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Whether it is your first time using a kettle bell in a full workout or you are looking to develop your skills, an instructional DVD is the best way to go. Even if they are a successful fitness instructor, using a kettle bell is a whole other level of training.

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Many workout DVDs will use a famous face to attract buyers. Sometimes a DVD can seem expensive but end up being a bargain due to the amount of instruction included.

Reviews will often mention how much of the time is filled with useful workout routines. High-quality DVDs will include useful tips on choosing the right style and weight for your specific needs.

For all of those who have heard of Dasha Li bin’s training classes and her workouts will know that this DVD is serious. Dasha is famous for leaving her class more exhausted than they have ever been before but buzzing from the workout, she has managed to translate this effect over into DVD form.

The biggest reason to choose this DVD collection is the sheer amount of workout routines that are included using your kettle bell. At the end of each of the four sessions you will be drenched in sweat and know exactly why this is the number one kettle bell workout DVD.

For all of those Jillian Michael's fans, you will certainly have heard the fitness trainer praising the use of kettle bells in her workouts. For beginners, and even for more intermediate kettle bell users, the instructional section of Shred-It With Weights is extremely useful.

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It will give you great tips on positioning, holding the kettle bell correctly as well as having full control. There is large difference between the two in terms of difficulty, which means Shred-It With Weights will be a favorite of both beginners and more advanced kettle bell users.

The first two DVDs in this four part set are instructional and this is where you will find the talents of Sarah Lure are particularly helpful. This trainer knows exactly the kind of information that both beginners and more experienced kettle bell users need.

The third DVD is a Boot Camp styled challenging workout that will add an edge to your work out. For the final challenge there are two workouts on the fourth disc, Iron Core Warrior I and II.

If you don’t know who she is, Dasha is a well-traveled martial artist who also has a career in fitness expertise and writing. Dasha has developed Kettle bell Kickboxing expressly for women and google images will amaze you with the body you can get from just doing a few sessions per week of this intensive workout.

If you’ve ever eaten fast food, it’s good to know that just 25-30 minutes of Kettle bell Kickboxing is enough to burn TWO cheeseburgers worth of calories ! A few quick scans on the internet will reveal rave reviews from long-term fans and new customers alike.

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As the second on our list, this DVD may help your acting career as Paul has used the techniques he shows you to train some of Hollywood’s highest profile executives, models, actors, and athletes! At the very least you’ll look and feel better, and if you do have an audition that requires a lot of cardio, then you’ve already trained hard because of Paul.

One thing that sets Paul apart from the rest is he will meticulously go through each move multiple times so you can focus on just 1 for a minute or so without having to switch to another. His highly touted “Clinics” are perfect for beginners and experts alike, if you need a brush-up.

If you’re a bit worried or anxious about being able to do kettle bell workouts like I was in the beginning, then this would be a great place to start. The DVD itself is six different workouts ranging from six to ten minutes long by Keith Weber who is a physical therapist and certified Kettle bell instructor.

With this being a kettle bell workout and very hardcore you shouldn’t expect yourself to do the whole DVD in one go as just twenty minutes worth can really be taxing on your poor body. If you’re not sure whether you fall into the beginner, intermediate or expert category, this DVD is worth a shot as Kathy has designed it for everyone, regardless of their skill or fitness level.

If so, Kathy’s Nutrition Solution Guide is also included, so all the hard work of what you can eat is done for you! Another reason why this DVD is perfect for you is you can fit it all into just twenty minutes of your day.

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By the time they were finished, and the bathroom was free, I‘d worked up a sweat and was ready to wash it all off. Well, in all honesty, it’s something different, and it could be a good transition for someone who’s unsure about whether they want to move on to a pure kettle bell exercise regime.

Bob himself is an inspirational fitness instructor, much like a modern Mr. Motivator (if you’re old enough to remember him! Kettle bell Bombshell with Lisa Ba lash (Kettle Bell Workout) DVD.

Select PayPal Credit at checkout to have the option to pay over time. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the balance is not paid in full within 6 months.

The PayPal Credit account is issued by Synchrony Bank. Street Date : April 12, 2011, Item Number (PCI) : 246-06-4869 Origin : Made in the USA or Imported Fitness expert Lisa Ba lash leads this exercise program, designed around the use of a kettle bell, which helps foster increased muscle strength and tone with maximum efficiency.

Tom will also lead you through a proper warm up, a full workout, and then conclude with a burn out / cool down. Skills covered include: the Kettle bell Swing, Halos, Goblet Squat.

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Dead Lifts, Triple Extension movements, Kettle bell Push ups, Renegade Rows, and more. The dynamic kettle bell workout is a three-in-one workout (strength, cardio and flexibility), and has recently re-emerged as a major movement in fitness, with an array of celebrity fans including Jessica Biel, Katherine Haigh, Jennifer Lopez, Ethan Hawk, Matthew McConaughey, Penelope Cruz, Lance Armstrong, Marisa Habitat, Claire Danes, Kim Cantrell and the super-ripped stars of the hit movie “300”.

The Iron Core Kettle bell Express DVD packs in the fat blasting power of a three-in-one workout--taking half the time of normal weightlifting, while burning twice as many calories in a 20-minute session!” Lure says this is possible because unlike traditional weights, kettle bells don't isolate muscle groups--instead each part of your body works hard during each exercise, producing more intense results in a shorter time frame.

Lure has been featured discussing the workout in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Women's Health, Fitness, OK! News Daily, NBC, FOX, KTLA, The Home Shopping Network and The Big Idea with Donny D on CNBC.

Judging by her strong and fit physique, you'd think that Lorna Seaman was a lifelong athlete. “In grade school, I could hardly run around during recess or do a lot of sports, which was very difficult,” Seaman says.

Fast-forward to her late 20s, Seaman joined a gym and started taking high-impact aerobic classes. After maintaining a consistent workout routine and doing a variety of high-intensity exercises, such as boxing and jogging, that challenged her lung capacity, Seaman’s asthma improved dramatically in her late 30s.

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As someone who was doing mostly HIIT and cardio workouts, Seaman was a newbie to using weights, but it didn’t deter her from picking up a kettle bell. “Back when I started, I’d been working out two hours every day for eight years at the same gym, so I really wanted to try something new and I found that the bells were a lot of fun,” Seaman says.

To ease her into kettle bells, Cronin showed her basic exercises, including halos, bottoms up, and swings. “At this time kettle bell sport became popular in Russia, but only a couple of people in the U.S. knew about it, and there were some very fringe competitions.

Fortunately, Eve had heard about the sport and suggested I meet with a Russian coach who lived in San Diego. With the snatch, women can use one bell with the opportunity to change hands one time in 10 minutes.

“Today, I compete with the 24 kg on a lift called a snatch, which is based on momentum but also incorporates aerobic capacity, strength, power, technique, and endurance,” Seaman says. Just last year, Seaman competed in what’s known in kettle bell sport as an “extreme marathon,” which is essentially a two-hour competition.

So Seaman underwent surgery two and a half years ago to replace the ball in her socket. “This surgery would have happened at some point and have nothing to do with weight lifting because my bones are set high in sockets, unlike most women,” she says.

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The reason I was never in pain was because my hips were strong from weight lifting,” Seaman explains. Seaman’s story is a testament that age is purely a number when it comes to fitness, and why you shouldn’t limit yourself to certain activities just because you don’t think you can do them.

Seaman tries to instill this open and positive mindset in her clients to help them reach their goals. Kettle bell sport, like all types of fitness, isn’t only about building strength and losing weight, Seaman says.

Exercise can help you get your mind off daily stresses, build the mental stamina to get through life’s tough moments, and learn about your body’s incredible resilience. Seaman says, “When I train, it gets me out of my head and my perception of myself into a zone that's meditative and I love that experience.

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