Kettlebell Workouts For Obese

James Lee
• Monday, 05 October, 2020
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The great news is that the more overweight you are the quicker you will tend to lose fat when you first start exercising. The following 3 fat loss workouts progress gradually and are short and manageable.

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You will also find that the dead lift exercise increases your cardio quickly without the need to even move your feet. As the dead lift is our strongest movement pattern you should be able to lift heavier weights that you imagine.

Kettle bell Single Arm DeadliftThe kettle bell single arm dead lift exercise is a good full body movement for obese beginners to start using. This kettle bell exercise is low impact and works into the legs, hips, buttocks and back muscles.

You will also find that the dead lift, if performed with the correct weight and number of repetitions, is very cardiovascular. The movement requires a good hinging at the hips with a flat back and a straight arm.

The kettle bell works well for this exercise because the handle sits up nice and high for you to grab from the floor. Once your arms start to lift off the wall slowly lower them back down again.

This exercise should be performed slowly with control and constant attention to maintaining contact with the wall. Both the kettle bell clean and bird dog are technical exercises so it is important that you take your time and get the movements right.

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Kettle bell Clean x 6 – 12 reps each side Kettle bell Slingshot x 10 – 15 each way Body weight Bird Dog x 5 – 8 reps each side Rest 75 seconds and repeat for 3 circuits Work through each exercise one after the other, at your own pace, taking short rest periods if necessary.

Just like the dead lift exercise the clean uses the buttocks, legs and hips to lift the kettle bell. Stand upright with your arms straight and keep your hips as still as possible as you pass the kettle bell around your body.

From an all fours position with the hands underneath the shoulders and knees under the hips extend the opposite arm and leg. The arm is extended out at 45 degrees with the thumb upwards activating the upper back muscles.

You will find the arm on the floor supporting the movement will get tired quickly so be prepared and rest for a few seconds if necessary. Each dynamic kettle bell swing will condition the legs, hips, buttocks, back and core muscles.

Plus, swings increase your heart rate very quickly without the need to even move your feet. Kettlebell halo exercise kettle bell halo will work into the upper back, shoulders, arms and forearms while at the same time improving your upper back mobility.

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Keep your elbows in nice and tight as you take the kettle bell around in a smooth controlled motion. Even though obese beginners can struggle with the squat it is vital that they are aware and work through the movement.

The body weight squat can be made easier by sitting down onto a bench or chair and standing back up, or holding onto a pole, or door frame. The goal is to squat down to parallel with the floor with your thighs in order to fully activate the buttocks.

You are in full control so if you feel that things are getting a bit too much then you can always repeat a number of weeks without progressing to the next workout. Above I have listed 3 kettle bell and body weight workouts that can be used by overweight and obese people.

The workouts are short and manageable, so they should be easy to fit into your current lifestyle. Research by the American Council on Exercise says a 20-minute kettle bell workout will burn as many calories as a 20-minute run done at SIX miles per hour.

I’ve done kettlebellworkouts and can tell you that they have a nice feel that’s unlike that of using dumbbells, and I have my obese clients using these devices. Hold one of these implements in each hand, keep arms straight, and walk up and down the entire staircase, moving as fast as possible on the way up, then slowly on the way down.

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You can use heavy kettle bells for this workout and just walk up the staircase as fast as possible (even though that may be slow), or, you can use light weights and trot up the stairs. Your ascent should be fatiguing enough to require a passive rest of a few minutes before climbing again.

If you can go back up the stairs the second you come down, this means that your prior ascent was not your fastest effort (nowhere near it, actually). The next great kettle bell workout for an obese trainee is to hold a weight in each hand, arms at sides, feet shoulder width apart, and do squats to a 90 degree knee bend, chest puffed out, lower back arched.

From a squat position, pick one kettle bell off the floor (that’s in front of you), and as you straighten, lift the weight (palm-down grip) up over your head but to the side, keeping the other hand on your waist. The end position has you standing straight, the arm outstretched high and to the side, the weight above your head.

Walking lunge (hold weights with straight arms), standing overhead press, shoulder side lift. The unique handle of the kettle bell makes the workouts feel different, and often more comfortable, when compared to holding a dumbbell.

There may not be a lot of kettlebellworkouts listed here, but if obese people do just these exercises with heavy-enough weight to make 8-12 repetitions difficult, as well as require the few minutes’ passive rest between staircase climbs, trust me, you will start getting results. Lorna Garrick is a former personal trainer certified through the American Council on Exercise.

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I started thinking about all the kettle bell exercises for weight loss and which would get the job done the quickest. There is no doubt in my mind that the chosen kettle bell weight loss exercise would have to use as many muscles as possible.

So, rather than single out just one kettle bell exercise for weight loss I decided to list 7 starting from the easiest and progressing to the more technical. Almost every muscle in the body is activated during this kettle bell exercise, plus it is very cardiovascular so will raise the heart rate quickly.

The kettle bell squat also acts as a pumping mechanism driving blood around the body and lubricating our joints with healthy nutrients. The thighs must drop to parallel with the floor in order to properly activate the buttock muscles.

Kettle bell swings for fat loss, like the squat and press, work most muscles in the body but has more of an emphasis on the back. The hamstrings, buttocks, lower, mid and upper back all work hard during the kettle bell swing for weight loss.

As with the squat and press the feet do not need to move so impact is very low and minimal space is required. The top part of the swing is also very powerful at developing the abs when performed correctly as it simulates a standing dynamic plank position.

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The kettle bell clean and press is based off the dead lift movement pattern which simulates how you should pick anything heavy up from the floor. The legs, hips, buttocks, core and back are heavily involved in the kettle bell clean movement.

Beginners should start with just the kettle bell clean and when mastered add the press to the movement. Again the feet do not need to move so it’s an excellent kettle bell fat loss exercise for small spaces and for those trying to avoid impact.

You also get a huge amount of cardiovascular output from the kettle bell lunge which often surprises many people. The kettle bell lunge has lots of cross over for sports and improves hip mobility for daily life.

The kettle bell lunge must be mastered first before attempting to add the overhead press to the movement. As with the squat the depth of the movement is very important in order to fully activate the fat burning buttocks.

Watch a video of the lunge and press kettle bell exercise for fat loss below: The kettle bell clean, squat and press is certainly not for beginners and seriously challenges your technique throughout the movement.

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Again the feet are not moved during the whole exercise so only a small space is required along with minimal joint impact. The movement should flow from one exercise to the next making it a pleasure to perform if not very challenging on the heart and lungs.

Watch a video of the clean, squat and press kettle bell exercise for fat loss below: It is important to keep a nice straight wrist, a good grip, and a high elbow in order to complete the movement correctly.

Watch a video of the high pull kettle bell exercise for fat loss below: Again this is not for the beginner and you will need to have mastered the swing and high pull before attempting this kettle bell exercise.

The feet stay planted so not much space is required and the impact on the leg joints is very low. It’s a super cardio exercise as the kettle bell is practically pulled from just above the floor to straight overhead.

A good fat loss exercise is a full body movement that uses hundreds of muscles while raising your heart rate at the same time. All 7 of the kettle bell exercises listed above will generate some amazing results for fat loss.

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I’ve also shown you how to use these kettle bell exercises by putting them together into weight loss workouts of your own. The best fat loss workout is always the one that gets completed regularly so build an exercises' habit.

Are kettle bells good for fat loss Yes kettlebellworkouts, when programmed correctly, provide a full body mix that will increase your metabolism and generate fat burning hours after your workout has finished unlike conventional cardio methods. Not only will you generate more power, build more lean muscle, and spike your metabolism, but you’ll also improve your balance and stability.

Because of its shape, you can push, pull, and swing the kettle bell like nothing else and unlock a new branch of exercises that are impossible with the tools you have now. Follow these six best kettle bell exercises to add more muscle, melt more fat, boost your endurance, and move better.

You’ll improve your body quickly and build the foundation for every other kettle bell exercise. HOW TO DO IT: Stand shoulder-width apart with the kettle bell between your legs and the handle inline with the bony part of your ankles.

Squeeze the handle hard, pull your shoulders backward, and crush your armpits. The kettle bell swing is a fantastic exercise to strengthen your body and burn a ton of fat.

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Then, hike the kettle bell back between your legs like a center in football and explosively drive your hips forward. At the bottom of the swing, your torso is too upright and your knees are too far forward: it looks like a squat.

With a correct swing, the kettle bell should reach around the height of your belly button or chest, no higher. The push press is a phenomenal, explosive move that sculpts big shoulders, huge traps, and ripped triceps.

It also builds tremendous core stability and forces you to generate power from your lower-body, transfer it up the kinetic chain, and out through your arms, which is integral in every sport. Lower yourself into a very partial squat and explode upward with your legs while driving your arms overhead.

At the top, make sure your biceps are next to your ears and your wrists are flat, not bent backward. Carefully lower the kettle bells back to the rack position and repeat.

It’s also a safe and efficient way to bring the kettle bell to the rack position for your overhead exercises. Then, hike the kettle bell back between your legs like a center in football and explosively drive your hips forward.

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Memorize the feeling, and then swing it between your legs and return to the rack position. Because it travels more distance, the snatch builds more power than the swing or clean.

Then, hike the kettle bell back between your legs like a center in football and explosively drive your hips forward. The most common problem with the snatch is when the kettle bell slams on your forearm at the top.

This is a phenomenal dynamic exercise that blasts your obliques, strengthens your shoulder, and activates your hips too.

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