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Carole Stephens
• Monday, 12 October, 2020
• 5 min read

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Also done a few barbell programs like Starting Strength and Strong Lifts.

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Like some other newer people here, it wasn't until March of this year that I began using kettle bells as my only training tool. By the end I was able to do the full routine with a 28 kg bell and could easily press a 32 kg.

I farted around for a bit trying to figure out what I wanted to do next that didn't involve workouts that lasted up to two hours on the heavier days (as was the case with Top). Then I realized I could not even do a Turkish Getup with the 28 kg kettle bell I had just spent so much time pressing.

I started very light and slow to make sure my technique was solid. But because I am going to be drinking tonight I decided, fuck it, I'm going to try to give myself a good reason to celebrate.

I am going to cover the two-arm conventional swing with a hip hinge movement. The kettle bell swing movement is very similar to that of the conventional (hip hinge) dead lift.

Therefore, it is important you become proficient in this exercise and understand all the finer points. One of the main causes for tendon issues with kettle bells is repetitive flexion of the digits of the hand under heavy load without sufficient recovery, and the same applies to flexing and pronating of the wrist.

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In short, overuse and failed healing of the tendon. The tendons of the muscles that are responsible for these actions come together and originate near the elbow joint, hence the name Golfers or Tennis Elbow. Injury and/or inflammation requires rest, proper nutrition, light movement, and other remedies which we won’t go into right now as this is all about working around elbow tendonitis.

The video includes a warm-up, no special effects or titles, just the warm-up and workout. You could use it to work out at the same time as watching the video, I cut the rest breaks, so you would have to pause the video at that stage and press play when ready to resume the workout.

There are plenty of kettle bell exercise variations in this video, whether they work for you or not will come down to how you program them. Please use this thread to discuss a kettle bell technique you've been playing lately and would like to share or get feedback on.

Try and be descriptive with goals, techniques, progressions, but above all, just have a bit of fun with your kettle bell exercise and be prepared for questions. As long as you're open to corrections then mistakes are what will get you to that next level of kettle bell training.

Yeah, OK, I actually wanted to see the programming, so I copied it into a spreadsheet. Press/Pull supersets are 8 minutes long and I don't know how to summarize their progression.

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Swings are seven reps per minute for the prescribed number of sets. Seven swings will take about 10 seconds; rest for the remainder of the time.

Walk around for a couple of minutes, and do the pull ups in the same descending rep ladder of 5-4-3-2-1. I love super setting pull ups and presses, it's fun and feels great.

Overall the program looks similar to a short term, wavy Top, with slightly reduced press volume and no snatches. It also looks a good bit quicker than Top, with the longest press days being 32 minutes instead of the hour plus for heavy Top days.

This looks like a mix of the new Endurance protocol, the ladders from Top and, EDT type training. Jeffry, we support table formatting here on the Strongest forum.

I've given a sample below, both how it looks and then in a “code” section, what you do to make it happen. You might wish to use the BB Code editor, which you get when you click at the top right of the editing/composing window. AbbreviationMeaning 1RM 1 Rep Max A+A Galactic + Aerobic.

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The Muscle and Fiction article on my tablet is hard to open without pop ups and redirects. Gave the press/pull day today, seems pretty tough to get all those presses one after the other.

Guess I'll need to build some volume up elsewhere before I give this a proper try. Day 33, curious as to why they note the swing test as 3xRM, 1XRM...to me that's just 4xRM unless I'm missing something....

Maybe some specific amount of rest was listed, I don't remember, you can check the link. TBH, I have no idea why the test was done that way, and without a good explanation I'm a million percent sure I'd skip it.

Edit, actually, here's a screenshot, I have no clue... Matthew did you start with that first day, 3x(5,4,3,2,1)? I will offer an opinion based from Top where I believe Pavel talks about varying rest periods for goals, rest more and you will still get stronger just by a different mechanism.

This lets you rest your press while you pull and vice versa, but all the stabilizers and everything else is still going pretty steadily. Jeffry I agree with you on the density involved and I've gone for your option C. I was using a 28 kg which I can get 7 good reps on each side out of, I've shifted down to the 24 kg now, and might take a second run at the program after completing it with a bigger weight.

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