Kettlebell Jerk Press

Elaine Sutton
• Wednesday, 07 October, 2020
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The Kettle bell Jerk is an excellent full body exercise that requires a high degree of coordination, timing, and the ability to generate maximum power in a short range of motion. Although it can be used for developing maximal strength, this movement is best suited for “work capacity,” or the ability to be strong, fast, and explosive over longer durations.

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In competition, athletes lift for five or ten minute sets for as much reps as possible with technical proficiency without putting the kdettlebells down. Ideally, the elbows are resting directly on the hips (Iliad crests), knees are locked, pelvis is forward, torso deflected back, and the thoracic spine is curved.

However, nuances of an individuals rack position will differ depending on body type. Two important points here are to first, “drop/fall” into the Half Squat to activate a stretch reflex instead of descending slowly.

This involves what is termed a “quadruple extension.” The ankles, knees, hip, and torso all extend during this movement. The degree of energy a competitor puts into this part of the movement is dependent on their body type, athletic attributes, etc.

To maximize efficiency, the arms are locked by dropping into a squatting posture instead of pressing up. Lighter competitors, whose primary advantage is speed, may tend to use a shallow Under squat.

The key is to pick a movement strategy that conserves energy and keeps the heart rate low. In addition, the anterior pelvic tilt this mechanic creates relaxes the quadriceps.

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The triceps are turned “off” and the bells are lowered to the rack position via a controlled drop. As the elbows begin to land in the rack position, the heels are lowered and the thoracic spine rounded to safely diffuse the load.

The key is timing the bell to body contact with the shock absorption mechanics. If a deep Under squat is used, then exhale upon landing into the Under squat, inhale during the stand to lockout; perform an additional breathing cycle in the top position, inhale at the beginning of the drop, and finally exhale as the elbows make contact into the rack.

Descending too slowly when dropping into the Half Squat which negates the desired stretch reflex. As a result of working through KB strong I have pretty much patterned the clean and jerk with a set of 24 kg.

Been drawn back to S and S the last two weeks as I'm running a h marathon at the end of the month and S and S fits around this perfectly. Trying to do a bit of work on double lifts at the weekend so that I can incorporate them in programs down the line.

I do sets of 5 either C and J or push press once a week for time on a variety day. I know John Grill gained strength doing DSP on the Kettle bell Real Muscle Fat Burner program from Geoff Expert. I am looking at that program for a season later this year.

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@MikeMoran Funny I think I remember John mentioning that in a previous thread. I have made a conscious effort to try to expand my arsenal by working on my other lifts on the weekend.

I've never trained the jerk, but discovered the value of push presses from doing Kettle bell Muscle. So I don't have any personal experience on which to base a comparison of the value of the two drills.

However, I will say that the double push press is one of the best bang for the buck exercises (along with the double front squat) in carryover to my main recreationally competitive sport of basketball, more IMO than swings or snatches. All else being equal, you should be able to handle more weight and/or do more reps with the jerk. When your arms are too fatigued to get another rep of push presses, you should be able to still jerk the same bells.

) S: Push Press (5×2L-T-2R w/5min rest per set) {Note: Saturday is Strong Date with my wife. I've found for me, doing DCC taxes my lungs more, since it's a more athletic lift.

Though I feel DSP keeps you under tension longer, thus increasing strength. The jerk, properly performed, is a very explosive movement of the legs- a jump, really.

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The push press is a grind in which the bells are first lifted by the legs from a quarter squat, then the work is shifted to the upper body after the knees lock. Push presses are better for hypertrophy and strength because they keep more muscles under more tension for longer.

Level 7 Valued Member Elite Certified Instructor The jerk is a more technical lift between the two. The push press is a half-breed between a grind and ballistic.for conditioning purposes, the LCC is definitely something worth doing.

I did the RM BFB from Geoff Expert last year as a beta tester. My weight dropped below 200 for the first time in a while and it got my shoulders thick and strong.

You are too kind typeset, I feel I have much to improve on, especially being 210 on Friday morning, 213 on Mondays. Both the jerk and push press will make you stronger if you use an appropriate weight, and depending on the rest periods both will improve your conditioning (work capacity).

Another advantage of kettle bells and doing these lifts is that you can do higher reps without discomfort to the wrists as with a barbell. Another advantage of kettle bells and doing these lifts is that you can do higher reps without discomfort to the wrists as with a barbell.

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