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If you could only get one piece of workout equipment for your home gym, it should be a kettle bell. The kettle bell -- a type of dumbbell shaped like a bell with a handle on top -- may seem like any other weight you use for strength training.

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Kettle bells can add challenge and variety to your workout routine -- whether you're looking to build strength in your core muscles and glutes or get some cardio in -- or a combination of both. Amazon Diva premium kettle bell comes in a wide variety of weight increments (from 5 to 50 pounds) making it a great quality kettle bell for beginners or more advanced exercisers.

This kettle bell from Power has a coated handle and the base is covered in vinyl, making it less susceptible to rust or corrosion in addition to a different grip feel. Amaranths adjustable cast iron kettle bell is a great pick for advanced exercisers or those who already lift weights and want to be able to progress with their kettle bell weight quickly.

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Best Sellers Facility Design NEW Products Reebok Dena Bands & Tubes Gym Storage Medicine Balls Exercise Mats Outlet HOT DEALS Although the Diva brand is new to some, it is a brand that is producing high quality fitness material in China since 1997 and that has grown rapidly as a truly global company that is now distributed in more than 30 countries.

In addition, Diva is raising the bar to quality level above current standards of excellence inside and outside of China. At Diva they are dedicated to the continuous improvement and development of all their products trying to change the way of seeing the fitness industry since for too long no progress has been made in free weight, weight storage and their designs.

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Diva Signature Steel Competition Kettle bells From £62.00 If you are already familiar with the gym then you will have seen within the free weights section, those large baseball looking balls lined up alongside the kettle bells and dumbbells.

They make a fantastic addition to your strength training and are an excellent option for a home gym too due to the multitude of exercise you can do with them. Medicine ball workouts intensely utilize all your major muscle groups as well as providing a very dynamic and fun session that you can do solo or with a partner.

They’re perfect if you are starting out as there’s no technical expertise required to master the form, unlike with a kettle bell which can be more challenging for a novice. With this range of Amazon Basics medicine balls, you can really challenge your core strength as well as improve your balance, coordination and your muscular endurance.

These classic weighted rubber medicine balls are perfect for a professional or home gym and come in a range of weights to suit the novice to exercising right through to professionals you might be using medicine ball training as part of their full program. They are constructed from an easy-grip rubber which provides the resistance you need so that they won’t slip out of overly sweaty hands.

Use your balls to challenge your regular moves like squats, lunges and chest presses to bring more power to your workout. Durable and ruggedly designed from high-quality, sturdy rubber, the balls bounce off hard surfaces like walls and floors so are perfect for throwing actions.

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Well-loved by customers, this medicine ball is the perfect workout buddy if you don’t have a lot of space in your home gym (or even if you do). All around the surface are little protruding triangles that make it super easy to grip, even when your hands are drenched in sweat.

This makes it much better for aerobic exercises that require you to pick the ball up and put it down multiple times. Anyone familiar with the gym will have heard of Tax and quite possibly used their suspension style training to really challenge their performance.

With weights that go up to fifty pounds, there is a Tax Medicine Ball to suit everyone from the novice to the Pro athlete and all you gym bunny’s in between. However hard you throw your medicine balls against the floor or wall, with their burst-resistant casing, you will get plenty of bounce and no disappointment.

They also very conveniently feature textured grip panels that mean you can comfortably train hard. These Dynamo medicine balls are great when used for all kinds of training programs whether solo, couples or in a class environment.

They provide for plenty of fun and challenging variations on lots of established moves like squats and lunges, push-ups, chest presses and weighted jumps. If you are tired of the same old workout and really fancy switching it up a gear, then it’s time to check out medicine ball training and be ready to see fast, fat burning results, increased endurance and stamina and that much sought after leaner muscle mass.

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It is however perfect for throwing against a wall, to hit targets, and for a full range of exercises like squats, sit-ups, press-ups, and abdominal twists. The Titan balls are constructed from high quality, synthetic leather material outer that is finished with tight double stitching to hold in place.

Titan has a whole range of exercise apparatus designed to fuel your workouts and deliver advanced and progressive training results. Their medicine balls are great if you want to get involved in more functional training and work for multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Be prepared to have some fun, burn some fat, and really see a difference in your muscular endurance as you incorporate more medicine ball exercises into your regular workouts. They are designed and constructed from a premium, eco-friendly, and highly durable rubber that can withstand repetitive slamming and handling.

There are seven weights in total to choose from in the JMB range so why not select a couple so that you can continue to advance your training? Medicine balls like these are great for helping to improve your strength, and by adding some weight to your plyometric or core exercises, you are really going to advance your progress and see faster and more impressive results.

A great add-on to a Pilates or Yoga practice to deliver more targeted arm strength, these soft, small weight balls are easier to work with than a traditional dumbbell and can be easily held in the palms of the hand or gripped tightly to increase your workout intensity. Tone Fitness Soft Weighted Exercise Balls are basic but functional and are filled with air so are easy to manage and manipulate.

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They’re not designed to be bouncy, but they do have an amount of giving which allows you to grip and hold them while you work out other body parts simultaneously. Three relatively light weights only, six, eight, and ten pounds, they are better for a more relaxed workout rather than for adding huge amounts of resistance.

As with the Tone fitness ball, these mini balls from Unfit are designed for more gentle forms of exercise like Yoga, Barre, and Pilates where you might still want to add some additional resistance and intensity to say a lunge or squat but aren’t want to load the weight or do anything too dynamic. They make an excellent choice for rehabilitation and physical therapy as well as for your end of program stretching routines.

Having handles might also provide some less seasoned fitness fanatics among you with a little more confidence that they can stay entirely in control of the ball. The two-handled design means that PRI Dual Grip Medicine Ball is great for cross-body patterns but also for replicating the functional swing required for sports like Golf and Tennis too.

With seven different weights to choose from in this PRI designed medicine ball, you can really challenge and push your body to the max. We especially love this dual grip ball for really helping to isolate the core for an intense and challenging workout.

Some are of a lighter and softer material so decide what types of exercise you are most likely to want to carry out with your workout ball. If you are intent on doing some explosive and dynamic floor slams, then make sure you invest in a medicine ball that is sturdy and robust, and that can really withstand this repetitive and punishing type of use.

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It’s usually about shoulder width in diameter or 13.7 inches approximately but will come in a range of different weights with anything from 1 up to 12 kilograms. The medicine ball is said to have its origins and influence back with Hippocrates who used stuffed and weighted animal skins with his patients as part of his ancient rehabilitation techniques.

More importantly, though it requires acceleration and not just strength to perform the exercises which is why working out with medicine balls delivers such advanced results. You can also work on multiple planes of movement including big and basic foundational moves like squats and lunges but rather than those moves being static, by introducing a medicine ball you increase the movement and the acceleration throughout your body to switch on and fire up the fat burning effect.

Something like a kettle bell requires more technical ability, but pretty much anyone can pick up a ball, even if they are starting out just with a very light one. If you are new to strength training, then a medicine ball is a great place to start to build up your confidence and as you do so, your reps and weights too.

So the key factor is really going to be which weight you need, and that, of course, is going to be determined as most things are by your current physical strength, ability and the kinds of exercises and amounts of reps you are aiming for. You need to be able to manage the ball, completing your activities with proper form and still be able to maintain your full motor skills and stamina.

If you are throwing the ball overhead, it needs to be large enough that you can hold and catch with both hands and heavy enough to recruit all your major muscle groups. A: Depending upon which exercises you are carrying out at the time, a medicine ball can be used to target the entire body; upper, lower and your core.

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Because medicine balls can be used to match the patterns you use in regular sports, jumping, throwing, bending, squatting, lunging, etc., they are great for developing speed, strength, balance, and agility. A: A medicine ball really is an incredibly versatile as well as a fun way to get fit and will bring a whole new aspect to your training program.

There are plenty of exercises you can use them for, both as part of a solo or indeed a partner workout and you can use them very effectively to develop strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness too. They really are a fantastic all-round accessory if you are ready to ignite your results and power up your performance and the benefits of medicine ball training are probably far more extensive than you initially realized.

You can simultaneously work multiple muscle groups at one including your lower, upper and your core. Fantastic for working those hamstrings and glutes, they also make a dynamite companion when targeting those abs.

Combing lunges with dynamic twists will power up your quads, your obliques and your chest for an intense blast. They can also bring the fun factor back into your fitness and provide an excellent opportunity to release some of that pent-up stress and frustration.

There is nothing more liberating that vigorously throwing a heavy ball against the wall or the floor and knowing that you are doing so much good for your strength of body as well as your peace of mind! Lots of competitive athletes use them to replicate moves they might use in their specific sports to really target and train a body part.

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They can quickly build up strength, endurance and increase overall responsiveness as well as spatial and perceptual awareness. By using a medicine ball, you really can work multi-muscle groups at once that will, in turn, help you to burn more calories and create increased muscle mass.

A: One of the beauties and appeals of medicine balls is that they can be used by almost anyone whether you are a novice and new to exercise or a professional looking to increase power and bring more explosive energy to your current discipline. Ben Coleman is our resident sports and fitness product expert who offers a wide range of information in this field.

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