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The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIM SPA). Use SAVE50 on the basket page Book Kettle bells If you already have a level of qualification or professional experience in the field of fitness instruction, you can enrol on one of The Fitness Group’s Level 2 Kettle bell courses in UK.

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Achieving a Kettle bell certification at one of our numerous UK locations will help to significantly boost your proficiency in the use of one of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment available today. Kettle bells have gained their huge reputation because, like free weights, they help to build strength, tone the core and improve joint flexibility.

Many actually prefer them to weights and dumbbells in some respects, as they provide an improved cardio workout thanks to the additional movement they require. They are also thought to be gentler on the joints, due to the smooth swing that is employed when using them.

The wide use and growing popularity of the kettle bell make this qualification a valuable addition to your skillet. The Level 2 Kettle bell Course is endorsed by three major fitness education bodies: The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIM SPA), active and Reps (the Register of Exercise Professionals).

The course is made up of two units that you must complete in order to fully qualify. Our Kettle bell training classroom lectures, practical seminars and face-to-face assessments are available at our many UK locations.

The team at The Fitness Group supports all of our students well beyond their final assessment. We can provide Business Skills workshops, CV advice and even help to put you forward for interviews with leading employers.

(Source: www.littleblokefitness.com.au)

Graduates of The Fitness Group consider their time studying with us exceptionally valuable, as is evidenced by the glowing reviews and five-star rating on our Trustpilot account. Privacy Overviews website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible.

To book a course in your chosen area you will need to speak with one of the Diverse team to confirm what dates are available. You can call 01772 910 930 (North), 020 3944 4438 (South) or if you are in a hurry just simply complete the form below and one of our team will call you back. Diverse Trainers deliver the Kettle bell Instructor course in our state-of-the-art training facilities across the UK.

This CPD course is a fantastic opportunity to expand your knowledge and build your professional development. Diverse trainers have an outstanding reputation for great service and if the course dates and locations don’t meet your requirements.

Then just give an adviser a call today and diverse trainers can organize specific course dates which are located in your area. Our tutor’s mission is to ensure all our students enter their role in the health and fitness industry as confident, efficient trainers.

The course is ideal for those that want to take their career in the fitness industry to the next level and open up new opportunities. In just 1-2 weeks you can complete the Kettle bell Instructor course based on which practical day date is selected.

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There is some PRE course reading but not an extensive amount the main teaching will occur on the practical day. A minimum of a Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification is required to complete this course.

Our Kettle bell instructor tutors have over 20 years of experience and knowledge of the fitness industry. Support and Guidance will be provided throughout the course to ensure you receive a personal approach.

Diverse Trainers have an extremely high first time pass rate of 99.4% on the Kettle bell Instructor Course. At Diverse Trainers, you can speak to a career advisor, or choose from our extensive range of accredited courses.

The only Advanced Kettle bell Course in the UK covering 2 hand Kettle bell variations, covering Outside the Leg Swings, Dead Snatch and Clean Variations, Renegade Rows, Sots Presses, Advanced Pistols and reviewing and discussing accentuated eccentric training & Kettle bells. One day intensive, practical & theory based course over 8 hours duration.

If you want to increase your class sizes, boost your revenue, and add an essential skill to your personal trainer skillet, then you need to learn from experts how to become a kettle bell instructor. There're loads of education facilities and course providers out there who can get you trained and well on the way to becoming your local kettle bell expert.

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In this first step, we’ll take you through all the basics of how to become a kettle bell instructor, and do a little myth-busting with regard to how the industry looks in 2018 / 19. Unfortunately, the truth is that, as the fitness industry has grown, it has given many companies and individuals the opportunity to spread disinformation and sell false qualifications.

By the time we’ve reached the end of this section then, you’ll be able to spot the real opportunities, from those that are selling you false hope. We’re not doubting the existence of trainers who run kettle bell classes in their local gyms and leisure centers.

You may have worked in office environments all your life, but at the same time, have managed to maintain an interest and passion for fitness. This is the situation many prospective trainers find themselves in, and one of the biggest hurdles knows what skills are transferable from other sectors into a job in the fitness industry.

Now, rest assured, there is no definitive list of skills that you need to start studying to become a personal trainer. However, as a whistle-stop guide to transferable skills, here’s some that we’ve identified in our most successful personal training students.

If you’re wondering how to become a kettle bell instructor, and you want to find out what qualifications you need … technically, the answer is none. There’s nothing stopping a fitness fanatic going out on an independent basis and delivering kettle bell classes without a certified qualification.

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So, as an alternative, we’d suggest putting the time and effort in, and gaining your proper qualifications to set your career as a kettle bell instructor off on the right foot… Now remember, there are loads more qualifications out there that could give you relevant expertise, and that could ensure you reach your end goal when asking how to become a kettle bell instructor.

This is simply, step-by-step, how to make sure you are adequately qualified, and that you can gain the necessary experience to become a successful kettle bell coach. It’s widely recognized as the industry standard qualification for trainers, and it’s what most gyms and leisure centers will expect when you apply for fitness positions.

And that’s the important bit: attaining your level three qualification is a real foot in the door when it comes to the fitness industry. If you have any ambition with regard to become a successful kettle bell instructor, then you’ll first have to prove yourself as a PT on the gym floor.

Well, once you’ve attained your qualifications, the best way to ensure that you can achieve long-term, sustainable success in the industry is to start working on the gym floor. Think about it…the whole reason a lot of people move from other sectors into personal training and fitness coaching is because they have grown tired of the inflexibility and repetitiveness of their work.

In fact, the problem here is reducing the many career paths into a structure that makes sense for you, the reader. Below are the three main career paths available to new personal trainers and fitness professionals looking to become specialists in areas like kettle bell training.

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While it may be difficult to start pitching your own ideas for classes in the early days, you will gain vital experience, and will have a regular wage which you can later invest in your independent or freelance business. What freelance training does allow you to do is start exploring the option of running regular classes in specific areas of fitness.

Becoming an independent trainer allows you to both be your own boss, running whatever classes you believe will be successful, and become the trusted authority on whatever it is you choose to specialize in. However, the salaries of personal trainers working in freelance contexts, or hired directly by gyms, are easier to measure.

Remember, the figures from Pure Gym and Virgin Active are for personal trainers with 6-12 months’ experience. In short then, the longer you stay in personal training, the closer you’ll get to answering the question of how to become a kettle bell instructor.

After you’ve acquired some clients and gained some experience working on the gym floor, it’s only natural that you start to turn your eyes towards how to become a kettle bell instructor. Think about it, you have the ambition of running kettle bell classes on a regular basis, and your clients are always looking for something new to improve their fitness.

Here, there’s no end to learning and professional development, which is reflective of the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the industry itself. In terms of the fitness industry, they are opportunities to gain qualifications in specialist areas.

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So we’re not going to cover every aspect here (also, we’ve already got a comprehensive guide to personal trainer marketing if you wanted a full run-down). What we will cover here then, is how to become a kettle bell instructor with full classes around the clock, and how to make the most of your platform to entice new audiences.

Now, you may think that becoming an online trainer is out of the question at this stage of your career, particularly if you’ve only just figured out how to become a kettle bell instructor. But something like kettle bell instructing lends itself perfectly to customers who want to work out at home.

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