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Kettle bells, or the “Russian hand weight,” have been around since the 1700s, but only recently have they gained media attention and substantial popularity within the global fitness industry.

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Today, both men and women take part in the power and strength endurance sport on a global scale, both for recreation and competitively. The added vinyl coating can increase material manufacturing costs, which can lead to higher pricing.

Sarah Lure mentions that a vinyl coating can “uncomfortably grab your skin in certain exercises and positions.” Vinyl kettle bells often advertise their ability to “protect the floor” due to their extra layer, but any heavy free weight has the potential to damage a surface. Kettle bell can be a dangerous but beneficial sport and requires coordination, technique and education no matter what the material.

For those who might be looking to attract new gym members or group class participants or who just have a more colorful personality, the vinylkettlebell could be a more suitable option. On the other hand the vinyl kettle bells may be made from cast iron or some have cement as the weight which is the outstanding first difference between Vinyl and Cast Iron Kettle bells.

This vinyl coating can be on the weight or the entire kettle bell where it extends to the handle. Some kettle bell manufacturers may choose to use a different material instead of vinyl such as rubber.

Vinyl coated kettle bells also have the advantage of having different color that are coded depending on the weight and according to the international kettle bell color code standard. There are also complaints that some vinyl coated kettle bells tend to chip, and they do not protect the floor from damage as purported.

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Personally, I find rough textured cast iron kettle bells to be appealing since they give the user the maximum grip needed to a great kettle bell swing. More delivery & pickup optionsGifting note:Ships in the manufacturer's original packaging, which may reveal the contents.

Wader Legacy Adjustable Workout Bench with 16 Positions and Included Exercise Chart Improve your performance with the help of the Wader Power Kettle bell kit.

Weighing in at 5, 10, and 15 pounds respectively, this progressive set of three weights will allow you to achieve various levels of workout intensity. Suitable for building a gym-quality strength training routine in the privacy of your own home, these kettle bells can add resistance to a variety of exercises to increase the difficulty and build lean muscle.

Supplement lunges, squats, and shoulder raise to turn up the heat while you train. Each kettle bell features a vinyl coated, cement-filled construction with an extra-wide grip, making it easy to maintain comfortable control of your weight throughout your workout.

Follow the professionally crafted instruction of the included exercise chart to discover a variety of functional, muscle-building exercises to integrate into your strength training regime. The Wader Power Kettle bell Kit will help you achieve your goals one rep at a time.

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Vinyl coating helps protect surfaces and reduce noise Perform explosive exercise with progressive weight intensities

Use the professionally-designed exercise chart to ensure proper form and execution Add variety to your workout Protect yourself from injury and maximize your results Report Does the job, however, they are extremely bigger than my 20lb cast iron bell.

I like that it doesn't give calluses like my cast iron if I'm not using my weight lifting gloves. Reports a question you would like to share feedback with us about pricing, delivery or other customer service issues, please contact customer service directly.

Walmart Protection Plans cover the total cost of repair, or replacement, for products, as well as covering delivery charges for the exchange. Walmart Protection Plan options and pricing can be found on the product page, as well as in your cart.

A Walmart Protection Plan can be added within 30 days of purchase. Pros: Wide, comfortable grip Durable gravity cast molding Won't slip during use

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Cons: Paint is prone to chipping off Those with smaller hands might find the handle too thick Doesn't have rubber coating Pros: Flat bottom keeps it from rolling or tipping over Weight markings in pounds and kilograms Non-corrosive finish guards against rust

From plyometrics to strength training to general fitness workouts, this kettle bell has a powder coating for ultimate durability. Available sizes range from nine to 79 pounds, making the Garage Fit one of the best kettle bells for beginners through advanced users.

Pros: Each weight is a different color Flat-bottom design increases stability on the ground Comfortable wide-grip handles Cons: Those with large hands might find the handles too small Vinyl material is prone to nicks and cuts Some complaints of an initial chemical odor

This versatile piece of equipment comes in handy for many exercises, from squats to rotational swings to throws, jerks, snatches and more. A flat bottom design keeps the kettle bell from tipping over or rolling when it’s placed on the floor.

A large, ergonomic handle lets you safely and effectively grip the kettle bell during various movements. Pros: Wide weight range appeals to all abilities Secure and comfortable ergonomic handle Many trainer-led exercises available

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Cons: Some more advanced users wish the weight range was higher Slightly bulky design Those with larger hands might find the handle a bit small This adjustable Bow flex kettle bell has a weight range of eight to 40 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it as your strength increases.

A weight selection dial allows you to make adjustments as desired in small increments at a time. You can choose to keep the setting on one specific weight or alter it for workouts such as twists, squats, rows, swings and more.

Pros: Available as individuals or in sets Weight range of nine to 106 pounds caters to all levels Powder-coated handle for secure grip Rep Fitness kettle bells aren’t cheap, but they’re versatile and can be purchased individually or in a set.

The set contains a weight range of 17 to 53 pounds, making it more suitable for intermediate to advanced users. Pros: Ideal for many types of workouts Suitable for beginners through advanced users Coated finish minimizes noise

An available weight range of five to 50 pounds makes the Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettle bell a practical choice for most users. The kettle bell handle is wide and fairly smooth, with just enough texture to provide a secure grip as you work out.

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The body is outfitted with a vinyl coated finish, which not only resists corrosion but also minimizes noise. This kettle bell is suitable for virtually any age or gender and works just as well for dead lifts and swings as it does squats, snatches and other exercises.

Pros: Available as individuals or sets Wide handle increases versatility Flat bottom keeps the kettle bell stable on the floor The kettle bell features a solid cast iron construction that’s free from seams and weddings.

Another perk is its flat bottom, which keeps the kettle bell from tipping over or rolling across the floor when you set it down. Cons: Some competitors have a higher weight range Handle surface is a bit rough A few complaints of an initial chemical odor

Not only does its stable base hold the kettle bell in place on the floor, it also remains planted while you do push ups. The kettle bell has a sturdy cast iron handle, with a slightly textured grip for added security.

The included weight plates go inside the kettle bell shell to create a complete set. Pros: Made with concrete and vinyl for durability Flat bottom design increases stability Set comes with a DVD and exercise chart

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A flat bottom holds the kettle bell steady, while its wide opening handle ensures a comfortable and secure grip. Pros: Includes several non-weighted spacer disks Textured handle surface increases grip Can be used for a variety of workouts

Cons: Some find the exterior too rough Range may be too limited for beginners and more advanced users Design is somewhat bulky The kettle bell includes a weighted handle and is made with durable cast iron material.

Not only does the handle have plenty of texture to ensure a secure grip, it also comes in a handy U-shape for full control during workouts. Pros: Every kettle bell has weight markings on its side Wide handle for easy grip Durable cast-iron construction

Such a wide weight range makes this kettle bell just as suitable for beginners as more advanced users. Pros: Weight range of five to 25 pounds Each kettle bell has a wide, textured handle Convenient flat bottom design

The Sunny Health & Fitness Vinyl -Coated Kettle bell caters to beginners, with a weight range of five to 25 pounds. As an added bonus, each kettle bell has a wide handle with just enough texture to provide a secure and comfortable grip as you complete your favorite movements.

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Every kettle bell base has a flat bottom design for upright storage, and to prevent it from tipping over. The source recommends performing a set of eight to 12 repetitions to the point of muscle fatigue for the best results.

Whether you consider yourself an athlete or you're simply ready to take your kettle bell workouts to the next level, you'll find plenty of worthy options. The handle is also easy to grip, so you can confidently complete your favorite strength exercises and transition to others.

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Aesthetically pleasing and durable vinyl ... Includes a 5-35 Pound Kettle bell Set wit...

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Includes Two 5-35 Pound Kettle bell Sets ... Includes a 5-35 Pound Premium Kettle bell ...

Includes Two 5-35 Pound Premium Kettle be... 90 Pounds of Kettle bell with Storage RAC...

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