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• Friday, 18 December, 2020
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Learn from our expert trainers to develop strength, mobility and stability required even in the most advanced kettle bell workout. Develop the stability and mobility required to master the most advanced kettle bell workouts.

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Compete worldwide via live stream in this year's California Open and IPO World Championships. Our quality construction consists of a void-free surface, smooth handle and a well machined flat base for stability.

Our products are uniquely designed, and we have consulted with the foremost experts to create kettle bells that work effectively for functional training. Kettle bells focus on improving the overall strength, core power, balance, flexibility, and coordination of your body.

Kettle bells can help in melting body fat and further sculpting healthy and lean muscles. The best thing about Kettle bells is that it offers a wide range of movements that aims at targeting every muscle group for a total body workout.

With a good diet and expert created kettle bell training program, an individual can start to see cardio, strength, muscle, and fat loss improvements. Continuous kettle bell swings and other ballistic exercises can impart a metabolic challenge with sufficient intensity.

This helps create a stronger core that can result in alleviating back pain for many. Kettle bells are highly effective because they stimulate the muscles and surpass standard cardio exercises.

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Kettle bell ’s unique shape and off-center mass force an individual to use muscles that mimic real-life activities. It is important that you do not have a tight grip on the handle throughout the movement. After the slight high pull, when the bell is near your head, punch through the handle with an open hand to bring the bell to the top position. If you do it right the kettle bell will rest smoothly on the back of your forearm and you will be settled in the top of a press position.

When bringing the bell back down to perform another snatch repetition: keep the kettle bell close to your body by dropping the wrist forward (like shooting a basketball free-throw) and letting the upper arm and elbow collapse into the back swing. You to not want to cast the kettle bell forward and away from your body or else the kettle bell will be too low (below the knees) in the back swing which can potentially wrench your low back. Don’t get discouraged if the description sounds a bit too daunting. Like all the other Hard style tutorials I have done, there are a few drills to help make you a kettle bell snatch expert in no time.

Our Hard style Kettle bell Series is coming together nicely and, by now, you should have some good practice with your foundational strength lifts including: the dead lift, squat, and overhead press. Hopefully, too, you have also been practicing all the variations of the dynamic kettle bell swing s because now it is time to get into the fun exercises starting first with one of my favorites; the clean. Technically speaking, the clean is a movement that brings the kettle bell dynamically from the swing into the rack position. From this rack position you can do a number of different movement combinations like: squat, lunge, overhead press, do multiple cleans and even rest for a few breaths.

The good news is you have all the prerequisites to complete a nice hard style clean; a swing and a rack position. There is a bit of a learning curve to it, however. We are used to performing the 1-arm swing where the upper arm moves away from the body and the arm and kettle bell are parallel to the floor. For the clean we need to keep the upper arm close to the body as if the elbow was screwed into our side. That way we keep the bell close and our clean will be smooth as butter. As you begin the upward portion of the swing: squeeze your glutes to generate power, keep your upper arm connected to your torso and slightly retract your shoulder to guide the kettle bell towards the racked position.

When bringing the bell back down to perform another clean: keep the upper arm connection to the torso and have the kettle bell remain close to your body during the back swing. Because the swing arc is small, assist the kettle bell into the back swing using a little force so you have the elastic energy to perform multiple repetitions. Traditionally the overhead press is done with a barbell or dumbbells; however, the kettle bell can provide a different, and even advantageous, way to get the most benefit out of the exercise.

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Most overhead pressing variations with the kettle bell start from the rack position which we discussed in our hard style squat series. Though the rack position does make the weight sit lower on the body, thus making the overhead pressing range of motion more than that with a barbell or dumbbell, it also makes for a safer starting platform where you can rest the weight if necessary. Traditionally with the barbell or dumbbells, it is difficult to rest the weight at the bottom near the body because of the positioning of the weight itself. The kettle bells can be supported neatly and close to the body making it much more comfortable to rest in the rack position. Kettle bell overhead pressing may also be a potentially safer form of overhead pressing due to the nature of how the weight sits in-connection against the lifter’s forearm and the ability to make small, safer adjustments while pressing overhead. With the barbell, where the hands and arms are fixed, it is nearly impossible to slightly adjust the path of the weight overhead to compensate for shoulder mobility limitations. Although dumbbells allow for independent movement of the shoulders during the lifts, with weight distribution of bells being up high and on either side, the adjustments could send the weight in an unfavorable direction and cause an injury in an extreme case.

Like the Hard style Dead lift, the kettle bell swing is a hinge pattern which primarily utilizes the muscles of the posterior chain (hamstrings and glutes). It’s important to start with a good ground connection which is essential for stability and power production; a flat sole shoe or barefoot is preferred when performing swings. After establishing a solid ground connection, here are the steps to take to perform a proper Hard style 2-Arm Kettle bell Swing: Set up in an athletic stance with two hands on the kettle bell which is directly in front of your feet making a triangle position.

When you feel your hamstrings stretch; squeeze your glutes and drive your feet into the ground to move the kettle bell upward through the legs. No leaning back; you want a tall body posture at the top of the movement with the arms extended and the kettle bell parallel to the floor.

Hinging too early will result in a lack of strength and may cause a sore lower back or an injury over time. Have a good grip on the handle during the swing so the bell does not flop at the top or during the end of the back swing.

In the first article and video of the Hard style Series for KettlebellKings I broke down all the essential kettle bell dead lift movement nuances and their progressions. The dead lift is the foundation where the hip hinge pattern is established. This hip hinge pattern is essential to build a strong posterior chain and to learn how to move the body properly when we get to the hard style swing. However, before we get to the swing, which will come in the next installment, let’s strengthen up those legs and core a bit more by learning how to properly squat with the kettle bell.

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We are excited to work with Dough Farinelli, owner of Rise Above Performance Training on a super informative series about hard style kettle bell movements. In the first part of the series, Doug goes through an awesome progression of Kettle bell Dead lifts and variations designed to improve your overall lift and performance.

There are two prominent types of kettle bell training that serve the trainee with two completely different purposes. The first type of training you have seen all over Facebook; athletes moving those different colored bells overhead for five to ten minutes sets often having the look of pain on their face. The other type reflects a much more common training setting where moving an iron ball with a handle might seem a bit foreign to the new trainee from traditional weights and machines. The latter reflects a more hard style or foundational form of kettle bell training and, in my opinion, is the most suited for new trainees, athletes, coaches and trainers looking to learn and teach others.

In this Hard style Series for KettlebellKings I will completely breakdown all the essential kettle bell exercises in article and video format so you can add this tool, with confidence, to your training arsenal and achieve the results you are looking for. Secondly, it is a great way to teach someone how to hinge at their hips which has many benefits including: increased glute and hamstring activation for muscle building and proper hip drive which is important for proper execution of other kettle bell movement as well as enhanced sports performance.

Grab the handle firmly and connect your biceps to the side of your body to set your back so it is straight with your chest up, shoulder blades together and lower back arched (not rounded) and head neutral with the chin slightly retracted. Most people associate kettle bells with strength and functional training, but what make the kettle bell one of the most diverse pieces of fitness equipment in the world is that you can use it for almost any kind physical training.

This program is FREE, you will receive an email each day with your workout! Included in the free training is detailed video demonstrations and instructions by the experts at Mind Pump about how to complete each lift.

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I created the Freestyle Kettle bell Pentathlon as a fun workout that ticks all the boxes of human movement, and as a means of friendly competition. It has a scoring system relative to body weight and load lifted that rewards effort so you can compete against friends of all sizes, anywhere in the world.

You could also use it as a repeatable metric to offer muscle endurance or conditioning performance benchmarks. A decade ago, I used to compete in WAC kettle bell pentathlons, which were wonderful, fun events and I’m forever grateful for having been a part of.

But having subjected a great many clients to this session over the years, I deemed it more effective to modify for mass consumption. The WAC pentathlon involves a jerk, which takes a little too much technical know-how for the every day kettlebeller.

Besides, it’s impossible to lift with Hard style technique for extended reps and sets. As soon as you’re too gassed or exhausted to produce high tension and intra-abdominal pressure with every rep, it ceases to be Hard style.

Clearly, high-rep kettle bell work lives in the world of Gregory Sport. Any trained GS athletes will probably breeze this pentathlon with a good score.

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Every rep starts and ends in standing, with hips and knees fully extended. But after trying and testing this method, a good friend (Game Mani) helped highlight fundamental problems that proved the system inaccurate, unfair and unusable.

This raised the question, “If two people of different sizes use kettle bells that are the same percentage of their body weight, is this a fair pound-for-pound comparison?” This question is decades-old in the world of power lifting and Olympic lifting. I left the session feeling truly tested and wanting to improve my ability with this load.

The 4 kg difference is a much larger percentage of a small person’s body weight. Thank you so much to some of my clients and friends who’ve been good sports and done this pentathlon to help me fine tune the scoring system, that now reflects athletic ability far better than any other multi-event scoring system I've seen.

I know I’m inviting criticism for daring to use the words “max reps” and “get-up” in the same sentence. Those standards exist for helping new kettle bell students understand the movement to a teachable level, and they outline the optimal technique for lifting maximal load.

Finding the right kettle bell to achieve your personal best score will take some testing and adjusting. The Mani Scoring System rewards the extra effort required to lift more load.

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KettlebellKings is very excited to announce we will be collaborating on world-class content for you with Scott Son non of Tacit. (Pull and reset the shoulders together on each new bridge) Activate the contralateral platform for the unilateral lift by internal knee squeeze and opposite fist clench (Drive the elbow into the ground).

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