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Maria Garcia
• Monday, 14 December, 2020
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Weight management/fat loss: Melts fat like ice cubes on a hot summer day! Kettle bells are also very effective for rehabbing the shoulders and/or back and help to create a rock solid core.

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The offset nature of the weight acts as a “live virtual” force which in turn replicates the forces that you’ll encounter in sports and activities in day to day living. Kettle bell drills are extraordinarily effective, efficient, and safe at enhancing many aspects of fitness such as dynamic strength, endurance, muscle building and fat loss with a relatively low weight.

Russian kettle bell training will make you lean and strong, not bulky, and blends strength with flexibility. Here is a short list of equipment the kettle bell replaces; Barbells, dumbbells, belts, bars and plates, medicine balls, grip devices, and cardio machines.

Because so many muscle groups are used you get a huge metabolic hit with a huge post exercise return, which means you rev up your metabolism and keep burning calories at a higher rate even while at rest for 24-48 hours. *Provides HIIT with low impact on the joints *It is great for proprioception and body awareness *Substantially strengthens the back and decreases the odds of having back problems in the future.

What separates a good fitness instructor from a great one is the ability to really explain the moves. Since I have been under her guidance I have gained more mobility in my shoulder these past five weeks than I have in over 5 years.

I would recommend her for anyone wanting to gain lost mobility or to enhance their own workout regiment. If it doesn’t fly in the sky, swim in clean water, graze in the grass or grow in the ground, don’t eat it.

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One of the most important reasons I write about them is because kettle bells are a simple fitness training tool that offers many benefits. Believe me, I just went and spent some time learning from the man himself, Tony Robbins, about the importance of being in peak state.

Good nutrition and getting the right instruction also plays a big part of this equation, as well. And, sometimes you get in a ‘ zen like rhythm’ that is much like martial arts, yoga, or even a great golf swing.

When you’re training and you go into flow, your brain is firing, your muscles are expanding, your lungs are filling with air, your heart is pumping, and your movement is graceful. It’s a thing a beauty and power, providing you have a good base of movement with kettle bells.

When the movement become easy and effortless (meaning that you don’t have to overthink how to move or think what to do) this is the zen of kettle bells. As a side note, the research is mounting on the positive effects of brain function and exercise.

The research I’ve read has discussed how even low level exercise a few times a week can significantly influence brain function. And, with the total body movements that are performed with a ketttlebell and the cardiovascular benefits that come with it, I would suspect that brain power is “off the charts” due to the intensity and impact on your entire body, training with a kettle bell.

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For someone that has truly learned how to use kettle bells properly, training with kettles is an amazing. Again, think of the mind-body connection, similar to that of martial arts or yoga, but with the added benefits of strength training and cardiovascular conditioning.

Here’s an example of a simple workout that will put you in a zen like state of flow: The swings are the initial movement that brings you into this state very quickly.

Like I’ve stated many times, they are one of the most powerful training tools we have in our toolbox. I'm a big fan of Leo Beirut's Zen Habits blog and the philosophies of minimalism and simplifying.

Studies from the American Council on Exercise peg kettle bells as the most powerful fat burning workout equipment they've found. Kettle bells are particularly cool for the minimalist because they were originally designed in fixed weights, with very few options, and large jumps in between.

If you're committed to a minimalist life, and you're working out, it makes sense to only have to use one tool. Swings are arguably the best, most effective and most efficient fat loss movement a person can do.

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In pursuit of minimalist fitness, simply doing more repetitions of a movement is not ideal. But one place where kettle bell training truly excels is turning some seemingly isolated movements into a full body lift.

By using a machine, braced in, literally the only thing that needs to work to push the weigh up is your shoulders and triceps. Instead of the back of the chair on the machine, you must brace your core to have a solid foundation to press from.

Small movements like bicep curls, ab machines and leg extensions are tossed out. Besides being consistent with our minimalist philosophy, we find that the sum is more than the parts: Doing two big, intense, full body movements is actually more effective than trying to cobble together a full body workout out of dozens of small movements.

When we eliminate the hundreds of movement options to clutter our workout logs and our mind, something really amazing happens. Taking the Russian Kettle bell Challenge maxim of “Do fewer things, but do them better”, you can have a foundational workout of just two movements for decades.

And after six years of kettle bell training, I'm still finding nuances to the swing and to the military press. Both movements are both simple and complex like a martial art: The basics can be learned in minutes, mastery is pursued for a lifetime.

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Instagram is an excellent place to get workout ideas. You can find thousands of video clips of workouts from weightlifting to yoga.

That being said, you can find tons of great kettle bell workout videos as well. You can either try full workouts from your favorite fitness Instagrammer or you can pick and choose the exercises you like from multiple accounts and create your own workout.

Given that there are so many cleaning and snatching sets in this workout, this series of exercises is an excellent way to train for explosive power. Eric Lava is a personal trainer and certified Innit kettle bell coach.

This is an excellent full-body workout that features some of the most basic (but effective) movements. As Katie Crew explains in her post, kettle bell workouts such as these are simple enough to be performed at home with minimal equipment.

As James Stirling states in his post, this is most certainly an amazing kettle bell core workout. Exercises like these can also help you develop balance and stability in addition to strengthening your core.

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This is an extremely simple kettle bell workout that is excellent for building strength and muscle. Only three exercises are featured but when done right, you will feel exhausted by the end of the workout.

Markus Filly is a health and fitness coach that has a real passion for “functional bodybuilding”. In other words, Markus is big on building muscle without losing flexibility or mobility.

1.5 stance front rack squat (3 reps each side) Many of the moves involve swinging motions which are great for developing balance and stability.

Julian “JT” Turner is a personal trainer who likes to focus on training with kettle bells. That being said, by following his Instagram you can most certainly learn a thing or two to step up your kettle bell game.

His workouts tend to focus on improving mobility, strength, and endurance. This high-intensity style workout will surely work up a sweat.

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This most certainly a difficult (yet incredibly effective) ab workout. Definitely try to use light weight that you can manage at first before advancing to heavier dumbbells.

Jason Sikorsky is a fitness coach and former college athlete who likes to do a mix of weight training as well as mobility and endurance training. With all the swinging motions involved in this workout, it is excellent for improving your balance and stability.

Passing the kettle bell back and forth, in particular, is good for improving coordination. Markus Martinez regularly posts kettle bell workouts.

By studying the wide variety of exercises demonstrated on this account you can even put together your own workouts based on your fitness goals. Notice how LOZ Read moves in slow yet controlled motions.

Exercising this way while focusing on the muscle you are trying to work can really help to build a solid mind-muscle connection. Furthermore, doing these exercises slow and controlled can allow you to do more sets than you would be able to do with faster-paced, explosive movements.

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