momentum that you get from the slight squat enables you to press the kettle bell more easily from the bottom position. You will be activating most of the muscles in your body with this workout while at the same time balancing pushing and pulling movements.

The kettle bell snatch offers a full body exercise that is predominately a pulling movement. Whereas the Turkish get up is a stabilization pushing exercise that will strengthen your whole body and improve your mobility.

The kettle bell snatch is a full body explosive exercise that is based on a pulling movement pattern. As the snatch is based on the dead lift movement most of the power comes from the hips to start the momentum of the kettle bell.

At the top of the exercise punch your hand through the handle to stop the kettle bell flopping over and hitting the wrist. For those that really struggle with the downward part of the exercise the kettle bell can be lowered slowly as if coming down from an overhead press.

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As you work your way through the various positions of the exercise you will notice your stabilizing muscles as well as your mobility is challenged. Deficiencies that are highlighted during the kettle bell Turkish get up will be magnified in other areas of your movement and daily life.

Above I have listed 3 kettlebellPush Pull Workouts that you can use to strengthen and condition your upper body. KettlebellPush Pull workouts are an excellent choice for balancing out your body and ensure that you do not over train one particular area more than the other.

If that’s a difficult movement to understand, and for people who’ve done a lot of squatting or barbell push presses then it’s very foreign, think about having a broomstick stuck to your body from knee to shoulder and having to keep your hips and shoulders glued to that broomstick while only your knees bend. The truth is this is a perfectly safe movement, and I’ve double-checked this with a very knowledgeable physio for anyone who is still in doubt.

The only time knees passing in front of the toes may be a problem is with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries, however even people with a snapped ACL can perform this movement safely if their hamstrings are strong enough. Having said that, anyone with ACL issues should consult a good physio to see whether they can perform this movement safely.

Extending the legs quickly provides the power for the push press. Fixation is a very important concept for safe and effective ballistic overhead lifting.

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Fixation is when the legs and arms are extended and the weight has stopped moving in overhead lockout position. Good fixation will help build incredible shoulder stability.

At the other end of the spectrum, a lack of fixation will weaken the shoulder joint. Fixation is a skill, for most people it doesn’t happen automatically and it takes time to feel the difference between a perfectly still and still moving kettle bell overhead.

Be aware of fixation, consciously stop the kettle bell as quickly as possible overhead until it becomes automatic. This is not the case, just like with the overhead press you’re best off starting light, get the skill component sorted then look at increasing the load.

There’s also a great video on the push press by Maya from the Ice Chamber here: Breathing for the kettlebellpush press is dictated by the need to keep the elbow connected to the body during the first dip.

Using more of the body also means that it will have more of a cardiorespiratory training effect than the overhead press and you’ll usually be able to lift longer with the push press because the shoulders won’t fatigue quite as quickly, so it’s great for training power endurance. The kettlebellpush press is a great way to begin perfecting fixation for more technical overhead ballistic lifts such as the jerk and snatch.

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