Kettlebell Workouts For Jiu Jitsu

James Lee
• Thursday, 19 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Using kettle bells for BJJ conditioning is the most efficient way of developing all the athletic attributes you need in a short amount of time. Even better, training with kettle bells for BJJ conditioning means you do not need much space, nor much equipment.

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We bring you the best kettle bells for BJJ workout exercises that’ll turn you into a grappling machine For a long time, barbell training was considered to be the golden standard of strength and conditioning for sports.

These marvelous tools are going to provide you with the option of training every fundamental strength move. Well, for starters, they’re oddly shaped objects which tend to move through the air very differently to dumbbells and barbells.

That said, the idea strength and conditioning training session for grapples should look something like this: You’ll need to spend the least amount of time while getting the maximum benefit. Click for full video instructional there’s only one move you can do with kettle bells for BJJ, then this is it.

The double kettle bell clean and press is a powerful, full body. It engages both the upper and lower body as well as a number of different pulling and pushing muscles.

The double clean and press is going to help you develop strength and power for grappling better than any other tool. On a plus side, the complex nature of the move has a strong conditioning effect as well.

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Make sure you learn the proper form before going really heavy to reap maximum benefits. Furthermore, kettle bells provide a different balanced resistance to dumbbells, again mimicking BJJ.

Technically speaking, the double floor press hits both the shoulders and the chest. Click for full video instructionalThis is the antagonist move to the double floor press.

The double bent over row builds back and biceps strength like no other exercise. Moreover, it provides balance in a training program when done along with a horizontal push like the floor press.

Click for full video instructionalThis is the one lower body specific move on our list. You don’t need them The double kettle bell front squat has both your quads and hamstrings covered.

This is due to the rack position of the kettle bells which are held in front of your body. As with all other kettle bells for BJJ exercises, the front squat has upper body implications as well.

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Click for full video instructional you can do only two kettle bell exercises, then the Turkish get up should be the one to complement the double clean and press. Every range of motion, from pushing, pulling rotating and stabilizing is included in the Turkish Get-up.

Now that you know the 6 essential exercises, it is time to organize them into the perfect grappling training session. One of the most known Strengths and Conditioning coaches Mike Perry brings you his life experience with kettle bells training.

I am currently doing a few kettle bell sessions a week just to help keep my shoulders strong and mobile, to develop hip strength and increase my cardio. For those that don’t know a Kettle bell is simply a round lump of cast iron with a flat base and a handle.

Training with Kettle bells 2-3 days a week plus grappling classes will greatly improve your functional strength. This is great for grapples as we need both strong and stable joints.

Exercises such as the Swing and clean and press will really test your strength endurance and in doing so both your aerobic and anaerobic system will be stretched and increased. The Kettle bells signature technique “the Swing” targets your glutes, which is an area of the body that is neglected by most athletes and trainers.

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The Kettle bell Swing not only strengthens the glutes which will develop a lot more power in the lower body and hips. Whether you are performing a swing, squat pull or overhead press you will always be using more than one muscle group.

This is great for strikers and grapples as we are constantly using more than one muscle when fighting. Whether you are using Kettle bells or not, working out a higher intensity will burn more calories during exercise.

Kettle bell training will help develop your power, strength, endurance, and mobility. The problem is most people have no idea what to do with them, worst still they perform the exercises incorrectly.

So this fantastic tool ends up becoming a glorified drop stop or paper weight. If you are considering adding Kettle bell training to your workouts, you should learn how to use them correctly.

Assuming you know how to use Kettle bells correctly there are a number of great ways to incorporate them into a workout. To get you started here is a fantastic 22-minute workout from Strength & Condition expert and Jujitsu Black Belt, Steve Maxwell.

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The great thing about this workout is it only takes 22-minutes (including your warm-up) and will work just about every muscle in your body and push you conditioning to its limits. It is a beautiful opening move and helps prepare my mind as much as my muscles for the coming real work.

Keeping your back flat, and the weight on your heels, pass the kettle bell through your legs in a figure 8 pattern. Time to stretch the lower back and hamstrings.

Cradle the kettle bell close to your chest with folded arms. Bend over with a straight back until you feel the stretch reflex of your hamstrings.

Then bend your knees slightly, round your back, drop your head, and roll up slowly. The Windmill is a great movement, working the core and upper body, while developing hamstring strength and flexibility.

Whenever I include this exercise, I put it close to the beginning of the workout, because it is the most technically difficult movement, and therefore has the highest risk of injury. This exercise works your lower back, hips and thighs statically while your arms are engaged in moving the kettle bell.

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It probably feels good to lay down at this point, but don’t stop. The good news is that after the Swings, you get to lie down and perform a slower exercise.

The bad news is that your blood is moving from one end of your body to the other, and there’s a level change. Hold the kettle bell in front of you and keep your chest forward.

Still working the lower body dynamically, with more emphasis on the core and shoulders. Clean and Press This is not as much rest as you think, all the blood is now racing to the upper body to fuel your traps, shoulders and triceps.

At the top of the arc, release the kettle bell, and grab it by the ball. After completing the squat, give the bell a slight toss, and then re-grip it by the handle to swing it again.

The entire body is involved in this movement, which also provides some excellent grip work. Grip your kettle bell by the horns and perform your last set of total body, torment.

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Time Variations In the full version, you are supposed to perform each exercise for 1 minute. For example 10 round the body passes will be fairly easy, 10 single arm swings will be a lot more taxing.

The majority of the exercises can be done with either a dumbbell or a weight plate, and will you’ll only need to make small modifications. Final Thoughts This is a great general kettle bell workout that takes a little time to perform and can help improve your conditioning for Jujitsu.

Remember, before attempting this workout make sure you can perform all the techniques correctly. Start slowly, and work your way up to the full 22-minute workout.

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