What Are The Top Kettlebell Rack

James Smith
• Thursday, 24 December, 2020
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The kettle bell addiction is ultimately good for your fitness but there is one small catch. So you’re tired of stepping over kettle bells to get through your basement or garage, it might be time to look for a better storage option.

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It has 3-tier and four access posts where you can place your fitness accessories like dumbbells, kettle bells, and weights, etc. It’s a combination of functionality and style finished with hammer tone material that prevents scratches.

Moreover, this cap dumbbell and kettle bell storage rack have a weight capacity of 1000Lbs which is perfect for setting up a home gym, or you can use it commercially as well. It’s a two-tier rack made up of strong steel and capable of withstanding the weight up to 1100Lbs.

It can easily withhold 15 to 25 kettle bells at a time depending upon weight and size. Rep kettlebellrack is made of a robust 11-gauge steel that proves it to be sturdy enough to withstand a lot of weight.

It's a two-tier rack having a powder coated finish that makes it look good and increases its durability at the same time. Moreover, It has angled shelves which make loading and unloading the weights, easier.

It has dumbbell, kettle bell and bumper plate storage shelves constructed of a sturdy 11-gauge steel ensuring strength and durability. It has a modern design with strong white-colored frames where the black steel trays rest so that you can organize your kettle bells or dumbbells.

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It is famous for its wide trays and attractive design where you can accommodate your gym equipment conveniently. Although having kettle bells and dumbbells can improve your efficiency and enhance your daily fitness routine, they still can take so much space.

However, as a starter or a fitness lover, you might want to start at some point and choose the most suitable storage option for you. It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford an expensive kettle bell storage system, but there are ways you can pick the more robust option.

Let’s see some of the best ways you can store kettle bells in home gym so you can pick one of the best options for yourself. This option offers them more space than single racks and can be used for multiple storage purposes.

It’s a better option for gym trainers where both men and women who perform kettle bell workouts. Whether you’re a gym owner or prefer working out at home, now, you can choose a barbell, dumbbell, and kettle bell storage rack for yourself with this detailed guide.

But make sure you keep your budget and other requirements in mind before you pick the right storage option. Usually consisting of 2 to 4 tiers, a rack will help clear up precious floor space so you can exercise more freely.

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It is also possible to put a rack in a closet to allow for a hidden but accessible storage area. Floor space must also be considered as larger bench-style racks might make for a tight fit in small rooms.

There are plenty of combo weight racks available that do a great job of securely holding your kettle bells. Since many kettle bells can quickly add to the overall weight of a rack, it is important to choose one that can handle all of them.

Weighing in at 79 lbs., this dumbbell and kettlebellrack can be pushed up against a wall or left freestanding in the middle of a room. The two shelves can be flipped over to support a set of kettle bells or dumbbells.

Body-Solid Kettle bell and Dumbbell Rack (GDKR100) Versatile, configurable weight rack holds dumbbells, kettle bells, or both Sturdy, open design can be placed against a wall or in the center of a room Made with heavy-gauge steel construction and tubing welded on all four sides Measures 44.5 by 23 by 33 inches (L × W × H) with a weight of 79 pounds Includes limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty The powder coated steel construction ensures that each shelf is plenty durable to withstand large amounts of weight.

A back lip provides a guard on the edge to prevent kettle bells from accidentally being knocked over. You may also use it to hold dumbbells or other small fitness equipment with a flat base.

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This makes it easy to grab-and-go if you’re the type of person who likes to mix up their kettle bell weights in a single workout session. The rubber-lined trays help to protect the finish of the racks ensuring that they’ll keep their professional look.

For over 3 decades, they’ve been the go-to choice for professional athletes and kettle bell lifters. Their reputation for quality and craftsmanship is so much that even some rival manufacturers carry their brand.

These kettle bell racks of varying lengths continue this tradition of excellence without costing a fortune. Available in sizes of 40, 48, and 56 long, there is ample storage to hold a massive amount of weight on each of the two tiers.

Adler KettlebellRack 2-Tier 56" Rack 2-Tier 56" Long (Rack Only) 11 gauge steel tubing, 4 mm steel plates (56” x 8.25”) Durable commercial quality, total weight 106lbs For kettle bells or dumbbell storage NO shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and APO/FPO addresses or PO Boxes If it’s customization you need, this fitness equipment storage rack from Rogue will not disappoint.

Available in either 2 or 3-tiers, each shelf has the option for holding kettle bells, dumbbells, or medicine balls. Simply select your choice when ordering for how you want your storage system designed.

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One could easily host a large kettle bell class for students of various skill levels. Furthermore, the fact that you can mix and match shelves makes it easy to grab a kettle bell, dumbbell, or medicine ball mid-workout.

“Like all other Rogue Products, this storage unit is made to last a lifetime.” If you already have a sizeable kettle bell collection, a heavy-duty rack will provide some much-needed organization.

The Body-Solid Kettle bell and Dumbbell Rack is a popular choice that won’t break the bank. However, CAP Barbell’s wide range of rack lengths offers great flexibility depending on your storage needs.

Manufactured by PRI, 3 tiers give enough space to hold a moderate kettle bell collection of small to medium-sized weights. Due to the size of the bottom plate/shelf, it is suggested the heaviest set of kettle bells be placed there.

Personally, I love how this rack is able to be placed in a closet and still remain accessible. At 42 in height and weighing just 45 lbs, placing this triangular rack in tight spaces is no problem at all.

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A steel tube lays underneath each tier to provide additional support. While this might not be suitable for the serious kettle bell enthusiast, the average user should have no problems storing and supporting the average-sized set.

This multi-purpose weight and fitness equipment storage rack has a capacity to hold up to 300 lbs. It’s able to hold a few smaller-sized kettle bells on the top and bottom trays and 4 pairs of dumbbells on the side.

Rubber grommet trimmed cradles and edges help to prevent scratching of equipment as well as your floor. Ideal for folks just starting out with weight lifting, don’t expect to store dumbbells or kettle bells weighing more than 35 lbs.

Given this fact, we’d recommend this rack as an inexpensive solution for people mainly interested in improving cardio. As tiny as this storage unit is, it’s still another fine product from CAP Barbell.

CAP has been a pioneer in the fitness industry for over 30 years with locations worldwide. This combination rack offers decent storage for kettle bells, however, the real selling point is how it also combines dumbbells and weighted plates to allow for a complete and total workout.

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Having the convenience of storing all of these weights in one place makes clean up quick and easy. Both compact and durable, it is more than capable for use in a fitness studio, but also small enough for home use.

When choosing a corner or compact kettlebellrack, it’s best to calculate the total weight of your kettle bell set. Something else to keep in mind is if you plan to expand your kettle bell collection one-by-one and need additional storage.

There are a variety of different ways to store your kettle bells, starting with the most basic of methods: your floor. This is a great option for someone who is serious about their kettle bell workouts, and gives them plenty of room to grow and expand as they get more sophisticated.

3 Tier Rack : this is great when you have multiple family members using kettle bells or varying degrees and weights. Larger and heavier kettle bells take up a lot more space than their smaller relatives, so keep this in mind.

When you’re really strapped for space in your home, an adjustable kettle bell is a great option. The most common versions of kettle bell racks typically have two or three shelves and stand about three feet tall.

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Boozier 26" 4-Tier Kettle bell Storage Rack Tree Holds up to 4 kettle bells Made of lightweight but sturdy steel frame Use kettle bells to improve strength and endurance If spending money on a kettle bell storage rack seems off-putting to you, there is always the option to build one yourself.

Most DIY racks can be done with just plywood and nails, but there are a some more complex options that involve metal rods if you feel confident in your craftsman abilities. Making your own kettlebellrack is a great choice because you can build it to fit your space exactly the way you want.

However, any DIY project can be dangerous if done incorrectly, so make sure you have taken all the proper safety precautions before attempting this. If you want to store your kettle bells inside the house, you might want to look for something that fits in with your decor better than a weight rack.

You can also pick up some decorative open front storage bins if you want to proudly display your equipment. Either option is a great for keeping your kettle bells inside without throwing off the look of your home.

The only caveat when picking a storage bench is to be sure that you choose one that sits flat on the ground so that the kettle bells don’t break the bottom. Otto & Ben Folding Toy Box Chest with Smart Lift...

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COMFORT FOAM PADDING: comfort foam padded top for added seating comfort while sturdy setup structure... SMART LIFT TOP : Lid that swings open on either side, so you don’t have to clear the top every time... EASY SET UP & FOLD AWAY: designed to fold into a flat board and can be stored inside the lid. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for storing your kettle bells in a space effective manner.

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