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• Sunday, 18 October, 2020
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Due to our unprecedented global Pandemic and the majority of communities being on “Shelter in Place Orders,” BFS suppliers are in varying states of production. BFS is working closely with all parties to keep updated on the constantly changing circumstances while respecting the health and safety concerns of all involved.

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The product sports a rugged matte black finish and has a uniquely positioned handle for a smooth, ergonomic motion. These kettle bells are perfect for a variety of CrossFit movements including the Russian Swing, One-Armed Clean, and the Two-Armed Push Press, as well as acting as a weight aid for squats and lunges.

Sort by Price: Lowest first Price: Highest firstProduct Name: A to Product Name: Z to Ain stockade: Lowest firstModel: Highest firstFilter In Stock In Stock Free weights come in several forms, whether it’s a barbell, dumbbell, kettle bell, or medicine ball, they all serve the purpose of getting you fit.

The electrochemical applied layer makes the kettle bell particularly hard-wearing so you can also exercise with it outdoors. Anyone who regularly trains without kettle bell gloves will notice that rough handles will quickly irritate their hands.

In terms of handle size and thickness, the kettle bell should be able to sit comfortably in your hand and enable a two-handed grip when necessary. Cast-iron kettle bells offer not just one but two considerable advantages that make individual workouts easier.

This is kind to the joints during some exercises and offers more training fun in the long term. For another, there is no danger of the weight coming loose from the handle, as can definitely happen with welded kettle bells.

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Kettle bells with a hammered look are becoming more and more popular with our customers because, besides their appearance, the textured surface provides a comfortable grip during workouts. To make kettle bell workouts as intensive but also as varied as possible, there are different exercises with various difficulty levels.

During this exercise, strength comes from the hips whilst the back remains straight and the abdomen tensed. The swing is a basic exercise that trains the abdomen, legs, bottom and back, and helps to gradually build up functional strength.

Sort by: Featured Best SellingAlphabetically: Alphabetically: Caprice: Low to High Price: High to Locate: New to Late: Old to New Use these cast iron weights for dynamic endurance, strength, balance, agility and cardio training or for functional exercises like squats, throws, cleans, jerks, snatches, and rotational swings.... View full product details.

Use these cast iron weights for dynamic endurance, strength, balance, agility and cardio training or for functional exercises like squats, throws, cleans, jerks, snatches, and... View full product details. PRI’s kettle bells and kettle balls are sleek, updated versions of the traditional tools.

As novice users progress, they can choose products with a different size and weight distribution. All users, from beginners to advanced participants who want to perform more-complex moves, can find the right product to meet their needs.

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Kettle bells and kettle balls are training tools that fall in the weighted-resistance category, which means they are used to helping increase explosive power; improve endurance, grip, and mobility; and enhance muscle strength. Products in this fitness category are built to withstand tough training conditions, since they get pretty beat up during rigorous use.

As advanced users move up to higher weights, you’re continuing to increase muscle size; enhance force production and force absorption; and master full utilization and coordination of upper-extremity mobility and stabilization, core and pelvic activation, along with hip, glute, and thigh explosiveness. A: Yes, all of PRI’s kettle bells and kettle balls are comfortable to grip because they are generously sized with a curved-horn shape.

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