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David Lawrence
• Thursday, 12 November, 2020
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Thought I'd share my experience with the 10,000 KBS challenge. My glutes and forearms felt way stronger by the end and my times were way better (see chart).

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I was pretty worried about getting blisters since I couldn't take a day off, so I used gymnastics grips from the beginning. Have been doing kettle bell and ring workouts for 9 months or so 5 × a week (pandemic left me with only a 28 kg KB and a set of rings).

I decided to do the challenge 19 days before leaving for vacation. Started with the usual 10-15-25-50 x5 scheme with 1-2-3 reps of the supplemental movement.

I preferred that rep scheme, so I mostly stuck with that the rest of the challenge. Those last 5 days were awesome because I was beating some of my earlier times while doing an extra 100 swings.

Feel free and safe to post. Endurance, proprioception, strength, agility, general fitness, cardio, you name it, the kettle bell can provide it to you, and safely, as long as you ask questions and keep an open mind.

Post your form check videos Ask kettle bell related questions Post your workouts Invite others Post kettle bell photos Share information Answer questions you know the answer to Focus on the goal not your preferred method Don't be closed minded Be polite and treat people how you want to be treated Don't spam Subscribe to the largest kettle bell YouTube channel for workouts, tutorials, complexes, and more.

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Kettle bells, while sometimes overlooked at the gym, are a brilliant and versatile piece of equipment. You can do a full-body workout with a few simple kettle bell exercises to build strength everywhere from your legs and core to shoulders and back.

Kettle bell swings are a great way to elevate your heart rate and strengthen your posterior chain. If you’re new to kettle bell swings, start with lighter weights to get your form correct.

However, once it is right, heavier loads are going to strengthen you faster, burn fat, and give you a great cardio workout. Drive forward with your hips in a thrusting motion, and as your knees straighten, use that momentum to swing the dumbbell up to shoulder height.

Give your glutes, hamstrings, and quads an excellent workout with goblet squats. Plus, goblet squats allow you to drop into your natural center of gravity, which is useful for anyone struggling with form.

Hold the kettle bell at chest height, using both your hands with your palms facing in. Make sure you bend at the hips, pushing your butt backward, and keeping the chest up.

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This posture, balanced with the weight, will allow you to find your natural center of gravity. Focus on bringing the weight back up in a straight line.

Tense your glutes and engage your core, moving your hips and chest as one unit. This kettle bell exercise will strengthen your grip and upper back, work the muscles in your legs, and engage the core.

Carrying more weight as you walk, makes your leg muscles work harder. Then, your upper arm and back muscles engage to help carry the load and take the pressure off your forearms.

Plus, it’s practice for bringing the groceries inside in one trip without breaking a sweat! Then take a walk, with short, quick steps, focussing on keeping your body straight and core engaged.

You’ll want to put the weights back down before complete failure to avoid broken toes, tiles, or floorboards. Plus, it works the legs and core as a byproduct of maintaining stability throughout the move.

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Stand with your feet hip-width apart, and keep your core engaged and head up. Additionally, you’re going to be working your core as you engage these muscles to keep your back flat on the floor and initiate the momentum to push the kettle bell up.

Kettle bell dead lifts are another brilliant compound exercise that engages multiple muscle groups. You’ll feel the burn in your glutes, quads, and hamstrings, as well as your lats and traps.

Drive-up through the floor out of your squat, pulling the kettle bell straight up, until your body upright. This killer move is a full-body workout that is extremely effective and will get your heart pumping.

Firstly, it targets your quads, calves, and glutes in your lower body. Then, in your upper body, it works the pecs, Delta, biceps, and traps.

Stand with your feet just wider than hip-width apart, back straight and core engaged. Holding a kettle bell in each hand at chest height, drop into a squat until your knees are at 90-degrees.

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Make sure you bend at the hips, pushing your butt backward, but keeping the chest up. However, you’re going to keep the momentum going and push the kettle bells straight up into a shoulder press, fully extending your arms.

While it’s a more advanced move, beginners can still tackle this by sitting back onto a chair or allowing your foot to touch the ground. Keep the raised leg as straight as you can, toes flexed, and foot off the floor.

Keep your elbow tucked close to your torso, but allow it to extend behind your body. This full-body exercise is going to hit your glutes, legs, shoulders, back, and abdominal all in one power move.

Bend at the hips, on an oblique angle, keeping your back straight, until the kettle bell touches the ground. A kettle bell one-arm clean and jerk is a power move to work nearly every muscle in your body.

Secondly, the muscles through your shoulders and back pull the weight of the kettle bell up, then jerk it over your head. Thirdly, your entire core is engaged and working hard to make sure you don’t fall over and bruise your body or ego.

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Finally, because it involves such large muscle groups, it’s an incredible cardiovascular workout that’s sure to get the blood pumping. Holding a kettle bell in one hand between your legs, drop into a squat until your knees are at 90-degrees.

‘Catch’ the weight with a half squat, then push up again to a standing position. ‘Catch’ the weight with a half squat, then push up again to a standing position.

The best moves to do this are a kettle bell swing, goblet walk, farmer’s walk, two-arm military press, one-arm floor press, dead lift, thruster, backward lunge, pistol squat, one-arm row, double windmill, and a one-arm clean and jerk. A combination of large compound moves with heavy weights and no breaks between exercises will get the blood pumping and heart beating.

You just have to adjust your grip slightly compared to using a dumbbell or barbell because of the shape. It can be ok to do kettle bells every day, depending on the exercises you’re performing, the intensity, and your fitness goals.

Low-intensity sessions can be done daily, but you need to remember to listen to your body and have a rest day if you need it. As a newbie, it can be a good idea to start with only one, as this will let you get used to them and master basic moves.

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However, it can also be beneficial to invest in a set of two, as this balances the load and can make performing some exercises, such as farmer’s carries, easier. The lower body is generally stronger, so you can also use a heavier weight for exercises that target that area.

You may have noticed kettle bells in your gym, or on sale at the local fitness store. This leads to a powerful hip thrust motion, which is basic to all kinds of athletic movements, including running, jumping, squatting, and kicking.

Here are some guidelines on how to choose the correct kettle bell size for your workout requirements. 35-pound (16 kg) kettle bells are the ideal starting point for men who have been regular gym goers and are training for strength and endurance.

18-pound (8 kg) kettle bells are a good entry point for women who train regularly for strength and endurance. Depending on the price you pay, you may end up with a kettle bell that is made of steel, cast iron, or vinyl filled with concrete or some other material.

Some cast iron kettle bells are covered in a rubber sleeve to protect the floor. Now, check out a 25-minute HIIT kettle bell workout designed to work the entire body while burning maximum calories.

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It has wide grip handles, vinyl coating protection, and is made from premium grade cast iron. The vinyl coating provides floor protection and adds an element of style to the bell.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Vinyl Coated kettle bell range is available in five different colors to let you easily identify their weight. Value for money The 15 lb Sunny Health & Fitness Vinyl Coated kettle bell can be purchased for around $28.

Build quality The Sunny Health & Fitness Vinyl Coated kettle bell is made from high-grade cast iron. The CAP Barbell Cast Iron Kettle bell is a very strong, sturdy unit that is versatile due to its flat base design.

Design The handle and bell of the CAP Barbell Kettle bells are coated with a shiny black enamel. The handle of the CAP Barbell kettle bell is noticeably narrower than competing models.

The Yes4All is a very good kettle bell that provides the user with a wider than normal grip, smooth handle, and chip-free coating. It has a flat surface and is forged from a single piece of iron for greater strength and durability.

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The solid steel handle is smooth, providing you with extremely comfortable grip. Value for money The 15 lb Yes4All vinyl coated kettle bell is can be purchased online for under $25.

Build quality The Yes4All vinyl coated kettle bell is constructed from a single piece of iron to give you the ultimate in strength and safety. It is finished in a shiny vinyl coating to make sure that there are no rusting or chipping problems.

Wide, smooth handle Forged from one piece of iron Shiny vinyl coating Design The PRI Deluxe Vinyl Kettle bell is a smooth, stylish bell that is available in a range of colors that are coded by weight.

This cast iron kettle bell is coated in vinyl to protect both your floor from dents and the bell from rust. Value for money The 15 lb PRI Deluxe Vinyl Kettle bell can be purchased online for around $30.

The Tone Fitness set of 3 cement-filled kettle bells is a well-priced, attractive training option for people looking for a bargain. While cement-filled bells are not as long-lasting and durable as those forged from cast iron, they will give you at least a couple of years of reliable service.

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Value for money The Tone Fitness Vinyl Kettle bell set can be bought for under $30. Build quality The Tone Fitness range of kettle bells is filled with cement.

This makes for a most cost effective alternative to the traditional cast iron kettle bell (but also not as durable). It is versatile, practical, unique, time-efficient and it will develop your balance, agility, coordination, and aerobic capacity like no other device.

The best kettle bells on the market feature a wide handle, a comfortable grip, an attractive design, and a robust weight. From our analysis of the market, we can say that CAP Barbell, Sunny Health and Fitness, Yes4All, and PRI offer great kettle bells.

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