Kettlebell Turkish Get Up

Carole Stephens
• Thursday, 26 November, 2020
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In today’s society of quick fixes we are all too impatient and don’t want to earn our movement skills anymore. The shoulder joint is a very vulnerable area of the body, it has to be both mobile and strong.

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In order to keep the shoulder stable and in the correct position it has small stabilizing muscles. “ The TGU strengthens muscles that stabilize the scapula in an optimal position.

The trapezium, rhomboids, and serrated anterior must be simultaneously activated to pull the scapula into a position of depression and downward rotation. Each hip joint is connected to the opposite shoulder via a muscular sling system that crosses the body.

Get Ups develop this cross body sling system and so naturally improves your rotational strength for racket sports, running and more. “ Core stability is believed to be critical for injury prevention and the transfer of power throughout the kinetic chain during movement.

During the TGU, the core is challenged to resist spinal rotation, exion/extension, and side bending. The added core conditioning that you receive from the Turkish Getup also ensure that the lower back is better stabilized during movement.

The real beauty of this exercise is that every muscle has to work with each other in order to complete the full movement. We all have movement issues whether it is lacking adequate movement through the joints, weak core muscles, dominate large prime mover muscles, poor balance, or bad proprioception.

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I frequently use the Turkish Getup as an assessment tool with clients to see an instant snapshot of their current movement skills. A few KettlebellTurkish Setups before each workout will prepare you nicely and also give you a quick snapshot of your daily health.

Use the opposite hand to adjust the kettle bell position so it lays comfortably against the back of the forearm. Bend the leg on the same side as the kettle bell and place the opposite arm out at 45 degrees.

Failure to sit up smoothly without jerking or using the kettle bell will indicate a weakness in the core muscles. Practice the Single Leg Dead lift as well as this part of the movement without a kettle bell.

Problems sitting up tall without keeping the bottom leg straight could indicate tightness in the hamstrings. Create distance between the bottom shoulder and the ear and open up the chest.

Tight hips will prevent the sweep coming back through smoothly. Taking the hand off the floor straighten the body by folding sideways at the waist.

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Beginners should certainly practice returning the kettle bell back to the floor and then changing arms and repeating. You will finish at the Sit up position and then return slowly back to step 1 again.

You will be getting a great core workout if you take your time and perform the movements correctly. When you can perform 5 smooth repetitions on each side without putting the kettle bell down in between reps move onto the Full Getup below.

Perform just 1 repetition at a time and then put the kettle bell down and change sides. As a guide I usually find that when a client can perform 5 repetitions smoothly on both sides without unlocking the arm then it is time to start introducing the next weight.

Once you have mastered the Reverse TurkishGetUp you can then add exercises at the top of the movement between each Getup repetition. Using alternating swings is a great way to not only add some cardio into the movement but also change hands and give the arms a rest.

Ensure that you are strong at the Full Getup before attempting this because your shoulders will have to work harder and for longer before getting a break. The kettle bell snatch is a full body cardiovascular exercise that will allow a few seconds for your shoulder to rest between Getup repetitions.

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Full Turkish Get Up Left x 1 Snatch x 10 Change sides or repeat I’m not usually one for making exercises overly complicated but I do like this advanced version of the Getup.

When you get to step 4 of the Getup stack one foot on top of the other as if performing a side plank. You will be performing a side plank on one hand and have a kettle in the other so balance and alignment is important.

The ladder workout moves through every step of the Getup so it ensures that no part of the process is missed out. You will find that by practicing this TGU workout you will quickly identify the areas of the Getup that require further attention.

Basically you are adding an extra step to the movement each round until you complete the full TurkishGetUp. After you have climbed the ladder to the top you can change hands and repeat the same process on the other side.

It is a great idea to combine kettle bell training’s 2 finest exercises together into one workout. Practicing this workout will give you the best of both worlds, great cardio and fat burning from the swing and full body strengthening and conditioning from the Get Ups.

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Unlike other kettle bell exercises the Getup can be performed most days providing the load is not consistently too heavy. If you have a rest day but feel that you would like to do something more than practicing your Turkish Ups is an excellent choice.

You will not only protect your body from future injury by performing the Getup but you will also improve your core strength and better your posture. Practice the Getup until is looks and feels effortless and it will pay you back tenfold.

Yes, kettle bells are an excellent tool for both increasing muscle size and definition as well as burning fat and improving your cardio. The kettle bell is held with a locked out arm overhead during the entire Turkish getup exercise.

Having just a limited amount of the best home gym equipment at your disposal doesn't have to be restrictive. Better still, this one move kettle bell full body workout is not overly difficult either.

Seeing them in stock again is like Christmas came early for anyone interested in home resistance training. If you haven’t got any gym equipment, you can try following the Mike Tyson body weight workout.

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It uses a minimal amount of home gym equipment and considering how Iron Mike looked like in his heydays, it can evidently build muscle. Bad news is, it involves working out 10 times a day and doing industrial amounts of reps and sets of the included body weight exercises.

Following a push-pull workout routine is a good way to increase workout frequency since your ‘push’ muscles are resting on ‘pull’ days and via versa, meaning you can work out more often and build muscle faster. Problem is, the best way to do push-pull workouts is to use a gym and equipment such as the cable machine and the best weight benches / the best barbells.

These body weight exercises are home friendly and can effectively build muscle too. If you have at least one kettle bell in your possession, we have an alternative option for a full body workout.

It can also improve muscle-mind coordination and sculpt functional muscles, not just ones that are only aesthetically pleasing but useless. Don't wait for Black Friday, buy these iron orbs with handle now.

It’s simple yet effective and will improve shoulder muscle definition, as well as glute strength significantly. All the while, you need to keep the kettle bell above your head which will admittedly put some pressure on your shoulders and core so make sure those are tight as a tiger.

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Best of all, since you are using a weight that’s ‘light’ enough to be able to hold up, you can use smaller kettle bells for this move and these are almost always available. IMPORTANT: the kettlebellgetup is a complex move and involves holding weight over your head so if you are unsure about yourself, make sure you get someone to supervise as you exercise.

Also, if you are struggling with obesity or have issues with your hip mobility, kettlebellget ups might not be the best exercise for you.

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