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Read Reviews Kettle bells are extremely versatile and effective when performed with strong technique. Core kettle bell lifts such as swings and cleans have specific technical models which a trainer should use when coaching clients.

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This ensures the client enjoys the benefits of using kettle bells, such as: improved rhythm, timing and coordination, alongside enhanced total-body strength. On our instructor course, you will learn how to progressively coach your clients to use kettle bells safely and effectively.

The course is recognized by the Register of Exercise Professionals (Reps) and meets the criteria for official ACM Approved Provider status. Amazing tutors who make the process so much more engaging, informative and fun.

Yes, by Reps. Additionally, the criteria for official ACM Approved Provider status is met by this course. You’ll complete as home study the online course material and once completed you’ll book onto and attend a kettlebellinstructor assessment day on which you’ll enjoy practical tuition, hand in your completed portfolio and perform your practical assessment.

You can attend either in person at our London premises, or from the comfort of your own home via our virtual training platform. A basic level of English and Math is necessary to understand the content.

You’ll hold a Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training, or equivalent. Relevant personal experience of kettle bell training is helpful.

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The team is generally available via phone, email or through the Help Desk Monday to Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm, excluding bank holidays and office closures. Kettle bell training is quick and enjoyable, which is one of the reasons you’ll stick with it.

Strengthens every muscle from head-to-toe — Kettle bell training consists of whole-body movement exercises. Further, kettle bells strengthen the tendons and ligaments, making the joints tougher and less-susceptible to injury.

Develop Functional strength — Even if you are not an athlete, KB training uses fundamental movement patterns making everyday activities easier and injury less likely. You will stand taller, carry packages easier, climb stairs with less effort and have more energy.

Develop incredible power — Perform the Olympic explosive lifts like the clean, jerk or snatch if you know how. Gentle rehabilitation — Those who are older and wiser benefit by healing their pain, gaining strength and energy and functionality of their body that they once lost.

The glutes and all the hip muscles are strongly emphasized in KB training. Mechanically, if you’re not firing your glutes when you lift or extend your hip, you are compensating by overusing your lower back muscles.

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In other words, your body learns a more correct, much more powerful movement pattern that helps everything you do — and your low backstops complaining (pain). Develop dynamic resilience — The acceleration/deceleration of moving the KB strengthens the connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, cartilage) and increases mobility, strength and flexibility reducing the possibility of injury.

In a martial arts or fighting context, “enduring strength” is a very important skill. Maximal strength is very important as well, but the well-rounded fighter must be prepared to deliver multiple strikes in combinations.

Kettle bell high repetition snatches, for example, develops a strong work capacity and anaerobic threshold. Implementing a Kettle bell practice as a functional training tool towards greater strength opens a world of opportunity for May Thai fighters.” — Damage Fraser, Strongest Certified Instructor

LOCATION Athletic Leaders 3420 Semen Court Unit 2 Mississauga, ON 60018 You put in the time and effort to earn your Strongest Instructor status; don’t let it slip away!

Renew your Strongest Certified- Instructor rank : Recertification * of your SFG, SFG II, NFL and/or Sub Instructor credentials. BEAST TAMER AND IRON MAIDEN CHALLENGE The three events are a strict military press, a strict tactical pull up, and a pistol.

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But the ability to do all three is rare, as the three lifts favor different body types. A man or woman who has completed the challenge is one dangerous individual.

Open to student candidates attending this Cert weekend, and current Strongest Certified-Instructors who wish to attempt the challenge. Visit our ACHIEVE webpage for more Beast Tamer and Iron Maiden Challenge details.

Kettle bell instruction is our passion and ongoing obsession. Our persistent dedication to every detail, combined with our unmatched pedigree and commitment to the highest standards has solidified Strongest’s position as the best and most respected kettle bell instructor certification in the world.

After testing the six foundational SFG I movements, we spend the remaining time teaching and testing the more advanced and athletic SFG II movement skills. The SFG II Instructor Candidate reinforces the principles of strength, and the precise ways in which kettle bells should be used for developing, maximizing, and maintaining strength.

Our SFG II Certifications are taught by the most qualified and experienced kettle bell instructors on the planet. They are required to pass an even harder strength test than at the SFG I, and they must be able to teach all of this to others.

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Demand for more advanced kettle bell instruction continues to grow. Those willing to put in the work and earn the coveted SFG II qualification will be in high demand.

But many who attend do so to see if they have what it takes to join the elite ranks of the SFG II. It’s a difficult instructor qualification that must be earned, not only at the two-day event but in the investment that Candidates must make in themselves to show up at the Certification strong enough to pass.

Because our SFG Instructors meet the highest standard in the industry, you should expect to be challenged and tested. If you want to increase your class sizes, boost your revenue, and add an essential skill to your personal trainer skillet, then you need to learn from experts how to become a kettlebellinstructor.

There're loads of education facilities and course providers out there who can get you trained and well on the way to becoming your local kettle bell expert. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be well on the way to hosting your first kettle bell beating!

In this first step, we’ll take you through all the basics of how to become a kettlebellinstructor, and do a little myth-busting with regard to how the industry looks in 2018 / 19. Unfortunately, the truth is that, as the fitness industry has grown, it has given many companies and individuals the opportunity to spread disinformation and sell false qualifications.

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By the time we’ve reached the end of this section then, you’ll be able to spot the real opportunities, from those that are selling you false hope. We’re not doubting the existence of trainers who run kettle bell classes in their local gyms and leisure centers.

Wait, you mean Kettle bell instructing is one of the biggest fitness trends in 2018, and there are virtually no jobs being advertised for it? Instead, all the advertisements we found were for job roles like “gym assistant,” “fitness instructor,” and “experienced personal trainer.”

You may have worked in office environments all your life, but at the same time, have managed to maintain an interest and passion for fitness. This is the situation many prospective trainers find themselves in, and one of the biggest hurdles knows what skills are transferable from other sectors into a job in the fitness industry.

Now, rest assured, there is no definitive list of skills that you need to start studying to become a personal trainer. However, as a whistle-stop guide to transferable skills, here’s some that we’ve identified in our most successful personal training students.

There’s nothing stopping a fitness fanatic going out on an independent basis and delivering kettle bell classes without a certified qualification. So, as an alternative, we’d suggest putting the time and effort in, and gaining your proper qualifications to set your career as a kettlebellinstructor off on the right foot…

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Now remember, there are loads more qualifications out there that could give you relevant expertise, and that could ensure you reach your end goal when asking how to become a kettlebellinstructor. This is simply, step-by-step, how to make sure you are adequately qualified, and that you can gain the necessary experience to become a successful kettle bell coach.

It’s widely recognized as the industry standard qualification for trainers, and it’s what most gyms and leisure centers will expect when you apply for fitness positions. And that’s the important bit: attaining your level three qualification is a real foot in the door when it comes to the fitness industry.

If you have any ambition with regard to become a successful kettlebellinstructor, then you’ll first have to prove yourself as a PT on the gym floor. Is that it, do you just wait until the day you can start conducting your own kettle bell classes, or move into an independent gym?

Even more importantly, keeping the question of how to become a kettlebellinstructor in mind, is where you choose to take your fitness qualifications… In addition to asking the initial question — how to become a kettlebellinstructor — choosing a course provider is up there with the most important decisions of your fitness career.

The last aspect of your course provider that you need to check is if they are recognized by the main accrediting bodies in fitness. Well, once you’ve attained your qualifications, the best way to ensure that you can achieve long-term, sustainable success in the industry is to start working on the gym floor.

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Think about it…the whole reason a lot of people move from other sectors into personal training and fitness coaching is because they have grown tired of the inflexibility and repetitiveness of their work. In fact, the problem here is reducing the many career paths into a structure that makes sense for you, the reader.

Below are the three main career paths available to new personal trainers and fitness professionals looking to become specialists in areas like kettle bell training. While it may be difficult to start pitching your own ideas for classes in the early days, you will gain vital experience, and will have a regular wage which you can later invest in your independent or freelance business.

What freelance training does allow you to do is start exploring the option of running regular classes in specific areas of fitness. Becoming an independent trainer allows you to both be your own boss, running whatever classes you believe will be successful, and become the trusted authority on whatever it is you choose to specialize in.

If your ambition is to become the kettlebellinstructor in your local area, then you should be aiming to become an independent trainer with a reputation for expert kettle bell classes, and with branding that targets a certain demographic (but more on that soon…). However, the salaries of personal trainers working in freelance contexts, or hired directly by gyms, are easier to measure.

There’s also the fact that, despite the variety of career paths, most fitness professionals follow a similar route into the industry: that is, being hired directly by a gym, building contacts and client lists, before moving into freelance and independent training. So, if the two figures above show the average base salaries for newly qualified fitness instructors and personal trainers hired by gyms, what do freelancers earn?

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Remember, the figures from Pure Gym and Virgin Active are for personal trainers with 6-12 months’ experience. In short then, the longer you stay in personal training, the closer you’ll get to answering the question of how to become a kettlebellinstructor.

After you’ve acquired some clients and gained some experience working on the gym floor, it’s only natural that you start to turn your eyes towards how to become a kettlebellinstructor. Think about it, you have the ambition of running kettle bell classes on a regular basis, and your clients are always looking for something new to improve their fitness.

You may think, once you have a full client list and a regular kettle bell class of your own, that there can’t be much more to the question of how to become a kettlebellinstructor. So we’re not going to cover every aspect here (also, we’ve already got a comprehensive guide to personal trainer marketing if you wanted a full run-down).

What we will cover here then, is how to become a kettlebellinstructor with full classes around the clock, and how to make the most of your platform to entice new audiences. Now, you may think that becoming an online trainer is out of the question at this stage of your career, particularly if you’ve only just figured out how to become a kettlebellinstructor.

But something like kettle bell instructing lends itself perfectly to customers who want to work out at home. Online personal training also takes the pressure off your gym hours, allowing you to work more remotely, while still keeping (or increasing!)

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