What Are Russian Kettlebell Swings

Elaine Sutton
• Wednesday, 09 December, 2020
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When using the kettle bell, the body becomes the hinge that bears the weight of the equipment using the hands, the legs form a triangle shape to support all kinds of movements, and your core muscles are engaged in this process. The motion starts by involving the glutes, quads, and hips slowly gaining hold of the core and then the shoulders and pecs.

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The kettle bell is one of the most efficient weight training equipment that works wonders on the human body. Optimal for developing strength and endurance, the Russiankettlebell swing is a full-body exercise that’s great for building muscles and burning fat.

The discovery of the kettle bell is a gift to mankind as its usefulness in performing body-building exercises is limitless and undeniable. This is one of the powerful equipment to perform any forward motion that starts from the posterior chain (muscles that are present on the backside of your body) Helps in reaching target heart rate rapidly due to the fiery swing movement Apt for building muscle mass and endurance One of the best ways to burn more fat and calories.

A study by the ACE found that individuals doing kettle bell workouts burned 20.2 calories per minute making it a valuable choice for HIIT training Simple to increase resistance levels Suitable for any age group and any body weight as it causes no impact on the joints Can perform exercises in a limited space Ability to work out several muscle groups simultaneously Whatever might be your fitness level and stamina, it is always recommended to start slowly and improve gradually.

Start your Russiankettlebell swing workout by using a lightweight kettle bell initially. Any workout benefits more when more reps and sets are performed with higher resistance levels.

This is an anaerobic workout as it involves short bouts of explosive exercise sets with longer breaks in between. But for this, it is recommended to use medium/heavyweight kettle bells, perform short sets of reps and benefit from increased muscle mass, endurance, and stamina.

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Repeat this movement of swinging the plate down in between your legs and taking it right up your head for as many times as you can. The Kettle Grip weighs less than a pound and is highly durable made of impact-resistant ABS plastic.

Reap maximum benefits by working out using the Russiankettlebell swing as it helps you achieve a full-body workout. The equipment consumes as little space as possible, can target multiple muscle groups simultaneously, and is one of the best pieces for weight training.

But the way in which you hold the equipment and how you sway your hips are critical to refrain from causing any injury to yourself. Also, make sure that you start with lighter weights and then move onto heavyweight equipment for optimal resistance levels.

In today’s article we’ll cover more than just how to do a Russiankettlebell swing. Read the entire post or skip ahead using the table of contents below.

The Russiankettlebell swing is a great low impact exercise that strengthens many muscles and does not put a ton of stress on the joints. Because of the hip hinging movement pattern in the exercise you’ll be able to train the glutes and hamstrings.

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From there, the shoulders, back (mostly lats) are used to help bring the kettle bell to chest height. Because kettlebellswings may elicit cardiovascular, neuromuscular, and metabolic responses sufficient for improvements in strength, aerobic power, and overall physical fitness.

The Russiankettlebell swing can be used for strength and cardiovascular health. In one study conducted researchers compared thirty minutes of kettlebellswings and dead lifts to walking on a treadmill at a slight incline.

The kettle bell workout and treadmill cardio had similar VO2, blood pressure, and calorie burn markers, but the kettle bell workout had a higher rate of perceived exertion (it felt harder) and heart rate. What this tells us is that kettle bell workouts (and swings) could be a good method for cardiovascular training.

The results of one study compared the effects of weight lifting and kettle bell training on vertical jump, strength, and body composition. Results showed that short-term weightlifting and kettle bell training were effective in increasing strength and power.

However, the gains in strength using weightlifting movements were greater than that during kettle bell training. Just keep in mind that to build strength in the Russiankettlebell swing you need progressive overload.

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This is totally normal and is creatively called “beginner gains.” Almost anything you do is progressive overload at this point and your body responds very quickly to it. Grab the kettle bell with both hands and stand up using proper dead lift form.

Begin to push your hips back while maintaining a flat torso. Use the hips and glutes to thrust forward and drive the kettle bell up Maintain relaxed arms as you are doing this.

As the kettle bell approaches chest height keep the shoulders from shrugging to the ears. Knees and hips will lock out as the bell reaches chest to chin height.

To hip hinge start by standing with your feet about shoulder width apart. Continue driving the hips back until your torso is parallel with the ground.

Reverse the movement and stand up by contracting you glutes and pushing your hips forward. Below are a couple of exercises and progressions to help level up your hip hinge game.

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In a Russiankettlebell swing the kettle bell is brought to chest height. The American kettle bell swing takes a longer period of time to complete which can inhibit power output.

If you have healthy shoulders, good range of motion, and don’t have heavy enough kettle bells at home or where you train. The American kettle bell swing can be a good option.

One argument for the American kettle bell swing is that you get a greater range of motion. As mentioned earlier kettlebellswings are low impact on the joints.

But one of the greatest benefits of the Russiankettlebell swing is that it can strengthen many muscles in the core and posterior chain. Some studies are even showing that regular kettle bell training can help reduce pain in the neck, shoulders, and back as well.

Photo: Jewell Chiropractic Kettlebellswings can also be a great way to burn some calories. Creating a calorie deficit through diet is going to be much more efficient.

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To train your cardiovascular system and muscles to be stronger. Kettlebellswings are simple in theory but can be more difficult in practice.

Because high reps are often used in kettlebellswings the rounded spine can be troublesome. This is typically because the weight is too heavy and it may feel like the legs are needed to get enough power to get the kettle bell up.

Second, it could just be a matter of misunderstanding form, it might feel like you need to let the kettle bell get away to get it up. Just like the squat above, lightening the load and revisiting form should do the trick.

Continue practicing dead lift form, work on keeping your shoulders back and down, and use mini reps to help get comfortable using the hip hinge. Below are a few commons questions I’ve received from coaching clients about kettlebellswings.

When you hear 1 Food used to describe a kettle bell that means it weight 36.11 pounds. Focus on form first as a way to decrease risk of injury as you start swinging it at higher volumes and more often.

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A few practice reps every couple of days is a great place to start. Once form, strength, and conditioning is built up the reps can vary depending on the individual.

Beginners will experience rapid results while those that have been training for a while will see much slower progression. Fat loss comes down to creating a consistent calorie deficit over time.

It depends on if you’re creating a consistent calorie deficit over time and reduce your body fat levels enough to be “ripped.” Mancini, Rodrigo Luiz et al. Kettle bell Exercise as an Alternative to Improve Aerobic Power and Muscle Strength.” Journal of human kinetics vol.

Chan M, McGinnis MJ, Koch S, et al. Cardiopulmonary Demand of 16-kg Kettle bell Snatches in Simulated Gregory Sport. Otto WH 3rd, Co burn Jr, Brown LE, Spearing BA.

Jay K, Frisco D, Hansen K, et al. Kettle bell training for musculoskeletal and cardiovascular health: a randomized controlled trial.

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