Kettlebell Workout For Tennis

David Lawrence
• Thursday, 26 November, 2020
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If you want to improve your speed, strength and endurance on the court then these kettle bell exercises for tennis players are for you. A good tennis player should have the ability to move in all directions with ease, the strength to drive through the ball and the resilience to avoid getting injured during those hard to reach shots.

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Due to the dynamic and full body nature of kettle bell training this exercise tool will enable you to improve your tennis is all aspects of the game. The Kettle bell Good Morning exercise will help mobilize the hips, warm up the hamstrings and improve low back alignment.

Keep your legs slightly bent and push your hips backwards until you feel your hamstring are at full stretch. The kettle bell bottoms up clean will improve your full body alignment, excite your nervous system and develop your racket grip strength.

Clean the kettle bell keeping the bell close to the body and elbow tucked in. Work towards good alignment with the forearm vertically underneath the upside down kettle bell.

Hold the kettle bell in the bottoms up position for as long as possible before taking it back down to the floor. The tennis player is very active as they move around the court playing shots from all angles and positions.

Developing full body stabilization enables the tennis player to firmly root themselves while playing a shot. Stabilization requires the development of the chassis of the body allowing the larger prime mover muscles a solid foundation to perform off.

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Not only will you develop single leg strength during this exercise but also the core sling system which connects the hip to the opposite shoulder. The kettle bell single leg dead lift will develop this rotational strength while at the same time balancing out your left and right side often an issue with racket sports.

As with the kettle bell good morning exercise the hips need to do all the work with the back kept in a nice straight line throughout. Keep your weight on the mid foot and heel to fully activate the muscles down the back of the body especially the hamstrings and glutes.

Try to avoid rotating the rear foot outwards during the movement, keep those toes pointing down. Tennis requires an overhead shot each time you serve and having weak or unstable shoulders can lead to reoccurring injuries.

The kettle bell Turkish get up is the ultimate full body stabilization strengthening exercise. If you want to avoid getting injured on the tennis court then the kettle bell Turkish Get Up is an important exercise to master.

Keep the kettle bell arm straight at all times and move slowly through the 7 phases of the movement. The get up can be thought of as an assessment tool so if you struggle with certain phases of the exercise then these are the areas where you should spend more time improving.

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Tennis players move in all directions around the court, often exploding in and out of positions as they reach for the ball. If you want to improve your tennis game then you need to have the dynamic strength to cope with the movement demands.

The kettle bell forward lunge is one of the most fundamental movement patterns and one of the most important tennis leg exercises. Gaining strength in this important movement pattern will increase your speed around the court plus your ability to change direction quickly.

The kettle bell lunge with rotation will help to develop strong legs, hips and core muscles. The rotation added to this kettle bell exercise will improve your strength as you drive through the tennis ball.

Rotational lunges will also improve your hip and trunk mobility reducing the potential for injury during your tennis game. The One Arm Kettle bell Swing will develop your grip strength, explosive power in your hips, strengthen your buttocks and hamstrings.

Stand tall at the top of the swing and brace your abs tight to protect your lower back. Workout for Tennis Players : 10 reps on each side before taking a short rest and then repeating.

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Developing strength with the kettle bell side lunge will improve your ability to push off and change directions from one leg to the other. The added mobility benefits that your will achieve from the kettle bell side lunge will also help to reduce injury potential when moving around the tennis court.

Keep your weight back on your mid-foot and heel in order to fully activate the buttocks and hamstrings. Practice this kettle bell exercise without a weight first in order to assess your movement and mobility skills.

Tennis Leg Workout : 5 – 10 repetitions on each side will be enough to develop strength from this exercise. The kettle bell Thruster is a full body exercise that will improve your explosive strength around the tennis court while also taxing your cardio.

Most of your movement around the tennis court will come from lunging variations that we have covered above but developing your squatting will help too. Be sure to squat down so your thighs reach parallel with the floor in order to fully activate your buttocks.

Workout for Tennis Players : start with the two handed thruster before progressing to 10 repetitions on each side. Just like the kettle bell swing the high pull relies on explosive hips which will help you to move quickly around the court.

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The kettle bell high pull has the added benefit that it works into the back of the body helping to strengthen your back swing. Care should be taken when practicing this exercise that the kettle bell doesn’t flip over and hit you in the face.

Above I have listed 14 kettle bell exercises along with workouts for tennis players and broken them down into Warm Ups, Stabilization and Dynamic Strength. As with all resistance training start off by mastering the movement without a kettle bell before gradually adding load.

Everyone responds to kettle bell training differently so remember to take a days rest whenever needed. Kettle bell exercises develop strength, power, endurance, mobility, coordination, stability and balance, which are all attributes helpful for playing tennis well.

When you are using the right amount of weight, the last couple of reps in your sets will be challenging but you can still complete them using proper form. With your feet shoulder-width apart, hold a kettle bell by the side handles in front of your chest.

Kettle bell swings develop hip and shoulder power and also provide an effective core workout. The movement of this exercise is similar to that of throwing a tennis ball up for a serve.

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The kettle bell swing also develops your jumping muscles and builds endurance. Renegade rows develop shoulder and core stability while targeting arm, chest and back strength.

In addition, this exercise will develop wrist strength and general balance. While keeping your body straight and core braced tightly, pull one weight up and into the side of your ribs and then lower it back to the floor.

Wood chop lunges target both of these muscle groups in one single exercise. Stand with your feet together and hold the kettle bell at shoulder height so it rests between your biceps and your forearm.

Stand back up, return the kettle bell to shoulder height and repeat. You have to engage your core to a maximum, to resist the forces of the kettle bell that is swinging/falling back down.

And when you have the kettle bell over your head, because the center of gravity of the ball is behind you, you will engage more shoulder stabilizers. Loves to help others by sharing her knowledge, and to hang out with her favorite chocolate Labrador Uzi.

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