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Daniel Brown
• Thursday, 21 October, 2021
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Kettle bells are a revolutionary way to exercise every muscle in your body, helping you to build strength while preventing injuries. Our Strength max Kettle bells in Ireland are made with 100% Industrial-Grade Cast Iron and will last a lifetime without wear and tear.

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Kettle bells build strength and endurance, particularly in the lower back, legs and shoulders. Kettle bell exercises engage the entire body at once to give you a complete workout.

Our kettle bells are a cast iron make with a painted finish to ensure durability. On any given day, you can see everyone from housewives to celebrities to business executives or professional athletes and trainers performing the most advanced kettle bell routines with perfect form.

Now you can enjoy the many benefits of kettle bell training in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Kettle bells are cast iron weights, which resemble a cannonball with a handle, the kettle bell has long been a favorite for those seeking a special edge in strength and endurance.

Kettle bell training develops strength, power, endurance and balance. Kettle bell workouts have long been a favorite of throwers, jumpers, sprinters and hurdlers.

Other heart risk factors such as high blood pressure, low levels of the good High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol and being overweight are aggravated by being physically inactive. By regularly doing aerobic activities such as walking swimming and cycling, people can increase well-being and physical conditioning.

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Physical activity also plays a role in both the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease. This may result from the benefits of exercise in reducing blood pressure, controlling blood cholesterol levels, improving the bodies' ability to clear glucose and thus improving glucose control in diabetes.

Physical activity also helps with weight reduction and encourages people in their efforts to quit smoking. Exercise is a key component in the cardiac rehabilitation program for patients who have had heart attacks, angioplasty and bypass surgery.

In healthy people, the recommended amount of exercise is 30 minutes of brisk activity on most preferably every day of the week at 50-75 percent of maximum heart rate. In addition to the benefits of exercise on heart disease risk factors, exercise helps build healthy bones, muscles and joints, and reduces the risk of colon cancer.

It also brings psychological benefits by reducing depression and anxiety and improves well-being. If you suffer from one of the following complaints, it is best to consult your doctor before proceeding with an exercise program.

Insulin-dependent diabetes which is not properly controlled Planning to vigorously exercise after a long period of inactivity If you have not got any of the above mentioned problems or have got your doctors approval, you should start by doing a gradually increasing, sensible program of exercise that suits you.

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We only stock products from trusted fight brands such as Nike, Fly, Rival Boxing, King, Twins, Cleo Reyes, Booster, Adidas, Winning & Carbon Claw as they are guaranteed to withstand the punishment metered out by the rigors of the tough sports we cater for. FFI™ specialize in Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning Sic, Olympic Weightlifting, Hard style Kettle bells, Power club bells, Pilates & Corrective exercise, for health, fitness and strength professionals.

FFI™ are one of Ireland's leading authorities in strength, fitness, and Pilates / corrective exercise training. FBI were the first to offer group hard style kettle bells training & certification courses in Ireland.

FFI™ have run courses and workshops in Ireland, Malta and have worked with 10 times world Brazilian Jim Jitsi champion Roger Gracie and his academy in London. FFI™ is the top school for students to gain qualifications in corrective exercise, rehab, health, fitness and strength.

Function: We can correct weak movement patterns, rehab injuries, get you moving pain free and help you to perform better in your sporting environment. Our ethos at FFI is that mobility should precede endurance, strength and power.

Your FFI personal training sessions with us can combine kettle bells, barbells, power club bells and Pilates / Yoga based body weight movements. Your head coaches are also Neuromuscular and Physical Therapist tutors with over 22 years of experience in teaching.

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You know you are in safe hands and can trust, Function & Fitness Ireland FFI™ teachers. We started teaching health and fitness in 1997 and continue to grow and evolve our methods.

We are a leading supplier of the best cardio machines, fitness accessories, weights and weight training equipment, gym equipment and strength machines. As well as one of the top gym consultation, design and installation specialists in the UK.

We only work with brands we are proud to sell and product we would use ourselves. We offer market leading warranties on both home and commercial gym equipment.

Our team dedicated engineers can then professional install your dream gym. With patented maintenance free treadmills to full HD screens our cardio is second to none.

Biomechanically superior plate loaded, selectors and free weight benches complete this dynamic range. However, big or small your gym project get in contact, and we will help you achieve your goals.

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