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Feel free and safe to post. Endurance, proprioception, strength, agility, general fitness, cardio, you name it, the kettle bell can provide it to you, and safely, as long as you ask questions and keep an open mind.

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Post your form check videos Ask kettle bell related questions Post your workouts Invite others Post kettle bell photos Share information Answer questions you know the answer to Focus on the goal not your preferred method Don't be closed minded Be polite and treat people how you want to be treated Don't spam Subscribe to the largest kettle bell YouTube channel for workouts, tutorials, complexes, and more.

Different styles, weight classes, coatings and covers versus none, handle sizes are all different factors to think about. To help alleviate some stress involved in finding the write bell for you, I've collected info from all across the internet and from our very own comrades in an effort to make choosing the bell for you less a chore than it need to be.

Bear in mind there are about ten bazillion kettle bell brands out there, so I likely won't get to them all. Bear in mind, this is an ongoing thread, so I'll be doing what I can to update it whenever I get info on a new brand.

Also, I am an American, so getting info and price suggestions for foreign kettle bell brands is tough for me. If you have any info on brands from the UK, Australia, Japanese, or Iceland, please PM me with details, so I can add them.

Kb purists all agree on one very important fact: If the kettle bell you're interested in isn't round with a flat bottom and a good handle, all cast as one piece, then don't buy it. We're also iffy on the subject of plastic sand filled kettle bells.

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Better to spring for a solid iron kettle bell that will stand more abuse. The aforementioned also means getting handle thingy for your existing weights is silly, and (more importantly) dangerous.

The absolute best place to start for everyone is at Dragon Door with Enter The Kettle bell. Pavel has a long list of DVD's for kettle bells, stretching, and loads more.

This is the guy that brought kettle bells to the USA and made them popular for us, far before the Jillian Micheal's of the world bastardized them. For price, Dragon Doors are more expensive than you'll find in a lot of places (over $2 per pound).

CFF also offers several other brands, as well as a wide range of fitness products. Bells are decently round with a flat side showing weight on the front.

CFF kettle bells are coated in black enamel, which can potentially chip. NOTE According to their site, they only ship to the lower 48 states, Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada.

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Lifeline USA makes a decent kettle bell, but are a bit more expensive than CFF. Bells are decently round with a pad on the front showing weight and a good bottom.

Lifeline bells are more expensive than CFF, but are cheaper than Dragon Door. MuscleD river are sweet for the money, and especially if you get one from the Walmart online store (for those of us on a tight budget).

The bell itself is a good shape and fits snug on your arms in the “rest” position. Mine was under $80 for the bell and ground shipping, and it arrived in about a week.

CAP are another cheaper brand that's good for the money you spend and easier on the budget. They're another good brand available at Walmart online stores for home shipping.

Handles are reported to be a decent size with an okay grip, though it's a bit smooth for some people's taste. The bell is round and sits comfy on your arm with a smooth bottom.

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Price, as mentioned, is pretty good for the money and shipping doesn't hurt too much either on average. Just remember that this and Muscle Driver are popular “budget” brands, so you will be sacrificing quality to a small extent.

Perform Better offers a good kettle bell for the same $80 mark per 24 kg bell as Lifeline and CFF and turn in decent reviews from everywhere. Some people have complained about small defects in the bells that make the bottom not quite as flat as it should be.

Contrary to what a lot of people say, you can definitely perform many exercises targeting the elbow flexors/biceps, and good ones too. It just requires you to understand grips and adjusting your posture to suit the movement.

This is the Iron Man Workout which consists of a 100 kettle bell swing buy-in followed by a 30-minute AMQ RAP of military press, hang clean, and squat with two kettle bells. Yes, 30 minutes is a lot, so, pick your weight wisely, these are thirty minutes of quality work, we want as many quality reps as possible (AMQ RAP).

This workout is truly a full-body workout but in particular, it will hit your Delta, the whole area around the shoulder blades, the hip abductors and adductors, obliques, quadrats lumber, and so much more. This workout is simple but effective, simple as in it only involves the hang clean, press, lunge, and jumping jack.

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Ragnarök High-Intensity Tough Fat Burning Workout Half is with one bell whereas the original UK combo is performed with double kettle bells.

Feel free and safe to post. Endurance, proprioception, strength, agility, general fitness, cardio, you name it, the kettle bell can provide it to you, and safely, as long as you ask questions and keep an open mind.

The decidedly simple kettle bell is an essential piece of gym equipment. Kettle bells are weighted balls, made of cast iron or steel, affixed with a handle.

They were developed in 18th century Russia, where they’re called “girl.” At first, they were used primarily for weighing crops, but they soon became a fixture in weightlifting competitions throughout Europe. Today, kettle bells are used the world over for strength, cardio and flexibility training.

But kettle bells, with their offset handle, have a center of gravity positioned away from your hand. The unique shape of a kettle bell is great for swing-and-release movements that can work multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

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A traditional kettle bell swing can work the hips, hamstrings, lats, abs, glutes, pecs and shoulders. The size of regulation kettle bells remains the same, though weight can differ greatly.

As a busy family man coupled with running a business, time to train with conviction is precious. The kettle bell being a compact and traditional piece of equipment gives outstanding and exceptional results in building power flexibility and physique in as little as a solid 20 – 30 min workout.

I really enjoy mixing it with tax and it helped with grip strength and balance. It’s a great way to strength train and get your cardio in.

They are an efficient way to develop multi-functional strength and fitness. I like the versatility of KB's and the challenge of 10min Sport/BOLT routines is good for my 56 yr old self.

The beauty in simplicity: flesh and iron, nothing more. It brings out the real capacity of the human body, the human spirit, when we strip away the bells and whistles.

(Source: workoutwalls.blogspot.com)

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