What Is A Kettlebell Front Squat

Elaine Sutton
• Wednesday, 07 October, 2020
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The squat is a vital human movement pattern that is used in daily life whether getting in and out of your car or sitting and standing from a chair. Don’t wing your elbow out to the side or allow the kettle bell to drift forwards off the chest.

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If this happens your shoulder will get tired quickly and even the worst may result in an injury to your rotator cuff muscles. Stop at the bottom position and pause for 3 seconds before pushing the floor away from you and standing up.

At the top position squeeze your buttocks tightly together and don’t lean backwards. If during the squat exercise your shoulder does begin to fatigue then you can use your opposite hand to help support the kettle bell.

Many people have weak buttocks and hips and therefore tend to find their knees caving in towards each other during the squatting movement. You must work hard to prevent this from happening by pushing your knees outwards during all phases of the squat movement.

The double kettlebellfrontsquat enables you to overload the movement as well as balance out the load on both sides of the body. You can link fingers to help keep the kettle bell handles together if you find that more comfortable.

After each set just change sides so the heavier kettle bell is now being held in the opposite hand. For those short on time or wishing to choose an exercise that is effective for fat loss then the kettlebellfrontsquat to overhead press is a great choice.

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Beginners can practice this exercise by holding the kettle bell in both hands and performing the squat and then the overhead press. As this exercise is very demanding and uses most of the muscles in your body you need to be careful with your technique as you quickly start to fatigue.

The kettle bell is held with both hands at chest height which helps balance the squatting movement. The kettlebellfrontsquat loads the one side of the body and also challenges the one shoulder more intensely than the goblet squat.

The double kettlebellsquat has the added bonus of being able to load the body more comfortably than holding the equivalent weight in just one kettle bell. Barbell front squats are an excellent choice for building sheer strength and bulk in the legs, buttocks and hips.

However, the kettlebellfrontsquat offers more muscle activation than the barbell front squat due to the complexities of holding two kettle bells. Holding one kettle bell in each hand and then squatting ensures a better balance throughout the body as each shoulder is working independently compared to the other.

You will also find that due to the more forward position of the kettle bells during the squatting movement that the core muscles are forced to work even harder to stabilize the upper body. You could easily change the double kettlebellfrontsquat for the goblet squat or single-handed front squat, just remember to balance out your left and right sides.

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The squat also keeps the joints healthy, helps promote fat loss, and challenges your cardio without the need to move your feet. The double kettlebellfrontsquat is excellent for developing brute strength and overload the squatting movement.

It works a tremendous amount of muscle and can burn a lot of calories, making it useful for both muscle-gain and fat-loss goals. It trains the legs, as any squat does, but also forces the upper back and core to engage in order to maintain alignment.

If you’re not familiar with the clean, let Innit Coach Eric Lava, aka “Primal Soldier,” bring you up to speed. Keeping your head, spine, and pelvis in a straight line, bend your hips back to reach down and grasp the kettle bell.

(Don’t crush it; a somewhat soft grip will allow you to spin the weight around your wrist more easily when you clean it.) From the standing position with the bell racked at the shoulder (after you’ve cleaned it), the single-arm kettlebellfrontsquat goes as follows.

Take a deep breath into your belly, and actively twist your feet into the floor, but don’t let them move. You should feel the arches in your feet rise and your glutes tighten, creating tension in the lower body.

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Holding a load in front of your body acts as a counterbalance, so that when you squat, you’re able to sit back with your hips as you descend with little fear of losing your balance. This better activates your glutes and hamstrings while allowing you to keep an upright, vertical torso, and is much safer for the lower back than barbell back squatting (which often results in a forward lean of the torso that puts the lumbar spine at risk).

The weight wants to pull you forward, so you have to battle to stay tall with good posture. So, while it provides a great workout for a trainee of any level on its own, the kettlebellfrontsquat also serves as a stepping stone to mastering more complex lifts.

As so many activities in sports and in life require you to stabilize an uneven load (throwing a ball, carrying objects, holding an opponent in a grappling drill), the single-arm kettlebellfrontsquat is highly applicable. Because it allows for such a deep squat, you can be sure you’ll work your quads hard through a big range of motion, while also recruiting the glutes and hamstrings.

Kettlebellfront squats can be done heavy for low reps to build maximum strength and muscle, and lighter for higher reps as part of a conditioning circuit or kettle bell complex (in which multiple exercises are strung together). The kettlebellfrontsquat is an essential move one must know in order to link other exercises together in a complex or “flow.” For example, you can clean a kettle bell, go right into a squat, and then come up and press it overhead.

Or row the bell from the floor, and then clean it, squat it, and step back into a reverse lunge. So, owning good front squat mechanics with the kettle bell opens up a range of movement that leads to endless training possibilities.

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Quadriceps hamstrings glutes internal and external obliques' rectus abdominal (the six-pack muscle) spinal erectors transverse abdominal (deep core muscle) multimedia (core) front and lateral deltoid latissimus Doris trapezium rhomboids forearm flexors Use these drills to warm up and help mobilize your hips, upper back, and shoulders before you train any kettlebellfrontsquat variation.

The single-arm kettlebellfrontsquat can be done by inexperienced lifters and advanced athletes alike, but if your brand new to kettle bell training, you should master the basic goblet squat first. Also, stabilizing one kettle bell (or dumbbell) with both hands is less complex than controlling a bell with only one arm.

Begin pushing through your heels to extend your hips and knees and pull the bar off the floor. Drop into a full squat, keeping the end of the bar in front of your shoulder.

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