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Try handheld models in all shapes and sizes, from traditional dumbbells to wrist and ankle straps for exercising on the move. Dynamic swing bells and kettle bells are a great way to inject more variety into your fitness regimen.

Brent Mccoy
• Saturday, 24 October, 2020
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Use this 8 kg weight for dynamic endurance, strength, balance, agility and cardio training. You can also enhance functional exercises include squats, throws, cleans, jerks, snatches, and rotational swings.

The flat face ball provides comfort and stability when coming in contact with your arm, while the vinyl coating also helps protect the floor. Brand Reebok Material Iron/polymer Sport & Fitness Activity Gym, Training & Fitness Sports Weight Type Dumbbells Weight 8 kg

Reebok’s ancestor company was founded in the UK by Joseph William Foster in 1890 for the sole reason of producing shoes to help athletes run faster. Foster made some first known running shoes with spikes and had soon developed an international clientele.

Today, Reebok continue to live up to their heritage started by Foster by creating innovative products with solution-solving purposes. Available at Wait rose, selected John Lewis shops, Co-op branches, Shell stations and Booths stores.

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I was one of the first certified coaches in Edmonton, Alberta Canada at the time of my certification and very few people had even seen the kettle bell (KB). The first thing I focus on when coaching people is that the kettle bell exercises require a tremendous amount of skill and attention to detail.

At first glance we see that the shape of the KB is vastly different from a dumbbell, med ball, sand bell or barbell. With the vast majority of the mass moved away from the handle as compared to the dumbbell (DB) it will present with some interesting challenges to the athlete or client that uses it.

Since the majority of the mass will be a further distance from the hand, the shoulder and the trunk, the amount of internal force the body must mitigate is greater. While all the movements you see here could be replicated with a DB, the use of the KB will change the amount of leverage the body must create to overcome or produce because of the distribution of the mass.

It is for this reason that makes the KB a more challenging mass based tool than the DB. Since the force input to the leverage of the body is greater we may use a DB first in developing these movement skills first.

However, if the client can move with good rhythm and timing and can load efficiently through the body they may have success learning with a KB. I have also found it beneficial for the clients to learn new skills and to work towards accomplishing new tasks.

(Source: www.johnlewis.com)

There are so many advantages to learning these new KB skills that each session becomes another successful opportunity to build confidence and self-esteem. It has been my experience that when working with new clients to the swings, cleans, snatches that I teach the movements first with a DB or Sand Bell before teaching with a KB for the reasons I mentioned above.Also, the KB will be a more challenging tool to learn for such exercises as the Snatch, Clean and Jerk.

Thus, a different movement pattern is needed to mitigate the force in the same exercise with the KB than the DB. For the purpose of this article we will focus on the fundamentals of the KB Swings, Cleans, Snatches, Overhead Presses and Get Ups.

The momentum created starts at the bottom of the ball of the cradle or where the KB is. The motion of the pelvis is similar to how you would grab the first ball- the ball would be pulled straight back to create the forward momentum of the swing.

The arms stay straight and fixed like the suspension wires of the cradle. In order to keep the arms straight the shoulders are retracted and the head is pulled tall.

This will keep the base of support balanced with the forward and backward momentum of the KB from Bend to Tall Extension/ Standing position. You can perform the clean movement with any tool such as the barbell, DB, KB, MB and SB.

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The KB Clean has a particularly unique motion due to its bulbous shape and orientation. While most experienced KB users have mastered this exercise it is a very challenging technique and can be somewhat frustrating to learn.

The following video will highlight the easiest way that I have found to teach this skill. This shift in mass through the field of gravity can be a great variation and can be a fun way to add combinations while transitioning out of the 1 arm or double KB swing.

What is particularly cool about this exercise is that it will teach control of the mass overhead and while you can do this motion standing the technique will translate no matter what your bodies orientation to gravity and the position you start in. This exercise is a combination of transitions from lying through to standing while keeping the KB directly above the shoulder.

This movement has been considered one of the staples in strength and conditioning circles and in martial arts. The exerciser will perform a lateral sit up using their hand and foot for leverage.

From this position the exerciser performs a hip thrust and will then bring their free leg underneath them. The client reverses the entire motion back to a lying position.

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If you want to develop strength and power, lean muscle mass and lose fat this tool is for you and your clients. Always make sure that the client has the ability to perform the movements with great mobility and stability.

You will also be able to empathize with the client if they get frustrated or challenged with making this skill proficient. John spent 13 years with World Health in Alberta, Canada as a Personal Trainer, Strength Coach and Director of Education and Performance.

In November 2013 John accepted the position of Fitness Director for Midtown Athletic Club, a division of Tennis Corporation of America, in Weston, Florida. In 2012, he was recognized as one of the Life Fitness Top 10 Personal Trainers to Watch.

John Sinclair also serves as the Programming Officer for Institute of Motion, a Global Master Coach for VIP, and a Master Trainer for Power Plate, Hyper wear, Techno gym and now Cavity. John travels extensively delivering energetic, memorable presentations.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Therapy and Sport Performance. There is a lot of talk about which quivering lip marketing campaign 'gets' us in the heart and in fairness, this year there were some pretty strong contenders for Most Emotional Christmas Ad.

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Her community turns out to mend her broken gate and hang lights over her door showing that sometimes simplest things are the most powerful. Enter the surprise addition to the line-up — a tw0-minute sequence on a weight-lifting grandpa from a Dutch pharma company called Doc Morris.

It follows the story of an older man on a mission, setting his alarm clock early every morning to drag a huge kettle bell into his workshop as he works on his fitness throughout the seasons. Advertisement Neighbors look on in surprise as he dons his tracksuit and slowly lifts the weight up to his chest and outwards — struggling massively at first but eventually building strength.

The ad called Take Care of Yourself then shows the older gentleman, spiffy in his Christmas best, turning up on the doorstep of his grown-up daughter's house with a beautifully wrapped gift. He is welcomed lovingly and spots his granddaughter on the stairs, she runs to him and opens the gift in excitement revealing a stunning gold star for the top of the Christmas tree.

The sweet grandpa, aware that he is being watched by all the extended family, proudly lifts his little granddaughter up towards his chest and outwards towards the top of the Christmas tree. Receive the latest fashion news, beauty inspiration, shopping ideas and more straight to your inbox every day.

Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. « You can see how it works on the site — the globe of the bell is basically a stack of slices.

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A heavy Allen-type screw on the bottom of the bell holds the stack together. The hollow slices are fairly rugged but you wouldn't want to drop them, and the manufacturer doesn't recommend any juggling etc.

I doubt it would really make a difference if the plates rotated a little, but when it's screwed together tight, nothing moves at all. The feel and balance of this gadget is just like a regular cast kettle bell, more so than the other adjustable I use.

The BOV from Piedmont Design has a heavy handle, but is not really useful for bottoms-up exercises. I find bare metal much better to grip, especially when the hands start sweating.

This is a slight issue with high rep snatches, but with a good chalk-up I had no trouble. chalk;chalk;chalk;chalk;chalk;chalk;chalk;chalk;chalk;chalk;

We have supplied Chelsea FC, Liverpool FC, London Wasps RFC & Surrey Country Cricket Club. So, I got into contact with Jim Lewis at Kettle bells.co.UK ...

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He told me that Chelsea had been using some kettle bells from him...” read the full interview with Julian Monk, Liverpool Football Club Fitness Trainer. CAST IRON KETTLEBELLS

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