What Is A Good Kettlebell Kitchen

Daniel Brown
• Saturday, 24 October, 2020
• 20 min read

Unlike other companies, KettlebellKitchen meals only last 2 days! I let them know about the delayed shipment and warm food, and they did give me store credit though.

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*This ranking is lower than my reviews of Factor 75 and Freshly. So much so my husband was asking me when more Bison Sliders and Buffalo chicken were coming.

I started to notice feeling a little sick from the Pork Egg Roll (shown above in this post), but I assumed it was from the oils and seasonings put on it. In order to get in enough healthy fat, they add in oils and dips to a lot of the recipes.

Since I wasn’t used to such a fancy type meal, I figured my body was adjusting to it. The next night we opened up Turkey Nuggets with Buffalo Cauliflower (also featured in a picture above).

The reason this is relevant…the Turkey Nuggets tasted like the wood vanish smelled. So needless to say, after the pork egg roll and now this meal, I wasn’t looking forward to Thursday’s delivery.

The combination of the couple bad meals and the smell of the hot ones did me in. They gave me a credit for the Turkey Nuggets and ruined meals.

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The first two orders were slightly warm, but I felt safe eating them. The box was soggy, the food stank, and the ice pack was completely melted.

I mean, it’s rare to find Veto and Vegetarian options all at one delivery service. The only way you could cut that out is if you have a local pick up place close by.

If you want purely veto options, it’s hard. Kettle bell training can be an excellent way to boost your strength considerably, conditioning as well as cardio fitness and just like an adjustable dumbbell, they don’t take up a lot of space, so they are the perfect piece of equipment for a home workout too.

As with all things exercise related, start out with a sensible and measured approach and you can build from there as and when your body tells you it’s time to go heavier. Right now the most important thing is to start incorporating from kettle bell work into your current training program to fast track those fitness results.

Choosing the right kettle bell for you though can be a bit daunting, and you don’t want to splash the cash on something that’s just not suitable weight wise for the results you are looking to achieve. As little as ten years ago your options were reasonably limited when it came to purchasing kettle bells, but these days, plenty of companies do their own versions.

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So let’s take a look today at some Best Kettle Bells which will you swinging your way quickly to that honed and toned physique you’ve been struggling to acquire up till now. They are constructed from a single cast without any welded parts, and each individual weight is color-coded with a ring at the base of each handle.

They feature a flat-bottomed design which makes them perfect for a range of exercises including push-ups and renegade rows as well as being easy to store. It has an ergonomic handle that is designed to fit most hands and it feels very similar in terms of resistance.

This Tone Fitness Vinyl Coated Cement Filled Kettle bell Weight is a device that enables you to achieve flexibility, strength, endurance, and stability in your muscles as well as a lifetime of general physical well-being. It is capable of taking on every part of your major body muscles to give you that agility, poise, energy and general fulfillment.

Constructed from a cast-iron molded cement coated with vinyl, its flat bottom ensures stability and guarantees the user a firm grip. Its workout functions include applications in snatches, squats, get-ups and other fitness endurance muscle toning exercises.

It comes in a variety of weights to Improve strength, stamina, and coordination whilst increasing the lung and heart capacity. As a result, it helps enhance agility and speed and will improve significantly cardiovascular disorders, is the preferred choice in workouts to prevent such conditions as heart attack or strokes.

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It is prominently color coded and doubly marked in both imperial and metric system units and lets you identify the different weights without difficulty. This little piece of equipment will boost your power, stretch, strength, and endurance and is ideal for use in swings, squats, lifting, and dead lifts.

The Kettle Grip itself weighs less than a pound so is the perfect lightweight solution to back in a bag. It’s a portable, adaptable, and economical solution and a great option for a home gym or for anyone who frequently travels.

Made from vinyl leather and filled with sand, it weighs an impressive 20lbs, which is enough to give you a serious workout. Unlike cheap kettle bell handles, you won’t experience cramp after a couple of reps. Add this to the offset center of gravity and you can perform large movements with superior control.

As a general rule of thumb, if you are a novice to using kettle bell ’s and about to get started out, then the following weights are recommended to get you into the swing of things so to speak! Remember that the action of using a kettle bell is far more dynamic and creates a lot more velocity and movement than working with static dumbbells so even as a slighter framed woman, you’d be surprised at what you can manage to start with versus when you first started out lifting weights.

If you do know that you are committed and will want to incorporate kettle bell training into your program long term then a set of three is a good option so that you have ongoing progression and regression if you ever need it too. Make sure that the seams are smooth as even if you are wearing weight training gloves, uneven handle edges can be a pain and will hinder your enjoyment which will affect your performance.

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A good uniform handle size, regardless of the weight, is about 33 mm so check these details before investing. There is a heap of benefits that come with kettle bell training which is why they’ve risen in popularity in gyms globally as well as in home setups.

Depending upon your body shape and size and the effort you are putting in, you should be able to blast up to 20 calories a minute which is the equivalent of the rate you’d be burning if you were fit enough to run a 6-minute mile! Best of all, kettle bells deliver the complete package, and by that, we mean that they improve fitness, strength as well as flexibility.

It’s a ballistic and totally effective way of exercising that sees results in record time. They also require functional movement, the kind that replicates what your body carries out on an everyday basis so again, this makes them highly practical and hugely popular.

The unique shape and design of kettle bell also affect their center of gravity so in order to really complete the exercises correctly you are absolutely required to engage your core and your glutes in stabilizing your body. Because you are involved in mostly dynamic swinging actions, kettle bell training also requires you to be very mindful of what your body is doing.

While we have mentioned progression and increasing your weights and also doubling up for some exercises, the beauty of starting out with kettle bell training is that you really only do need the one, so it’s a small investment overall. For most other types of weighted exercises, you really do need to work out with pairs, for example, dumbbells in each hand or plates either end of a barbell.

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Find something you love, switch things up a bit and you just know that you are going to see, feel and experience results. Perhaps one of the biggest concerns that people have when started out kettle bell training is hot to ensure they do it safely without risk of unwanted injury.

There’s no point steering away from the truth if you do perform your exercises incorrectly you could end up putting unnecessary strain on your lower back and shoulder and perhaps also your hips and knees as there are the most vulnerable areas. The great news though is that by following a few essential tips, you can perfect your kettle bell form and have lots of fun safely working out.

Don’t be tempted to stand with your legs too far apart thinking that this will create a more solid base as it will in fact put more strain on your lower back so get into a proper stance with your feet about hip width apart and make sure you start out with a sensible weight. The trick is to build up your strength and endurance so don’t go too heavy to start, especially while you are still honing your technique.

So engage that core, lift with your hips and ensure that your spine is a nice neutral position which again will significantly help to minimize unwanted injuries. Your regular running shoes are not the best choice as they will elevate your heels off the ground which is not a good position for kettle bell workouts.

These will give you a better grip and stop the kettle bell from potentially slipping out of your hand, and you got it, landing on that toe we just mentioned! This unique design, as distinct to a dumbbell, means that the weight is not evenly distributed and this delivers instability, creating counterbalance and the need to really focus on your core while training with this piece of equipment.

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A: We highly recommend, as do my professional PT’s and athletes, that you do incorporate kettle bell training into your ongoing fitness program. Incorporating some kettle bell based exercise into your workouts is seriously going to affect your body in nothing but good ways.

They require your hips and legs to generate the force and momentum of the swing while your entire core including your abs, back, and shoulder girdle are called upon to stabilize your body and control your balance and posture. A: The great news here is that yes, you will definitely lose weight, body fat and increase muscle mass by working out with kettle bells.

The kettle bell is ideal for weight loss as its low impact and can really help to torch the fat and accelerate your results and gains. You’ll build solid lean muscle mass and strength while at the same time giving your body a proper cardiovascular workout.

There’s little wonder then than kettle bell training is loved by so many and seen as a bit of a 1-stop-shop for increasing your fat loss results and delivering definition. Ben Coleman is our resident sports and fitness product expert who offers a wide range of information in this field.

Important Update: KettlebellKitchen kept its numerous patrons happy for 7 long years. In the meantime, be sure to take a look at our list of the best healthy meal delivery services for some excellent KettlebellKitchen alternatives.

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KettlebellKitchen is a New York-based meal delivery service designed for goal-driven people who want to improve their health, fitness, and overall quality of life through smart, personalized nutrition. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle mass, run faster or simply switch to a healthier diet, this service can help you realize your goals with significantly less effort.

Join us as we explore this company’s vast offer in our dedicated KettlebellKitchen review. With KettlebellKitchen, you get a personalized or custom selection of ready-made, chef-crafted meals delivered to your home or your local gym at a frequency of your choosing.

The service offers seasonal menus with the addition of fresh weekly specials. Natural ingredients of high quality are sourced prior to each shipment and the meals are made to ensure maximum freshness.

Realizing that some customers prefer structure and others freedom of choice, the company has decided to offer 2 distinct ordering options. First and foremost, you can choose from as many as 10 aptly named meal plans, including Slim, Burn, Build, Pure Paleo, Perform, Vegetarian, Flexitarian, Endure, Complete Veto, and Whole30.

As you can deduce from the names, the plans are designed with different wellness and lifestyle goals in mind. We will explain the aim of each plan in the Meals And Recipes section of this KettlebellKitchen review.

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Second, you can choose from 4 predesigned subscription options that determine the number and type of meals you receive every week. Fourth, you can modify your orders, pause your subscription or cancel your plan altogether at any time.

You only need to remember to make the desired changes to your order by Wednesday at midnight EST the week before the delivery is due, as billing goes through on Thursday. You can choose from a vast variety of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, side dishes, and desserts that fit your diet and goals.

The key distinctive feature of KettlebellKitchen is that its primary aim is to help you align your nutrition with your wellness goals. It does not only delivery healthy, delicious food that is good for you, it helps you strategically choose meals and shape your diet in order to maximize your results, whether they are related to weight loss, athletic performance, health or sticking to a diet that is in line with your needs as well as your beliefs.

That way, it becomes more than a meal delivery service and transforms into a significant factor in getting closer to realizing your desires. The reason why we emphasize this characteristic of KettlebellKitchen is that it solves important problems for many people.

Sticking to a dietary regimen, building muscle mass or improving athletic results is not a straight line with clear steps. Someone who is not an expert on nutrition cannot know with certainty what kinds of meals consumed on a daily basis can lead to the desired results.

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It is also important to note that this service does not only offer excellent meal plans but takes great care to source only the best ingredients. It uses natural, locally sourced produce, 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised beef, healthy pork and poultry, and wild-caught fish.

As we mentioned previously in this KettlebellKitchen review, the service offers everything from breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to side dishes and desserts, all neatly sorted into categories for easier browsing. The meals generally contain 350 to 550 calories and the macronutrient ratio depends on the diet type for which they are designed.

The dishes are mostly classics and favorites from cuisines around the world, ranging from American to Asian. It includes diet meals that can help you lose that stubborn extra fat and inches.

The Endure plan is excellent for runners, bikers, swimmers, and other athletic individuals whose physical activity requires great stamina. It offers the right balance between animal-based and veggie meals, thus supporting proper body functioning.

Finally, the Whole30 plan makes is easy to stick to the strict Whole30 dietary regimen, forget about foods that prevent you from getting slim, and improve your health. For safety purposes, as well as optimal nutrition and taste, we recommend keeping prepared meals in your freezer for up to 2 months.

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If you want to save cash on shipping, you can order online but pick up the meals yourself in one of the hundreds of gyms the company cooperates with. To make sure KettlebellKitchen meets all your standards and expectations, it is important to know its biggest advantages and disadvantages.

With KettlebellKitchen, you get delicious meals prepared by pro chefs at affordable prices. To find out what kinds of delights you will receive in your delivery, we have chosen a couple of sample dishes that accurately represents its offer and can help you decide if it is the right service for you.

Bacon Praline Paleo French Toast Baked Sweet Potato Wedges Cuban Roast Pork Grass-FSteak and Avocado with Greens High-quality ingredients, meal plans aligned with your goals, plenty of healthy options on the menu, meals for every part of the day plus scrumptious treats, à la carte ordering, fair pricing, and numerous special diet options, there is really so much to like.

Thus, if you are looking for a meal delivery service that is willing to go the extra mile to satisfy your needs, we warmly recommend KettlebellKitchen. We recently tried several meal delivery services, and now we’re comparing Freshly vs KettlebellKitchen side-by-side.

The other great bonus about ordered from Freshly is that they have free shipping for their meals, which is huge! They cater to fitness-minded people and busy professionals; therefore, they offer meals that are Veto, Core, and vegetarian as well.

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You can even sign up for one of their meal plans to have a bit more consistency in your eating patterns throughout the week. Since the meals arrived at ice, I found that it caused a bit of an issue in them being as cold as they needed to be.

And if you’re looking at these two meal options for your family, you’ll find more choices readily available with Freshly. If you’re a family or busy individual, you’ll have greater luck using Freshly as your meal delivery service.

For purchases made via these links, we earn commissions that allow us to keep producing helpful content. When choosing between two such amazing services like KettlebellKitchen and The GoodKitchen, you need to take a good look at all the little details that may make one superior to the other.

The goal of this KettlebellKitchen VS The GoodKitchen comparison is to provide an objective assessment of the quality of both services based on the degree to which they satisfy all the major criteria for meal delivery comparison. KettlebellKitchen offers an impressive variety of healthy, tasty, reasonably priced meals available for à la carte ordering as well as within 10 meal plans specifically designed to help you achieve your athletic, wellness, and lifestyle goals.

KettlebellKitchen offers 10 meal plans, including Slim, Burn, Build, Pure Paleo, Perform, Vegetarian, Flexitarian, Endure, Complete Veto, and Whole30, and allows you to customize your meal plan. KettlebellKitchen menus vary depending on location and normally include 80+ items.

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KettlebellKitchen offers prepared breakfasts, lunches, dinners, sides, and desserts. KettlebellKitchen uses fresh, high-quality, locally sourced produce, 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised beef, antibiotic-free and hormone-free pork and poultry, and wild-caught fish.

KettlebellKitchen offers well-balanced meals created in accordance with a variety of specific diets, dietary regimens, and athletic and wellness goals. KettlebellKitchen lets you modify, pause or cancel your subscription whenever you wish.

You just need to make the desired changes by Wednesday at midnight EST. You can request a refund in specific scenarios and the company will do its best to accommodate your desires.

Best for singles, couples, and families who don’t want to compromise on food quality or taste The GoodKitchen meals are always 100% clean and free from gluten, soy, and peanuts.

The menu features a perfect combination of classics and exotics. The GoodKitchen exclusively uses wholesome, natural, non-GMO, and organic ingredients.

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You can modify, pause or cancel your subscription from The GoodKitchen at any time, just make sure to do it before Friday at 5 pm EST the week before your delivery is scheduled to arrive. If you are not happy with your order from The GoodKitchen, you can contact the company within 10 days of your delivery and you may either get a credit or refund.

I had to call to clarify a bunch of questions because their website is very confusing. I just hope they'll keep up the good work, would be a shame if they started compromising on quality for profit, like so many others.

They state on their website that they offer 100% satisfaction but if the food is awful there are NO refunds. Meal prepping for work days is a big hassle, so I figured I would give it a shot.

I will tell you, you can find better and cheaper meals in the frozen food section at your local grocery store. The nutritional information is posted on the website for each dish before you order in case you're counting calories or looking for something else.

This has helped me with portion control and I look forward to my lunch every day. Good service and I think the price is well worth the product.

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I'm going to enjoy the Falafel with Tahini Sauce and Grilled Eggplant at lunchtime today. The choices are ok, there are a lot of exotic dishes (just an opinion), which means a lot of weird spices, sometimes you just want a good simple piece of protein and some vegetables.

They deliver on a Tuesday or Wednesday, for me that wasn't convenient because I required meals during the work week. However, the worst criticism I have to deliver, and why it only got a one star, is the meat quality.

I found myself chewing on bits of cartilage (chicken meat ball and Italian sausage) or worst a long piece of fat/intestine in a beef meal, it was very disgusting. Perhaps, to some people that might not be a problem but for the “hand-made” claims they advertise, this appears to be more industrial food preparations.

This was a huge disappointment as I was going to continue their subscription, you can be choice meals that week (though don't wait until Friday because all the good stuff is gone), packaging is good, easy to use but all that doesn't matter if the meal is uneatable. Made of clean, organic, and non-GMO ingredients, cooked by professional chefs, and frozen fresh, this company’s meals are a great solution for busy people who want to eat healthily.

As involved (and often confused) as I’ve previously been in puzzling together my various personal meal plans, I decided to give the hands-off approach a shot and let KettlebellKitchen ’s team do the work for me. Plus, with its stated pledge of helping me achieve my wellness benchmarks (co-founder Greg Grossman says some customers have seen results in as little as two weeks) I was definitely intrigued.

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Wild salmon cakes, Cajun shrimp with pulled chicken, and roasted pork loin with bacon date relish. Wild salmon cakes, Cajun shrimp with pulled chicken, and roasted pork loin with bacon date relish.

“Protein also has the added benefit of helping you feel more satiated after a meal and promoting blood sugar balance.” Because the protein-packed breakfast was bigger than my usual smoothie or plain hard boiled eggs, I wasn’t starving by the time lunch rolled around.

I’ll have to try the meal plan longer to see where it takes me in terms of workout goals, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to break up with meal-prep for good. The nutrient-dense meals in this plan support muscle building.

The meal delivery service catered to the health conscious, starting in New York City and expanding nationally in 2017. Kari Pearce, a CrossFit Games Athlete who also held the title for “Fittest American Woman,” endorsed the brand.

North Castle Partners, a private equity firm based in Greenwich, Connecticut, invested $26.7 million in KettlebellKitchen in October 2018. North Castle has worked with a slew of wellness brands, including Equinox Fitness, Curves International and Naked Juice Company.

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