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Ever last Pros: Protective vinyl coating, easy-to-use color coding for different weights, decent price point You're also at less risk of grabbing the wrong weight for a given exercise thanks to the bright coloring of the vinyl casings of these kettle bells.

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Each different weight increment has a distinct color, so within a few minutes of using a given kettle bell, you'll know at a glance how much it weighs. Whether used for suitcase squats, lunges, presses, or core training, these are reliable kettle bells from a company with more than 110 years of history in the fitness gear arena.

Tax If you're a fan of HIIT exercise (high-intensity interval training), then you'll appreciate these kettle bells that are perfectly suited to the fast, highly specific motions used in such routines. Their textured grips ensure you keep a steady grasp even when you're sweaty, moving fast, and rapidly switching between various different exercises.

You simply turn a dial and lift on the handle, and the extra weight is left sitting there on the ground. The benefits of the design are clear here but with that said, there are a few drawbacks, the largest of which is that kettle bell is less ergonomic than a standard option.

The handle is slimmer and doesn't have the flared shape of most kettle bells, and the overall unit is larger than solid options, which might make some exercises harder to execute properly. They're coated in a thick vinyl that protects your skin and helps minimize the chance of scuffing the floor or scratching a piece of furniture; they come in a wide range of weights, starting at 10 pounds and reaching all the way up to 60, with 11 increments along the way; and their colorful coatings make it easy to tell one weight from another.

Bionic Body's Soft Kettle bells come in a decent range of weights, spanning 10 to 35 pounds, and they're both durable and solid-feeling in your hands. There's no sacrifice of function in the name of making them soft-sided, and you won't even pay that much more for these kettle bells than you would for standard iron or vinyl-coated weights.

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The leather wraps around the weights won't chafe or irritate your skin, so these kettle bells make for more comfort. But with being leather, the exterior can get scuffed and torn in a way a solid kettle bell can't, so you do need to treat these with a bit more care than with other options.

Pros: won't damage flooring and less prone to injure, decent price point for a unique product Amazon Many brands offer their own version of the kettle bell incredibly similar to one another, so there's little reason to look much beyond the list we put together.

What makes a kettle bell harder to use than a dumbbell lies in its shape, which puts the weight several inches away from your hand. And for two-handed exercises like goblet squats, the grip shape means added stability so you can focus on your form, as well as your core, glutes, quads, and other muscles.

Before you start swinging your new kettle bells around wildly, make sure you take some time to learn how to properly execute the exercises for which they are so helpful when used correctly. With that advice in mind, we tested a variety of kettle bells from brands like Ever last, Tax, and Bow flex to find the best currently available.

One of the main selling points of a kettle bell is that it's such a diverse piece of equipment, but to really maximize its use, you want to choose the single weight that will deliver the most bang for your buck. When thinking about what weight will be most useful, it's better to go a little heavier, San Diego-based trainer Pete McCall, CSS, host of the All About Fitness podcast, told Insider.

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“Kettle bells are often used for exercises like swings and goblet squats, and for these lower body movements, heavier is better,” he says. Lastly, McCall added, is buying a heavier kettle bell will lead to more results because you'll have to work harder to move it and therefore use more muscle.

Generally, the best way to choose a weight is to borrow a friend's or pop into your local sporting goods store and see what feels comfortable for moves like lunges and squats. For what it's worth, investing in both a lighter and heavier one can really open your world of exercise options.

Of course, the one option that solves this dilemma is to buy an , which lets you move from light to heavy with the twist of a dial. The single arm swings are to be performed with a hip hinge and bell coming to chest height.

Post your time below, on Facebook, hashtag it #caveman training #workout completed, Reddit u/cavemankettlebells, or Instagram @realcavemantraining. Post perfect technique on your Instagram, tag us properly, and we’ll embed it here.

These high quality iron castings are poured in ISO Certified American foundries. The Skull bell is completely modeled after an actual human skull, giving it an irregular shape which makes it more appropriate for 2-handed swings than for cleans and snatches.

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The fully functional kettle bell have been 3D scanned and resculpted multiple times to ensure a perfect finish. Designed by Ukraine based team at 306 Creative Communication Agencies, these kettle bells are shaped to look like a nice set of boobs.

Baltimore Kettle bell Club “Thank you, “Strongman Dan,” for the amazing presentation you did for our middle-schoolers at the “Summer Madness” camp held at our church in July. It's no teas...y to keep this age group interested and engaged, but you did both with ease.

The kids were captivated by your feats of strength, and it was great how used these demonstrations to teach them important lessons about being healthy in body, mind, and spirit. The students were thrilled to take home bent nails, burrito-wrapped frying pans, and “celebrity” photos taken with you as mementos from the day.

It's not easy to keep this age group interested and engaged, but you did both with ease. The kids were captivated by your feats of strength, and it was great how used these demonstrations to teach them important lessons about being healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

I’m going to bend some steel, roll up a frying pan, probably explode a soda can, and definitely juggle a barbell. With each feat I’ll tie in a message dealing with eating healthy, exercising and trying your best.

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The message I tie into this performance is a quote by Winston Churchill “Never never never give up” (which is actually paraphrased from a much longer line). Sometimes in a show I actually intentionally drop the barbell, so I can highlight the difference between failing and giving up.

I’m just knocking the rust off of a skill I haven’t practiced much lately. In any case, I’m thinking about doing a free strongman show for kids (10+) next Tuesday the 29th.

I had planned on doing something as an end-of-year event for our current kids fitness class but if the interest is there we’ll open it up to others as well.

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