What Are Kettlebell Thrusters

Carole Stephens
• Wednesday, 30 December, 2020
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Although kettlebellthrusters may look easy when performed correctly, it’s a more advanced kettle bell exercise and does require a certain amount of skill and conditioning. The kettle bell squat is already a huge multi-jointed exercise that requires muscle activation from the legs, hips, core and back.

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Once you add the overhead press to the movement then you gain additional muscle activation from the shoulders, arms, upper back and even the chest. Driving a kettle bell overhead also requires additional work from the heart in order to pump the blood up and into the top hand.

So the KB thruster is not only a full body muscle conditioning exercise but also great for your cardio as well as being a big calorie burner. Finally, kettlebellthrusters require explosive strength from the bottom position in order to drive the kettle bell up and overhead.

Conditions over 600 muscles in one movement Great cardio exercise without moving your feet Burn lots of calories in a short amount of time Perfect for developing explosive movements for sports and combat As mentioned the squat thruster hits almost every muscle in the body from head to toe.

It is important that you squat nice and deep with every repetition in order to fully activate your glute / buttock muscles. Failure to squat so your thighs are parallel with the floor will result in more quad muscle activation than buttocks.

Once you can squat correctly you then just need to drive hard from the bottom position upwards and use your momentum to push the kettle bell overhead. Try to avoid arching your lower back at the top position and brace your abs nice and tight.

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Care must be taken that kettle bell stays in the racked position throughout the movement and that the elbow does not wing out during the squat. Using the other hand with take pressure off the shoulder and keep the kettle bell in position, especially at the bottom of the squat movement.

The demands from this kettle bell exercise are high so be prepared for a challenging level of both strength and cardio. I thought it would be helpful to list a few KB thruster workouts that you can use to practice this full body exercise.

Two Arm Kettle bell Thrusters x 10 reps Rest 60 seconds and repeat 2-4 times Focus on great form at this stage and make sure you get down nice and deep with every squat.

A great combination workout that will hit every muscle in your body as well as challenging your cardio. Using an interval timer that beeps every 30 seconds is really helpful to stay motivated and on time for the changes.

Not only does it activate over 600 muscles per movement but it works your cardio very hard as well as developing explosive legs and hips. The thruster conditions 100’s of muscles in one movement, especially the quads, glutes, core, and shoulders.

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Instructional Videos Don't risk doing a workout improperly! Avoid injury and keep your form in check with in-depth instructional videos.

How-to Images View our enormous library of workout photos and see exactly how each exercise should be done before you give it a shot. Combining those two into a single movement makes it clear to see why the kettle bell thruster can be such an effective exercise.

When you are planning your workouts, you should always look to pick exercises and approaches that make your training as efficient as possible. If you can select an exercise that works multiple muscles and can be adapted to suit various goals, you are on to a winner.

You can simply adjust the weight and number of reps to align with your desired training outcome. If your goal is to build strength, a higher weight done for fewer reps. For cardio fitness or fat loss, you can use the thruster as part of a circuit or interval style workout.

This all makes it an ideal exercise to add to a home training program or to use when you are away from the gym. Rack position refers to the kettle bells being held just in front of your shoulders and supported by your upper arms and forearms.

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Pick up both kettle bells and use your hips to swing them through your legs and bring them to rack position by performing a two-handed clean. Once in rack position, be sure to keep your elbows tucked in to maintain a strong, stable shoulder posture.

With the kettle bells held in the rack position, bend at your knees and push your hips back very slightly to descend into a squat. Once you have reached the bottom of the squat, you are ready to start thinking about the press portion of the lift.

As soon as you hit the lowest point of your squat, quickly reverse the movement and begin to drive yourself back to a standing position. Doing this means you are taking advantage of the momentum gained from a powerful leg drive out of your squat.

Aim to press the kettle bells with force and power by punching them hard over your head. After you have fully locked out your arms in the overhead press, you can return the kettle bells to the rack position and begin the next rep.

There should be minimal pauses between reps. As soon as the kettle bells approach the rack position again, you can begin your descent into the next squat. Conclusion The kettle bell thruster is an extremely versatile, efficient and above all, effective exercise that can be plugged into almost any training routine.

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