Kettlebell Queen

Maria Garcia
• Wednesday, 16 December, 2020
• 4 min read

DINA Average: 41 City: FRESNO, CA I was unhealthy and overweight for years, until I realized that I was the role model for my young son and how he would live his life.

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So I'm not just a trainer who's telling you what to do; I am a living testimony showing you that it can be done. I've tested countless training tools over 12 years as a personal trainer, but for me, nothing beats them.

As a Strongest certified instructor , I design my workouts to be fast, efficient, and results-driven. We focus so much on workouts and diet plans, but the attitude comes first.

While the scale can also give you info, if it has an emotional impact on you, throw it out. Ones that don't require a ton of ingredients or prep work.

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At Queen City Kettle bell we believe strength and quality movement is the foundation to any goal. The body is wonderfully complex, but it is often hard to understand how to best take care of it.

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Our mission is to provide a comprehensive approach to both body and mind. Programs at Queen City Kettle bell result in our members moving better and becoming stronger.

Our approach starts with a solid foundation in kettle bell training and personalized guidance in every session. We are serious about changing lives; be it through the kettle bell, our amazing community, or the food we put in our mouths.

You’re not going to find a better place to train your strength….this is why… DJ’s passion to make better human beings is transcendent. Ohio breeds some of the strongest people in the world and DJ is proof positive.

For the past 5 years I’ve never been able to swing a kettle bell because I couldn’t ever use my hamstrings instead of my lower back… Woke up this morning and my hamstrings are sore, and my lower back feels AWESOME!! Be advised: (You) and DJ are now my new BEST friends for introducing me to all this.

I love the small class sizes and the supportive trainers. For a complete weightlifting newbie I have found a very welcoming home here.

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The coaches are intuitive, encouraging and meticulous about form and safety. I am challenged by every class and have seen dramatic improvements in my strength and confidence.

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