What Does Kettlebell Clean Work

Bob Roberts
• Tuesday, 24 November, 2020
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The KettlebellClean takes the kettle bell from the floor and into the racked position, on the chest, in one fluid motion. From this racked position you can then: Press, Lunge, Squat, Clean again, Dance a jig or just rest.

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Activates most muscles in the body Can be very cardiovascular if repeated correctly Is great for fat loss due to all the muscles conditioned Develops strong and explosive hips for sports Has a great hormonal response if performed with a heavier kettle bell Can be used as a segue into so many other kettle bell exercises The KB Clean hits most of the muscles of the body making it a huge fat burning and strength building exercise.

The clean is based off the dead lift movement pattern so just like the Swing and Snatch it works heavily into the back of the body, posterior chain, making it a great counterbalance to all the sitting many of us do each day. It is that explosive little HIP SNAP that sends the kettle bell up and on its way to the chest.

Ensure the thumb is pointing backwards Load the rear of the body by driving from the heels Keep the bell close as if facing a wall Snap the hips and don’t use the arm Keep the abs tight and don’t lean backwards Rotate the arm around the bell and not the other way around The bell moves up and down in a vertical path Engage the Lat muscle by squeezing the armpit at the top of the move Keep it smooth and do not bang the arm If the kettle bell bruising your wrist then you need to buy a better kettle bell Stopping the kettle bell in the hang position takes away the muscles' elasticity energy and makes the exercise more challenging.

You can practice performing this one arm kettlebellclean by facing a wall to restrict the swinging or looping movement that often happens with beginners. Practice workout: progress to 60 seconds on each side before changing hands.

The natural progression on from the KB clean exercises is the single arm kettlebellclean and press. Make sure there is a natural pause between the kettle bell clean and the kettle bell overhead press.

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You can also use the kettle bell overhead push press or the slightly more complicated kettlebellclean and jerk from the racked position too. Kettle bell Bottoms Upholding Position kettle bell bottoms ups clean forces you to master good body alignment and accurate kettlebellclean technique.

The movement starts with the standard single arm hang clean but then the kettle bell is flipped upside down in the top position. The kettle bell clean, squat and press is a very demanding single arm kettle bell complex that gets a huge amount of muscle activation as well as cardio benefits in one set of movements.

As with the KB clean and press it is important to distinguish between the different exercises and not rush from one to the next making technical mistakes. Practice workout: progress to 60 seconds on each side before changing hands.

I really like the kettle bell single leg clean because it forces great technique naturally. The kettle bell single leg clean nicely connects the body’s natural sling system from hip to opposite shoulder, excellent for sports and more functional training.

If you have a weakness with the kettle bell in your left-hand then you may want to practice that same side for the single leg dead lift and also Turkish get up. It is important to keep the chest up as you lunge to avoid overusing the stabilizers in the lower back.

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The straight forward handles is recommended more for the beginner because it uses less rotation when taking the kettle bell up into the racked position on the chest. Here we take the double kettle bell power clean exercise and add a pressing movement.

Finally, you can have a real cardio blast by alternating cleans with two kettle bells. Women should start with a 8 kg or 12 kg (25lbs), although I have female clients that clean 16 kg and 20 kg (44lbs) kettle bells, as I mentioned the strength comes from the hips not the arms.

The Clean is an important full body kettle bell exercise that can be used by itself or as part of a more complex sequence. You should master the dead lift and swing before attempting the clean as they all come from the all important hip hinge.

Start with the basic hang or kettle bell dead clean above before progressing on to the more complex variations of the movement. The KettlebellClean hits most of the muscles of the body making it a huge fat burning and strength building exercise.

Most of the kettle bell exercises activate a lot of muscles simultaneously making it a huge fat burning way of working out. The kettlebellclean and press is one of the most popular moves because it works so many muscle groups and it’s also very fun.

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It does take a good amount of strength so it’s best to do this move with a lighter weight of kettle bell when you are new and are not in great shape. Then re- clean the bell and perform another press, repeating for the recommended number of repetitions on each side.

In other words, press the kettle bell directly above your shoulders until your arm is completely straight. To perform the press you must begin from the rack position, achieved by doing the kettle bell clean.

Muscles engaged: shoulders, biceps, quads, core, triceps, middle and lower back, glutes, hamstrings, hip flexors, outer thighs. For the second part of the exercise use the same exact form as illustrated in the double kettle bell shoulder press step-by-step instructions.

And finally, from the racked position continue right back down to perform your next set of a clean to press. Put the two together and you have a very challenging exercise that literally works every major muscle group in your body.

Furthermore, the kettlebellclean and press is a superb developer of the upper body (especially for the shoulders) and, when done for volume training, can be pretty taxing on your cardiovascular system. Whether you’re trying to improve your strength and power, or you’re an endurance athlete looking to build some serious muscular stamina, the kettle bell snatch is a brilliant move for you to learn.

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I’m not gonna lie: the kettle bell snatch is a very technically demanding lift. Endurance athletes will get high-intensity cardio training and increases in muscular power without risking the repetitive stress injuries that often accompany distance running or cycling.

And strength athletes will also reap the benefits of high-intensity cardio (because let’s be real, we avoid it like the plague) while developing power that’s going to help dominate on the lifting platform. Whether you’ve got plantar fasciitis or you’re just generally on the hunt for high-intensity exercises that won’t require slamming your joints around, kettle bell snatches are going to work wonders for your cardiovascular endurance while remaining relatively gentle on your joints.

If you power (pun intended) through the first two, with the bar moving relatively easily and quickly, you’re probably going to feel more confident heading into your last two. Jacob Land/ShutterstockLook, the faster you’re able to move a loaded bar, the more physically powerful you are at that given lift.

But the amazing thing about this lift is that to do it right, your body needs to develop both spectacular mobility and excellent stability. Stability, because your glenohumeral joint needs to be stable enough to support the rapid transitions the movement takes your shoulders through, controlling both the press to the top of the lift and the sudden descent back down.

Practicing this lift will therefore greatly increase your kinesthetic awareness, a.k.a. your ability to know where your body is in space and how to effectively move through it. Poor kinesthetic awareness will improve with practice, and you’ll be able to tell you’re getting better at it when the bell stops smacking your forearm at the top of the lift (a glorious day it will be).

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Which is saying something, considering that I spent much of my childhood with broken fingers due to, well… rough and tumble clumsiness. According to a 2015 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, kettle bell snatch training was more effective than free weight and body weight circuit training at improving the maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 max) of seventeen young women athletes’ maximal oxygen uptake.

The swing part of kettle bell snatches is absurdly effective at activating your glutes, hamstrings, core, hip flexors, and quads, while the high pull and eventual push through at the end are spectacular for your upper lats, traps, and Delta. And finally, whether you want to improve your grip strength to bring your dead lift to the next level or efficiently bring in all your grocery bags in one trip (absolutely no one is trying to make multiple grocery trips in this house), the kettle bell snatch is great for your grip strength.

You want to press the bell overhead, with your grip offset so that the web between your thumb and index finger meet the curve of the handle. Your hand should be woven through the bell such that it is resting comfortably, with your wrist straight, on the back of your forearm.

If they don’t, cable pulls and other exercises to increase your shoulder stability are definitely a must before diving into the wild world of kettle bell snatches. After you’ve truly mastered the kettle bell swing (both with two hands and with one), you might be ready to take on the high pull.

), drive the bell up along your rib cage, making sure your elbow doesn’t flare out in the process. The infamous wrist flop is understandably a dreaded part of both kettle bell cleans and snatches.

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The twist is, instead of bringing it down slow and controlled (which you do with regular presses), you’re going to flip the bell straight over your hand, using momentum to let the bell swing down from the press into the end of a kettle bell swing. Complete this process several times, sinking it into your muscle memory, so you’ll have one less thing to think about when you start integrating more steps.

Now that you’ve got the reverse process down, you’re going to get through the steps of the kettle bell snatch in actual order. To do this, use the last bit of momentum to activate your upper lats, traps, and Delta, performing a high pull with a straight wrist and a deep exhale.

At the end of the high pull, tilt your forearm up (converting your angle from roughly horizontal to more vertical) to initiate the final momentum-influenced push to the ceiling. This subtle tilt will help you land the bell on the back of your forearm without bruising yourself.

That way, your straight wrist and change in direction will allow the bell to just loop over your hand and forearm, saving you the ever-dreaded and painful flop. Nina Take/Shutterstock The kettle bell snatch is all about power, so even if you’re using it primarily to boost endurance, you don’t want to overdo it with the reps.

If you already have a programmed day when you do intensive kettlebellwork, you’ll want to integrate the kettle bell snatch into the beginning of your workout. If you’re looking for a timed workout, do 15-seconds of kettle bell snatches per side (with a 30-second rest between each full set) for three minutes.

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If you’re primarily looking to build muscular strength and power with the lift, use the moderately heavy rep scheme (three sets of 4-6 per side) after you’ve warmed up for a day when you’re emphasizing horizontal pushes (chest and triceps). That way, your chest (one of the few major muscles not emphasized in the kettle bell snatch) will still be ready to go heavy.

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