Kettlebell Queen Lauren Brooks

Brent Mccoy
• Monday, 30 November, 2020
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If you’re here for Lauren ’s Playground, the online virtual kettle bell fitness gym and community, registration is currently closed for the rest of 2020. Never fear we still have plenty of options, and in the meantime, make sure you’re on our waitlist so you don’t miss out on the next opening.

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As of now we still have our Premium Membership open, which is our live classes taught both in person and via Zoom for people worldwide at On The Edge Fitness. The Monthly Premium Membership which are live top-notch and transformational interactive classes, that can be done in the comfort of your own home.

This Premium membership does include an access pass to Lauren ’s Playground as well. The other options to get you on your strength and fitness journey is using our many digital downloads, programs, videos, DVD’s, live workshops, and coaching services that we offer.

Women who’ve had many kids look and feel better now than pre-pregnancy days, due to the most effective and simple kettle bell workouts provided. Lauren ’s Playground online community has been successfully changing lives now for over 4 years.

Member Discount 15% off on all online coaching services, workshops, and products. Premium On The Edge Fitness Classes are generally Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 9a.m.

Check out Lauren Brooks latest body-shredding workouts with kettle bells and begin your total body transformation today! Download or stream for instant access to Lauren Brooks amazing kettle bell workouts and programs online.

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With over 300 step-by-step photos, Kettle bells for Women presents a solid 12-week program packed with exercises that produce unmatched results for: • burning fat and increasing lean muscle mass • enhancing balance, coordination and flexibility • increasing and developing rock-hard core stability • improving sports performance • shaping legs, back and shoulders • firming and lifting glutes Kettle bells for Women teaches the proper way to do primary lifts as well as variations so you can use kettle bells safely and effectively to transform your current workout into a fun, dynamic program for sculpting and strengthening your entire body. I train women over 40 who crave an approach to fitness that can keep inches off their waist, sculpt their body, and reduce aches & pains.

…which is to age gracefully by becoming leaner, stronger, and fitter than they’ve felt in many years. But despite the sweat and hours clocked, her body doesn’t look or feel the way she hoped.

Your exercise plan isn’t delivering the results you want. One that builds the body you’ve been chasing for a long time.

And I do it with my unique combination of strength training, nutrition coaching, and pain reduction methods. At 16, I started to become fed up with how I felt and looked physically.

Kids made fun of me for having skinny legs, and I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. …but I began to see incredible changes that made me feel happy and confident for the first time in my life.

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Later, I would learn better methods to get the body I wanted, but making myself strong and fit was the first step. I began my fitness career as a personal trainer at the ripe young age of 19, while earning my degree in Kinesiology.

Since then, and because I always want to improve, I’ve racked up numerous certifications with kettle bells, barbells, Tax, and battling ropes. All this knowledge allowed me to build a reputation for impacting peoples’ lives, which led to recognition from some fairly big brand names.

Over the years, I’ve appeared on NBC to demonstrate how to do quick workouts with kettle bells. And, from years of teaching and training with kettle bells, I was named a Senior Instructor for Strongest.

But I also remember how fast my body improved and that my strength skyrocketed with proper kettle bell training. These experiences have given me critical lessons…lessons that I used to help clients who struggle with being out of shape or need to overcome injuries and pains.

That means getting them ready for school, cooking, having meals together, and even doing fun stuff like bike rides. Even though I’ve shot dozens of workout DVDs and love working with people, I’m still kinda an introvert.

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We love curling up on the couch and watching shows like Fauna and Ozark. Train with me in person if you’re local in San Diego, California.

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