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Paul Gonzalez
• Sunday, 11 October, 2020
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This article will provide you with all the information you need to pick the correct kettle bell weight and perform exercises with proper form. And to make things easier for you, we have included a simple 15-minute kettle bell workout video to get you in the best shape of your life.

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There are a few problems with picking a kettle bell weight depending on your training experience. I need you to throw away your current perception of weight training, and look at the kettle bell as something new and different.

While you may not think you need to, having at least one session with a trained kettle bell professional will make an enormous difference in your results. You’ll be using multiple muscle groups at the same time through ballistic, full-body movements.

A kettle bell professional can show you the basics; like, the Clean, Swing, Goblet Squat, Windmill, and Turkish Get Up. When performed properly, kettle bell movements will improve your body control, shorten your workout time, and give you functional results (and physique).

The core movements in kettle bell training have exploded into hundreds of new exercises and techniques. Assuming you’ve been to at least one session with a kettle bell professional and are ready to get started, here is what I recommend based on gender.

A new female kettle bell trainee might pick up the weight, and automatically try to perform a 1- arm upright row (without one thought of lifting technique, mind you), and immediately exclaim, “I can’t lift that!” When done properly, kettle bell movements will improve your body control, shorten your workout time, and give you functional results (and physique) unlike anything you’ve been able to achieve in the past.

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A big mistake is selecting a weight that is too light (again, assuming that you have trained with a kettle bell professional). If you do this, you will never perfect your form, you will never progress to heavier weights, and you will not achieve the real benefits that kettle bells have to offer.

Unlike women, most men will look at the 16-kg kettle bell starting weight and say, “That’s way too light! Areas of your core (back, abdominal, and upper legs) will be on fire during your first session.

To maintain proper form, you need a weight that is in proportion to your skill level, which may be low initially. Men who have never used a kettle bell are especially susceptible to muscling through a movement, rather than performing it with proper form.

You will hear this term used more in CrossFit boxes and by most traditional kettle bell instructors. Innit Kettle bells are made with a high-quality, chip-resistant coating that’s strong enough to endure your most punishing workouts.

1) A chip-resistant coating, smooth enough for stamina-building work sets without irritating your hands, yet with just enough texture to take gym chalk. Some other aspects of kettle bell design to consider are: grip diameter, grip width, ball diameter, and the distance from the top of the ball to the bottom of the handle.

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This workout will make you so beefy, Hollywood would be crazy not to cast you in the next Marvel movie! Whether you’re a trainer or fitness enthusiast the kettle bell should have a place in your training for the results it can deliver in less time.

Whether you decide to use your kettle bell to supplement your training or as a stand-alone tool you will gather the exact system on how to do so. The benefits of the kettle bell are immense and with this single tool one can create incredible strength, power output, and stamina if used to its potential.

At the Innit Academy we believe the kettle bell can create powerful athletes regardless of your chosen sport and with this system you will have everything they need to do just that. At the Innit Academy we believe the kettle bell can create powerful athletes regardless of your chosen sport and with this system you will have everything they need to do just that.

Also, the kettle bell is constructed from steel have a hollow core and a 35 mm diameter handle again complying with the competition standards. The design gives a stable base and the handle and kettle bell have a smooth finish.

Pavel Tsatsoulin was the main driver of a movement that started from “What you use cowbells to train” to mainstream level with DVD sets delivering kettle bells for free with their program (hint, as this kettle bell comes for free, you guessed it, its crap). As I do not own many kettle bells myself, because I am simple and did my research on my first time purchase, refer to the links at the end of the article if you want to know details about specific models and learn from others.

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Always consult a doctor for a new exercise regimen before you take it up, especially if you have not been active for a long time, you are older than 50 or have been already diagnosed with chronic disease. If you have any questions, recommendations or tips please leave a comment at the end of this article or look up my email address in the about section of this webpage.

Generally, kettle bells will be bigger for males than for females in size and weight, but not as big as the individual might think. Just because you can perform multiple repetitions of a 225-pound bench press that does not mean that a 10 kg something kettle bell is child's play.

Remember that when you pick a kettle bell and do a curl or row you are not performing the main exercise which you will do with this piece of equipment. The main exercise is the kettle bell swing in which you can make use of more muscle groups than in the row and curl.

This rule might not just apply to kettle bells as I also see quite a bit of writing about this phenomenon in books regarding career advise, Lean in and Nudge being two of them. Generally, you will find that women, given that all other factors compared to a man are equal, will use half the weight in the kettle bell swing.

In some cases, you might even avoid using the kettle bell altogether as you should not load a movement if your body is not capable of doing so. If you have joint pains, arthritis or other chronic diseases which kept you from heavy exercising in the past kettle bells might be a solution but consult your doctor first.

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Without being ageist it is a fact that you produce lesser growth hormones the older you get. The laws of physics dictate that the heavier a body is the more it is at an advantage of moving another object.

So for all of you who are a lot smaller and lighter than average also consider going down a kettle bell size to get the best results. The most commonly recommended sizes for kettle bells for men are 16 kg and women should start with 8 kg.

Another thing to consider is whether you will be mainly doing grinder or ballistic movements with your kettle bell. Grinder movements are exercises performed with long time under tension and which are not meant to be explosive.

For grinds, pick a kettle bell which you can easily press ten times overhead. For ballistic movements like the swing and snatch, you can pick slightly heavier weights.

Be humble when you think you are hulk, be wise according to your age and be brave if you are a pink wearing weekend warrior when picking your first kettle bell. How big and what type of kettle bell you will buy is also depending on the style of training you are intending to pursue.

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Is the kettle bell your main tool of strength regime or considered accessory work? The more you gravitate towards the main tool of exercise and cardio the lighter your first kettle bell will be.

If your focus is on strength, you will not perform more than ten kettle bell swings per set. If your focus is on cardio you will swing in the 12 – 20 repetition area and therefore you might even go down a size from the recommendation.

The kettle bell should not be too light as you can not execute the swing properly then and also not too heavy because this leads to the weight dominating you rather than you controlling the movement. This is the raw version of training which is focused on strength and in which you try to brutalize yourself and the weight in the most intense way without exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.

You will find this type of training described in the book Simple and Sinister in more detail. The Gregory sports style is more focused on skill and endurance as it is not allowed to put the kettle bell down during such a routine.

This style is usually followed by people who are more interested in full body control and acrobatics than raw strength. As a beginner, do not sweat these different training methods too much and stick with the simple considerations around body weight, age, and fitness.

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If you are an advanced athlete think hard before you buy a set of heavy kettle bells. The heavier they get the more it will hurt your purse when you do not think through how kettle bells will fit into your already full workout schedule or that of your athletes.

When it comes to equipment like barbells and kettle bells good quality will last you for a lifetime and keep you safe. In the iron game, quality means craftsmanship and high-end material which cannot be gotten for small change.

They are bigger than cast iron or competitive kettle bells of the same weight and are more prone to poor finish or design which will literally hurt you in the long run. If that is the case make sure that you find a kettle bell which has similar dimensions to what the pros use.

Plastic and vinyl are a lot more forgiving to your children when it gets dirty, or they do other things with the cannonballs with a handle on them. The challenge with them is that the mechanics of changing the weight are either cumbersome if it is a sturdy design, or downright terrifying during the swing if you can adjust quickly.

Based on the extra mechanics these kettle bells are also bigger than their actual weight would demand which makes them often unbalanced and hard to handle during the swing which takes away the focus from what matters, your body. Cast Iron kettle bells have been around the longest and are a great entry point as a compromise between your wallet and getting the real deal of Russian exercise bliss.

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You usually will not find monster kettle bells in the competition segment as there are not many people walking this face of the earth who can juggle 92 kg for ten minutes. You also do not get the highest tech speed swimsuit if you only go for a splash on the weekend with the kids.

Nice swimming trunks will work as you also do not want to look cheap when you are out (aka plastic kettle bells). There are some standards in the kettle bell world which are either confusing to beginners or not pointed out for lack of knowledge or attention to detail with instructors.

Back in the day kettle bells were used as weights on markets to determine the worth of certain goods brought there, such as sacks of grain. When the locals started to get bored and do tricks with these weights the kettle bell sport was born.

While Pavel Tsatsoulin has advocated big jumps to shock systems to make them adapt Mark Ripped outlines the principle of incremental increases' workout for workout in his book Practical Programming for Strength training. As of late, the kettle bell master seems to be a bit less extreme in what kind of increments he advocates.

This might be due to the wisdom he gained in older days or seeing a chance to sell more kettle bells. Make sure that the kettle bell you choose can be comfortably placed into a double hand grip.

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Especially light kettle bells from low price vendors can have a tendency to be too small dimensioned to get a proper grip. These are placed in many gyms around the country and I encourage you to test these weights before buying one for yourself.

If you do not have a gym membership, make use of one of the free trials to try some kettle bells out and get instruction. The situation is improving, but if your personal trainer does not use kettle bells himself/herself and is not ROC or Strong first certified the instructions might even do more harm than good.

Painted kettle bells of all sorts have a higher risk of chipping and therefore losing their structural integrity and balance. Seams are the result of the manufacturer skipping the filing of the handle in the production process.

Simply run your finger at the lower part of the handle and if you feel one long rough line from one end to the other put the kettle bell down and step away. These can occur when the metal cools down at different rates in the cast which also leads back to poor manufacturing.

Imagine swinging away at full power and 22.5 kg (you can keep the handle) go flying towards a fellow gym member or even worse, your children. Best case scenario is some severe property damage or a piece of modern art which you can sell.

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Worst case scenario is a dead body which you have to explain to the police or you're impaling yourself. Gimmicky kettle bells like ape heads, Iron Man masks and other demons and beasts are fun to look at.

However, if you are not a collector or have surplus money to spend go for a balanced, professionally designed kettle bell. It should be smooth to the touch, not need a lot of chalk so that you can keep your grip and slightly curved to be easy on the wrists.

Rogue Fitness is one of the main sponsors of the CrossFit games and all the products I have gotten from them are of good quality and shipped in time. KettlebellsUSA is the gold standard of kettle bells in my opinion based on how they present themselves, their pricing and the reviews they get online.

Real kettle bells are designed to be balanced in a certain way, and they are actually precise tools. If a kettle bell can be improved by new materials or a new engineering insight or manufacturing process so that real users will benefit then we will do so, however, we are not interested in gimmicks that are solely designed to misinform consumers and take their hard-earned money from them.

We have been in the kettle bell business for some years now, and we will not compromise our principles just to make money off innocent, uninformed consumers. If you have the spare cash buy a 16 kg, 24 kg, 32 kg set as an average guy and you will have fun for life.

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Unfortunately, many of our pre-pandemic picks below are sold out, but kettle bell stocks haven’t been utterly devastated like those of dumbbells. To help you avoid clicking on your preferred bell only to find it’s unavailable, we’ll collect your best options in stock at the top of the page.

The Demos kettle bells are among the better cheaper options you can find, which partly explains why they come in and out of stock so quickly. If you’re an experienced bell user then head to a manufacturer like Wilkerson, but if you just need a little weight to beef up your home workouts, these will get the job done.

One of our perennial picks, this is coming in and out of stock, but allows you to put your money down and reserve one. If that’s the weight range you’re after, however, your quids in because Mira fit makes high-quality gym equipment.

If you’re after more bells and whistles and are willing to pay for it, this neat, space-saving electronic model may be up your street. Simply press a button to choose one of six weights, pull it off its charging cradle and it’s good to go.

An accompanying app supplies workout ideas, and motion sensors in the device will track your reps. Check Argos to see if it’s stock near you or buy from Apple and wait for delivery between 25th July and 1st August.

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Training with kettle bells can be an excellent way to boost both your strength and cardio fitness (just check out this kettle bell workout guide) and, like dumbbells, they’re small enough and affordable enough for you get for home use. “ Kettle bell swings, cleans and snatches are repetitive actions, so if you have a rough handle or one with a seam going down the middle, you will soon know about it,” says Lloyd.

Cheaper kettle bell manufacturers will make no real effort to remove this nasty, sharp seam and your hands will soon tear up like you’ve done a day on a building site.” Lloyd recommends running your hands around the entire handle, especially underneath, before buying.

If you’re already in possession of a kettle bell with a raised seam, sand it down so it’s smooth. “Decent kettle bells will have handle diameters that measure about 30-31 mm, going up to around 38 mm for the heaviest bells.

My favorites are competition kettle bells, which generally have a uniform handle diameter of 33 mm regardless of the weight.” “You can tell if they are cheap as they will be covered in vinyl with a rubber bottom and a handle that looks ridiculous,” says Lloyd.

Some cheap bells can have very narrow handles that are nearly impossible to hold on to during kettle bell swings, and feel awkward for snatches.” “These are a bit more price, but if you want consistency, good progression and form then get kettle bells from Wilkerson Fitness.

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The shape is a little different from a standard kettle bell, but rest assured it can be swung and racked in the same way during your workout. Athletes who are successful at GS sport have perfected their technique to maximize the effectiveness of each lift and to use the least amount of energy possible.

Preserving energy with each repetition allows athletes to lift heavier weights at faster paces. Each point is earned but completing a specific exercise correctly and achieving “lockout”.

Lockout is the term used for when the athlete stops the momentum of the kettle bell in the overhead position for a brief moment in time. If the judge deems that the exercise was not completed properly or the athlete did not fully stop the momentum of the bell in the lockout position, or the knees or elbows were not fully extended, the judge will issue a no-count.

Points are not awarded or deducted for style or individual lifter differences, only for proper execution of the exercise and achievement of lockout. While these may vary depending on the federation, gender, and level of competition the lifts are as follows: snatch, half-snatch, double half-snatch, one and two arm long cycles, and biathlon (One set of single or double jerks and a second set of snatch).

Some events will also include triathlon, long cycle, jerks and snatch scores all combined for one award. All competition style kettle bells are the same size but vary in weight based on how hollow or filled the inside with the bell is.

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In traditional GS Sport (10 minute sets) lifters may only change hands once while longer marathon sets typically allow lifters to change hands as many times as they want. The origins of color coding are in competitive kettle bell lifting in which there are international standards for specific weights.

Color coding kettle bells is also an easy way to designate particular weights in your gym. Below, we will go over the international color code if you need ideas and want to follow the standard.

Competition style bells are usually all one color (pictured below), indicating the weight. For example, a 10 Kg bell is pink with black bands on the handle, and an 18 Kg bell is yellow with black bands on the handle.

We recommend you read more about receiving a quick, free, dynamic kettle bells workout every week you can click below. Also, we recommend you subscribe to our posts, so we can notify you when we publish more in this series.

Inspired by the demands of our elite athletes, these kettle bells are carefully crafted to meet all of your training needs. Tossing around any old piece of iron may work up a sweat, but only the new line of Innit kettle bells deliver the versatility and performance needed to optimize your workouts.

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Effortlessly cool and ready for the most challenging workouts, Innit kettle bells are built with functionality and durability in mind first. Manufactured with a cutting-edge gravity cast molding process, these kettle bells have an ultra-durable, smooth, even finish.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of finding the right kettle bell so that you’ll never accidentally hoist two mismatched weights over your head again. Kettle bell training combines explosive strength with muscular endurance to provide an efficient and athletically optimized full body workout.

Built to last a lifetime, the new and improved Innit kettle bells have the versatility and performance needed to optimize your workouts. An ideal and challenging workout for someone just getting started or even a seasoned vet looking to get a great full body warm-up before heavier training.

Designed to build that He-Man physique and sword fighter dexterity, this workout is particularly punishing for the shoulders, obliques, and thighs. The full quart press is aptly named for the amount of sweat that is going to soak into your clothes when completing this workout.

Multiple bottles, foods, apparel and gear do not fall under this guarantee, however, they may be applicable for return. We verify through ID.me, our trusted technology partner for secure digital identity verification.

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Unlike those of cast-iron or vinyl bells, the dimensions and handle sizes of competition kettle bells don’t change as they get heavier. Originating from Russia, the sport has grown throughout the world and has many variations, depending on the organization’s rules and competition formats.

The phases of a full snatch include: the swing, acceleration pull at the top of the swing, hand insertion, lockout, dropping the bell from overhead, and re-gripping the bell. In full snatch, you drop the bell from overhead in one continuous motion, all the way to the swing.

In half snatch, you drop the bell from overhead to your rack position, where you can rest before repeating the movement. The phases of long cycle include: clean, rack, first dip, bump or triple extension, second dip, lockout, and dropping the bell back to rack position.

Depending on the competition format, you can choose to clean and jerk one or two bells. The goal of kettle bell sport is to perform as many accurate repetitions possible within a given time frame.

Organizations have various ranking tables, which are similar to the belt system in martial arts. Ranking tables take into account your age and gender, body weight category, the weight of the kettle bell.

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When you place first in your event, this means that you scored the most number of reps compared to everyone else in your category (including gender, age group, body weight), lifting in the same event with the same kettle bell weight. In addition, some organizations choose to use a formula to determine the top coefficient lifter in each event.

GS training can be integrated into any training program and is especially beneficial for other iron sports (strongman, CrossFit, powerlifting) and combat sports (MMA, boxing, wrestling, judo). All you need to get started are a few kettle bells, a goodkettlebell sport coach, and the patience and focus to develop your technique.

Whether you decide to enter kettle bell sport competitions or simply train for fun in the comfort of your own home or gym, I hope that this article inspires you to pick up a kettle bell and start swinging. A lot of people are under the impression that the use of kettle bells are some gimmicky fad that burst on the fitness scene within the last decade or so.

The benefits of Kettle bell Training are backed by valid science & extensive studies conducted in the exercise industry along with many hours of practical application experience. While referencing all this science and studies lends credence to the effectiveness of using kettle bells, I only need to trust my own experiences with these amazing implements and the great results I have gotten myself and for those who have practiced with them under my guidance.

If you are going to put forth the time and energy to work out, why not choose a program where you can get great back- end benefits like this for your up- front efforts? If you were to read no further, just that reason alone would be enough to position most people for success in their quest for their ideal body composition.

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Unfortunately, that hack trainer over at the 24-hour super-duper mega techno gym considers throwing you on a treadmill like some mindless hamster followed by doing some curls and crunches a total body workout. Spare yourself the disappointment and frustration of participating in thoughtless and ineffective workouts like this if you really want to improve your fitness.

Many of my reasons I state in this article for why I use a kettle bell in my training also cover what a total body workout should consist of. Hopefully, you realize that our stay on this planet is finite and that we don’t have a lot of time to waste doing unproductive things.

I train with kettle bells because they allow me to design safe, brief, sustainable workouts to experience Maximum Fitness in Minimal Time leading to Stellar Results. Everybody talks about the ‘core” and all of its virtues, but really never train it too productively from what I see while walking around gyms in different cities I visit.

Rarely do I witness worthwhile or meaningful efforts to train the core besides people throwing together some type of crunch or setup routine they have etched in their brains from somewhere in time. Many kettle bell exercises will give you a metabolic effect similar to sprinting, BUT without beating the hell out of your knees, ankles or joints.

The challenge is to pursue a fitness program consisting of exercises that will not only give you a productive workout, but promote an existence of rich, pain free movement as well. High-repetition kettle bell exercises, such as swings and their variations really get your heart rate up and push the limits of your cardiovascular endurance.

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Kettle bell exercises push your muscles, especially those in your core, to keep working repeatedly for long periods of time. This builds muscular endurance, which helps maintain posture and form in your workouts as well as throughout everyday life activities.

Good posture prevents injuries, unhealthy muscle tension, and other aches and pains we all seem to have accumulated to varying degrees over our lifetime. The good news is that you can get incredible fitness and health results with just 2-3 short kettle bell workouts per week in conjunction with a well-designed program.

I loved the fact that I could get in a challenging and fun kettle bell workout that literally addressed every fitness goal I valued with a minimal time investment that yielded maximum results. This really uncomplicated my routine, freed up more time to devote to other responsibilities/leisurely pursuits and boosted my fitness and health to levels that surpassed my expectations.

This is very true if you define quality as moving better and pain free, performing daily tasks more efficiently and confidently, enjoying new levels of activity and finally achieving that ideal lean, tight and strong body worth bragging to the heavens about! I’m convinced that sound, thoughtful and challenging physical training in general does wonders for your mental well-being and will contribute to a positive outlook on life.

Furthermore, kettle bell exercises are extremely efficient at building lean muscle mass, which elevates the metabolism and helps maintain a healthy body weight long term. Kettle bell training will help you forge your ideal body without wasting a lot of unproductive time in the gym.

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Thoughtfully programmed variety is beneficial because it keeps the body challenged, which helps avoid training plateaus. Add new exercises only if you can justify its purpose in furthering your training goals, it’s safe and you can perform them competently.

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced trainees will all be challenged since there are so many exercise regressions and progressions that can be applied in a kettle bell training program to keep all levels engaged and moving forward with their goals. If you can’t move well and with a requisite amount of strength, then your quality of life and performance of your everyday activities will suffer.

Heed my warning and train in such a way where you will promote and preserve your joint mobility and pain free movement quality. Renowned coach Steve Maxwell stated that in his many years of teaching fitness worldwide, he has never had a client tell him that they wished they had done more bench presses over their lifetime.

Instead, they all overwhelmingly regret not practicing and staying connected to exercises that improved their movement quality in order to live an active pain free life. This is a great warning that I wished I would have heeded in my younger training days, but fortunately it is rarely too late to improve your movement quality if you have the desire to take action and practice meaningful exercises.

While kettle bells play a huge part in the programs I design, they are by no means the be all and end all fitness modalities. But if you want to torch the fat, increase mobility, get lean & strong, develop killer legs, tighten your butt & perform better physically and live a life of active vitality and longevity, then a well-designed kettle bell based program may be for you.

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If you like the fitness benefits you can experience from training with kettle bells, then take action and dare to transform your body and your quality of life. Grab a friend, spouse or loved one or go it alone and give kettle bell training a shot if you want to experience meaningful results, achieve that ideal body and even have some fun and excitement.

Many gyms and health clubs wanting to jump on the kettle bell bandwagon and cash in on their dynamic reputation and “cool” status for propelling one to their fitness goals will make the knee-jerk decision to add them to their facility with little thought as to their proper use or how to integrate them safely into their master plan if they have one at all. I have been to more facilities than I care to remember that will just let trainees and trainers do all kinds of unsafe movements and buffoonery with a kettle bell ranging from truly cringe worthy technique to using the kettle bell to gang dance around in some kind of disjointed routine of meaningless expenditures of energy.

People get hurt when they don’t take the time to learn safe, sustainable technique or take instruction from inept, unqualified, unprepared instructors who do you, me, the kettle bell and the fitness industry a colossal disservice by muddying the effectiveness and reputation of this excellent tool. Regarding scenarios such as this, trainees and trainers will usually get hurt at some point due to their lack of proper technique training and then ridiculously blame the kettle bell for their shortcomings instead of their own ineptness and failure to learn proper technique and program design as to the reason for their failure or injury.

In the wrong hands the kettle bell becomes nothing more than an Attractive Liability for irresponsible gym owners, trainers and members who are either ignorant of sound technique or their colossal egos dictate that they are above learning from others with greater skill than their own. I politely questioned one gym owner why he lets his admittedly unqualified staff have free rein of the kettle bells without any legitimate training.

I told him you are allowing your staff to teach horrendous technique to your client base in a dangerously unsustainable manner. Don’t get me wrong- everybody at some point regardless of their experience or qualifications will sustain some type of injury or tweak a muscle here or there performing any exercise using any fitness tool.

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With proper instruction, kettle bells are easy to learn, yet will keep you challenged and progressing without boring the hell out of you. I have been using kettle bells for over a decade and I have yet to experience boredom or lack of enthusiasm and I have sampled just about every fitness tool and method out there.

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