Kettlebell Push Press

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• Sunday, 20 December, 2020
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Avoid injury and keep your form in check with in-depth instructional videos. How-to Images View our enormous library of workout photos and see exactly how each exercise should be done before you give it a shot.

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The Military Press places resistance in a straight line down the forearm, teaches proper alignment in the overhead position while simultaneously the arms, shoulders and back. It is also the foundational lift for vertical pushing & pressing movements. This overhead movement also develops more definition of your upper body because building strong, healthy shoulders in the safety zone.

The kettle bell overhead press naturally aligns to the plane of the scapular, about 30 to 45 degrees anterior to the frontal plan. Holding the kettle bell in the rack position requires optional because of the gravitational pull of the mass against the body This is a bonus to building strong shoulders, posterior chain, back besides engaging the lats, abs & core will carry over to other exercise with movement under tension to increase strength, endurance & power.

Not only this, but the push press helps us to develop some serious core strength because we now have to stabilize some hefty double kettle bell iron in the lockout position. While the double kettle bell jerk allows you to put the heaviest amount of weight overhead, the push press is quicker to teach and learn.

The push press allows us to do that, and if we include the single kettlebellpushpress as a regression, then the mobility requirement drops compared to the double. In obstacle course racing there is also a large requirement for vertical jumping, be it to clear fire-pits, logs, fallen comrades, etc.

Many other sports also contain a requirement for either vertical jumping or the rapid creation of force from the legs that is then expressed, via the trunk, through the arms. MMA, Judo, badminton, and basketball are just a few of the sports that could benefit from the use of the push press in the weight room.

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The double kettlebellpushpress is a better training tool than the barbell push press because we don’t have the problem of our face getting in the bar’s way. The only reason we have dead-hang pull-ups in obstacle course training is for healthy development through the full range of motion of the shoulder.

This creates a buffer capacity in case things go wrong and the psychological benefit of knowing that once you get your hands on an obstacle you are getting yourself over it. Any actual climbing over a wall is a hybrid movement consisting of a vertical jump (push press) or horizontal jump (swing), a partial pull-up, and a wall assisted climb (vertical crawl).

This combined use of the push press, swing, pull-up, and crawl, detailed above, is not just limited to those who do recreational obstacle course races. These exercise techniques could easily be used by those who may have to clear obstacles as a part of their profession, such as those people working in fire service, ambulance crews, mountain rescue, or law enforcement.

The push press also benefits for those who may have a desire to improve their press, get leaner, or add some mass to their upper body. Due to its ease of use and instruction, the push press is a readily accessible tool for either putting more weight overhead than you can strictly press or putting a weight you can press overhead for more repetitions.

When I was a kid, a merchant marine friend of my parents gave me a treasured gift, a calendar with scenes from Enter the... Up until 45 years ago, the overhead military press was actually the third event in Olympic weightlifting, along with the...

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Colin “Point Dog” Stewart Cent (M.Eng.) is a former weapons safety Engineer for UK Mod. He owns Mindful Strength, a personal training and fitness education company based in Scotland.

The kettlebellpushpress will begin standing straight up, feet shoulder width apart, elbows up. Be mindful not to go too far down as it will slow the movement and further hinder the purpose of the dip (which is to act as an elastic band, shooting you back up).

How do you use kettle bell exercises for weight loss and body transformation? These ‘cannonballs with a handle’ are excellent tools to improve your fitness, especially when you do not have the room or desire for a home gym.

If you want to build serious muscle size and strength, barbells and dumbbells are hard to beat. You can even use barbells and dumbbells to burn fat and get lean, providing you stick to compound exercises, that is.

And, for bodybuilding, they aren’t as good as dumbbells because you can’t gradually increase your weights, which is an essential consideration for effective progressive resistance training. Kettle bell Pros But, before you turn your back on kettle bells, you’ll be interested to hear that, for improving your body composition and sculpting a lean, athletic physique, they’re pretty tough to beat.

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Because there is nothing to adjust, when you work out with kettle bells, you can transition quickly from one exercise to the next. They can be used for single and two-limbed exercises, and almost every kettle bell move is compound in nature.

There is no reason to take on too much too soon and end up with an injury that only prevents you from the training you wanted to do. It’ll help you burn fat, increase your muscular endurance, and improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Work your way down the list and, after you’ve completed the final exercise, rest a minute or two and then start back at the top. If this all sounds a little daunting, don’t worry; there are several modifications that will make this workout a little easier.

The simple answer is that it makes it easier for you to regulate the difficulty of your workout. Therefore, the actual number of reps you complete will depend on your fitness and the weight of your kettle bell.

If this kettle bell workout circuit calls for 12 reps, but you’ve only got a light KB to train with, that might be too easy. Improper form makes the exercises less beneficial and could lead to injury.

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If in doubt, check out some videos below, or ask a personal trainer or gym instructor to show you what to do. It’s a posterior chain exercise, which means it works all the muscles on the back of your body.

The barbell dead lift is my favorite exercise, but KB swings are not too far behind! To do this exercise, hold your kettle bell in front of your legs and stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart.

Not only does this exercise work your deltoid and triceps, but it’s also good for your core. Keeping your body tight, press the weight up over your head with your elbow remaining aligned with your shoulder.

They force you to maintain an upright posture, which means they’re easy on your lower back too. To do this exercise, hold your kettle bell by the vertical handles in front of your chest.

Brace your core and lift your chest, pulling your shoulders down and back. This exercise is good for upper body conditioning and mobilizing your shoulders and thoracic spine.

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Hold your kettle bell upside down in front of your face by the vertical handles. It’s a little easier than the KB swing, but that’s no bad thing as you’ve done quite a lot of training to reach this point.

Like swings, make sure you do not round your lower back during this exercise. To do Romanian dead lifts, hold your kettle bell in both hands in front of your legs.

To do the kettle bell windmill, hold your weight in your right hand and press it above your head. Thrusters Your final exercise works your entire body.

It’s a tough one to finish on, but a rest is coming up, so give it all you’ve got. If you feel exhausted, use your light kettle bell and not the heavy one we’ve prescribed.

Hold your kettle bell in your upturned palms in front of your chest. Push your hips back and squat down until your thighs are about parallel to the floor.

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While you can use cardio to lose weight and get fit, it’s not much use for toning, strengthening, or conditioning your muscles. Strength training, and especially kettle bell workouts, corrects these issues.

Not only will lifting weights preserve your muscle mass, but fast-paced circuit workouts are also better for fat loss. They trigger something called Epic, which is short for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.

In simple terms, Epic increases your post-exercise metabolic rate for as long as 48 hours, leading to faster fat loss. You don’t need to quit cardio forever, but it definitely works best when combined with some high-intensity strength training.

And don’t forget to always get in a good 30 minutes a day of some type of cardio, like walking. Try this kettle bell workout and experience the fat-burning power of strength training for yourself.

The kettle bell swing is an excellent way to strengthen your posterior chain dead lift muscles and introduce you to the hip hinge movement. As a result, you have already set yourself up to start reaping the remarkable benefits of dead lifts.

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