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Daniel Brown
• Tuesday, 29 December, 2020
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Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback about our kettle bells. It arrived quickly in the mail and I've used it multiple times.

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I'm still fairly new to training with a kettle bell, but my boxing trainer recommended this company and I'm thankful that he did. Compared to the kettle bells that you might find in the store, I prefer Greasers for the material/style/quality.

We're excited to hear you got your package quickly and that you're impressed with the quality of our kettle bells. We've worked hard to make sure that they can withstand intense workouts.

Kettle bells can dramatically reduce the wear and tear on the body while still serving to increase strength, muscle, and power. With kettle bells, you can decrease the training load by up to 75% and still make significant progress in strength, power, and body composition goals.

While some may argue that kettle bells put you at a mechanical disadvantage (which is what forces you to use less weight), it really all boils down to tension. The Central Nervous System (CNS) doesn't know the difference between 300 pounds on your shoulders and 120-pound kettle bells in each hand.

Crush the handles of the kettle bell and develop lat tension by imagining pencils in your armpits that you're trying to snap in half. Maintain tension throughout the entire movement and initiate the ascent with a forceful grunt and exhalation.

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The double kettle bell military press requires intense focus and tension through the whole body. The kettle bell also increases the demand on the external rotators of the shoulder in order to stabilize the weight at the top of the press.

Maintain a neutral spine and pelvic alignment, tense the glutes and lats, and use breathing behind the shield throughout the lift. Avoid arching the lower back and allowing the rib cage to rise as you near the top of the press.

Olympic lifters have some of the most impressive physiques in the sporting world thanks in part to the many cleans and snatches they do. What makes these lifts such great muscle-building exercises is that they can't be narrowed down to one particular muscle group being worked.

A forceful hip snap and quick bracing of every muscle in the body during the top portion of the lifts, followed by a massive eccentric loading of the glutes, lats, and arms. With kettle bells, the weight can be swung between the legs, increasing the eccentric load and leading to more powerful hips.

Key Points Ensure that you lock your arm out overhead with a neutral wrist at the top of the kettle bell snatch. The aim here wasn't to dismiss the barbell variations, but to simply offer alternatives that have similar movement patterns albeit with a different implement.

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Sort By:Featured ItemsNewest Items Best Selling to Oz to By Review Price: Ascending Price: Descending The average man will quickly be able to use a 24 kilogram or 53 pounds after a few months of kettle bell training.

Remember, you want a kettle bell you can grow with, even if this seems like a lot of weight at first, you will fairly quickly be able to increase your reps through regular use and the workouts you do. For men and women, with little or no weight experience or who might be older, consider starting with a kettle bell under 8 kilograms or 20 pounds to become acquainted with new movements.

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