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Ellen Grant
• Tuesday, 01 December, 2020
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Student candidates who are registered to attend an SFG certification live during these dates will have the option to submit outstanding skill requirements via video 6 months from the last day of the Certification (Sunday date). Because our SFG Instructors meet the highest standard in the industry, you should expect to be challenged and tested.

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Candidates must wear clothing which would allow the testing instructor to see whether the elbows and the knees have locked out, e.g. a T-shirt and gym shorts. Upon the testing instructor’s command the clock starts and the candidate swings the kettle bell back between the legs and snatches it overhead in one uninterrupted movement to a straight-arm lockout.

The candidate is allowed to place the free hand on the hip or waist (but not on the thigh) and move the feet. However, the student must stop all movement when fixing the weight in the top position.

If you have a medical condition that prevents you from fully locking out your elbow you must notify your Team Leader before the snatch test is administered. The biomechanical breathing match is encouraged, but not a standard for the snatch test.

An unlimited number of hand switches and back swings is allowed. Failed to stop all movement (the kettle bell, the body, and the feet) at the lockout.

Touched the chest or the shoulder with the working arm and/or the kettle bell on descent. Chalk is allowed: belts, gloves, wrist wraps, and other supportive equipment are not.

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Pass the kettle bell snatch test administered on the last day of the certification. Those who fail less than 4 test skills will have an opportunity to submit any skills or snatch test to their Team Leader within a 90 day/3 month time frame following their SFG Certification.

In rare cases a highly accomplished, national, or international-level coach or athlete may be exempt from the strength or technique tests due to chronic injury. Earn Continuing Education Credits or build your own personal knowledge of proper kettle bell movement so you can teach others.

Earn Continuing Education Credits or build your own personal knowledge of proper kettle bell movement so you can teach others. A flow is an exploratory way of moving through as many, planes, patterns and combinations as your abilities (knowledge of movement and physical) will allow.

It is perfect for building athleticism, awareness and conditioning and act as a great supplement to strength work. Whether you want to learn how move better yourself or grow your facility, empower your staff and provide more value to your clients this certification is for you.

Move in front, back and lateral planes of motion by starting with foundational movements and advancing. While most kettle bell certifications focus on front and back planes of motion, we expand past the traditional movements into rotational movements and lateral planes of motion for true full body strength building.

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Sign up for one of the existing certification here or fill out the contact form to host one at your facility, ask a question or be notified about new locations! He has extensive experience in teaching, building programs, developing training modules and running fitness businesses.

Full price for 2 Day Certification is normally $899.99, save with early sign up options and flexible attendance plans! This introductory course teaches the basics of kettle bell training, including its history, safety techniques, body positioning, alignment and appropriate starting weights.

Upon completion of the workshop and the online examination, you will earn the Net Specialty Certificate as a Kettle bell instructor. Net’s new Online Kettle bell Specialty Certification option allows you to experience this training wherever and whenever fits your schedule.

You can now earn your Kettle bell Instructor Certification while Studying and Practicing from Home Personal trainers, fitness pros and sports coaches who incorporate kettle bells into their traditional training programs have experienced a sudden growth in their client base.

Previous clients that had been disengaged have called to start training again. With this single piece of equipment, you can create incredible overall strength, explosive power, and muscular endurance when used to its fullest potential.

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Your clients are going to love training with you because you’ll be teaching them fun and effective exercises, and Nest is honored to offer you the most affordable and comprehensive certification program for this niche. No matter how you define fitness, kettle bells should have a place in your training and conditioning.

Whether you decide to use your kettle bell to supplement your client’s training routine, or as a stand-alone tool (and business model), you will benefit greatly by registering and completing this course. This program is intended to give you the knowledge and skills to successfully implement and instruct kettle bell training with your clients and athletes.

In addition, you will be able to articulate the major joints and muscles involved and why the proper technique is so essential in kettle bell training. You will also be introduced to some of the latest research on kettle bell training and will be able to relate this science to your athletes.

(NOTE: The Certified Kettle bell Coach Exam utilizes the same test bank of questions as the Module quizzes) Learning Format: Self-paced, 8 hours of comprehensive and easy-to-follow online training videos, informative lectures, color graphs, easy-to-understand charts, and a detailed, printable workbook.

After successful completion, you will earn the professional title of “Certified Kettle bell Coach” on your certificate.

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